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Thailand Ice Cream Beach Cart Custom-built for Pure Beach Club

For every ice cream company and brand, the beach poses more challenges than most places to run an ice cream operation. The intense sunlight, hot weather, and soft sand make vending ice cream on the beach seem impractical. But hold on. The ice cream beach cart we custom-built for Pure Beach Club, a resort located in Bophut Koh Samui, Thailand, is the ultimate solution to help you bring your ice cream to the beach. It's a derivative model from our outdoor ice cream cart series, designed with enhanced portability, mobility, and temperature control.

Read on to discover more about this custom ice cream beach cart by our design team and see how the cart stays cold to keep your ice cream frozen on the hot sand.



Portable Ice Cream Beach Cart

Best Ice Cream Push Cart Designed to Keep Your Gelato Ice Cream Frozen at the Beach
The ice cream beach cart by ETO DEVICE is the most unique outdoor ice cream cart design that takes the gelato business beyond the shop and and onto the sandy shores. It's actually based on a model most people are familiar with - the GL-A610, an ice cream push cart designed for showcasing and selling Italian gelato. However, this cart differs from our standard configuration; it's a custom unit designed specifically for PURE BEACH CLUB.   Ice-Cream-Beach-Cart
Ice-Cream-Beach-Cart-for-Sale   Tailored for the beach, the ice cream cart features large wheels for easy mobility on the sand and ample frozen capacity to accommodate a variety of Italian gelato flavors. The commercial-grade ice cream freezer keeps the ice cream frozen for as long as you need. You can take your products outside the ice cream shop, and even farther, as long as there's an outlet nearby.
If you want your ice cream to maintain its optimal consistency and quality outdoors without the need for added ice, this is your best choice.

Model: GL-A610
Dimensions: 170*95*215cm
Color: RAL 2017
Electrical: 220V/50HZ

Download the PDF file for ice cream freezer specifications here.


What Makes This Ice Cream Beach Cart Different?

6 Excellent Features that You Can't Find on Other Outdoor Ice Cream Carts


When it comes to portability, flexible wheels seem like an essential part. Yep, all our outdoor ice cream carts have wheels. But this ice cream beach cart has more. The GL-A610 is our hottest ice cream push cart model because of its modern look and powerful features. It's designed for pushing and is easy to operate. Its smaller size makes the cart the best choice for both indoor and outdoor use. You can set up a temporary ice cream stand and start selling ice cream in a 2m*2m space. The ice cream push cart weighs around 200kg. Anyone can easily push it and start vending.

Beach-Tire   02.

Large tires with wide treads are more suitable for sandy terrain, even in damp areas. Therefore, we've replaced the standard bike tires included in the basic specification with durable tires specially designed for soft sandy surfaces. With their unique tread pattern and extra-wide surface, these upgraded tires provide excellent support for those needing to maneuver on the beach. They won't make any annoying noise or get stuck while rolling on the sand. In addition, the ice cream beach cart has a 360-grade rotating caster that allows easy movement in any direction.


The PURE BEACH CLUB is located in Samui Bay, Thailand, where a tropical climate prevails. The temperatures are high, especially during the summer, and the rainy season lasts from May to August, bringing heavy and endless rainfall. Therefore, we used thicker steel and stainless steel components in order to create a high-quality ice cream push cart that can withstand intense sunlight, high temperatures, and rain. The body and countertop are coated with a layer of waterproof paint. This design ensures that the ice cream cart is well-suited to the local climate. here will be no issues such as rust, fading, or peeling paint even after several years of outdoor use.

Ice-Cream-Cart-with-Freezer   04.

It's simple – just plug them in! Most of our mobile ice cream carts are a kind of plug-and-play units that come pre-assembled and pre-set before delivery. They can be used immediately by plugging them in, and the ice cream beach cart works the same way. This user-friendly ice cream cart design makes our carts easy for customers to operate and set up. Just plug it into a standard outlet, and the ice cream beach cart will store your ice cream perfectly at a safe temperature for hours. Whether you're on the beach for a few hours or the whole day, your ice cream won't turn into a melty mess because of the summer heat. If there's no AC available nearby, consider a portable generator.



Of course, maintaining things clean and hygienic is just as crucial as keeping your ice cream frozen outdoors on the beach. That's why all our outdoor ice cream carts come equipped with water sink kits, including a faucet, a 5-liter clean water tank, a water pump, and two ice cream dipper wells. But for the ice cream beach cart, we've upgraded the dipper wells for a better outdoor vending experience. These small sinks come with a drain for prompt disposal of wastewater. You can access a clean water source to rinse your ice cream scoops after each use and properly handle wastewater.


Freezer   06.

Whether you plan to set up a sales point on the beach to provide service all day or offer delicious ice cream to visitors in the evening, this ice cream push cart model is the best choice to keep your ice cream and beverages frozen outdoors. It has a commercial-grade ice cream freezer with 88L of freezing space for Italian gelato, ice cream, iced water, and other frozen treats. The freezer includes 10 stainless steel food pans for various ice cream flavors and can keep them frozen when running on power. Compared to beach coolers and insulation boxes, our ice cream cart with a freezer is better for ensuring the optimal texture and quality of your products outdoors.


Other Features You May Like:

  • Durable and made with premium materials
  • Stylish and uniquely attractive
  • Smooth and nonporous countertop
  • Display window for showcasing gelato
  • Digital temperature display
  • Temperature control settings
  • Sunshade umbrella
  • Lockable storage cabinets
  • Customizable vinyl graphics on the cart body
  • Wide range of color schemes

Caster with Lock
Display Window


ETO DEVICE is a professional ice cream manufacturer dedicated to helping every ice cream shop, brand, and individual start and expand their business. Here, you can find the best mobile ice cream carts for sale with various models, sizes, and designs. But what we offer goes beyond these pre-configurations. Our team is more than willing to customize a unit with all the features you need from scratch according to your ice cream cart design and concept.

Please fill out the contact form below if you are interested in this custom ice cream beach cart or need additional customization. Our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours to kickstart your project!

Visit our gallery to explore the impressive mobile ice cream carts we've built for inspiration.

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