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Taipei Odd One Out Gelato Ice Cream Push Cart

Self-contained Gelato Ice Cream Cart Designed to Deliver the Best Taste of Authentic Italian Ice Cream
ODD ONE OUT (ODD), a new brand based in Taipei, Taiwan, specializes in high-quality tea-based drinks and handmade Italian gelato ice cream. Its oddness, or rather its uniqueness, defines the essence and style of its offerings. We're delighted to have collaborated with the ODD team in designing and building this functional, portable gelato push cart, as a vital addition to their Italian ice cream business.


Looking for Portable Refrigeration Equipment for Expansion...

The ODD team was searching for a suitable unit, as a pop-up food stall, to feature their exclusive new product - popcorn ice cream - at the Global Mall in Zhonghe, Taipei City, Taiwan. The unit should have ample freezing and display space, akin to an ice cream dipping cabinet, but more compact to fit their designated sales spot. Additionally, it needed to meet the following expectations:
  • Portable and easy to transport
  • Capable of storing ice cream at the ideal temperature for a long time
  • A dipping well for cleaning and storing ice cream scoops and other tools
  • A water storage system for obtaining clean water outdoors
  • Access to power
  • Custom ice cream cart design in line with their business concept and style


Our Custom Solution - Portable Gelato Push Cart

This gelato push cart is a unique and perfect solution we created for ODD. The ODD team selected the A610 to fulfill their needs for operating a food stall. The ice cream cart model features a drop-in commercial gelato freezer seamlessly integrated into the countertop and offers ample freezer space. Its front window provides a clear view of various ice cream flavors inside the freezer. Simply plugging the ice cream cart into a standard outlet keeps the freezer running.Another power source option is a generator, but it may generate some noise that needs to be managed appropriately.


The gelato push cart, measuring 1700mm in length, 945mm in width, and 2150mm in height, is highly suitable for setup and operation in confined spaces. It weighs around 250kg. With the wheels, it can be easily maneuvered by a person. The ice cream cart design was tailored to meet the ODD team's specific requests, including incorporating a neon logo and changing the cart's color to seamlessly align with their storefront aesthetic and style.

Gelato Push Cart Specification

Model: A610
Dimensions: 1700*945*2150mm (5.6*3*7ft)
Color: RAL2008
Weight: 250kg
Electrical: 110V/60Hz
Power: 200W
Material: Stainless steel
From: $2,000
Warranty: 1 year for free

Ice Cream Freezer Specification

✔️ Commercial grade
✔️ Sliding glass doors
✔️ Standard 110V / 220V option
✔️ 10 stainless steel containers
✔️ Temp range -18°C~-22°C
✔️ Digital temp display and controllers
✔️ Display window
✔️ Fridge vents
✔️ Powerful refrigeration


Main Features

  • This gelato push cart is a rather compact model within our ice cream cart range. It comes equipped with wheels and a caster, allowing for easy short-distance mobility on various terrains.
  • The frame and body are made of high-quality stainless steel. The countertop is durable and smooth. A special protective coating on the surface ensures that the cart remains resistant to discoloration, rust, and paint chipping even if it has been used in outdoor environments for years.
  • The awning and frame are detachable, so the cart can be transported by vans and other vehicles.
  • The water sink kits include two stainless steel sinks - one round and one square, which can be used as dipping wells, a commercial-grade faucet, a clean water tank, a waste water tank, a pump, and plumbing.
  • The storage compartment underneath the countertop is designed for storing tanks and other items, and it can be locked for security.
  • The self-contained freezer is commercial grade, with adjustable temperature settings. After power is disconnected, the freezer will maintain its temperature for approximately 4 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to plug it into a nearby socket or use a generator to keep it powered all the time.
  • The freezer is plug-and-play ready, and the plug can be connected to a nearby power outlet.



gelato-ice-cream-cart custom-ice-cream-cart ice-cream-cart
led-logo freezer water-sinks wheels storage


Don't be Afraid of Being Odd

Don't be afraid of being ODD, be afraid of being the same as everyone else
When it comes to ice cream cart designs, many of our clients opt for vintage or simple elements. But the ODD team dares to differ - they paint the push cart in a vibrant, high-saturation orange. This bold, warm hue makes the cart highly distinctive and discernible, and notably, orange is the primary color in ODD's unique style.
The cart and awning are lined with LED strips. At the front, ODD's LED logo and their unique selling point, "Botanical gelato," shine bright. This lighting design ensures the gelato push cart grabs attention even in low-light settings. We replaced the logo on the awning with "ITALIAN ICE CREAM" in bold, as the ODD required. Yes, even though the cart has been produced, we can still modify its design and appearance according to the customer's needs to ensure the final product perfectly aligned with their exact requirements.


Gelato Push Cart Cost

The total cost of the custom project is approximately $2,400, excluding packaging and shipping fees. The basic version of A610 starts at $2,000. If you're interested in this model and require customization, feel free to contact us now for its detailed specifications and available customizations and upgrades.


ODD ONE OUT Pop-up Ice Cream Stall on Global Mall

The portable gelato push cart, as the ODD ONE OUT's first pop-up ice cream stall, was set up at the Taipei Global Mall from September 1st to October 1st. If you were around during that time, you could have experienced the unique blend of popcorn and ice cream. ODD's beverage business has expanded from Taipei to Olympic Blvd and Alameda St in Los Angeles, USA. Soon, their unique Italian ice cream will be available there too.

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