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Carlos’s Small Gelato Ice Cream Cart in Santiago, Chile

Carlos ice cream business with his small gelato cart

What is one of the most lucrative businesses in Santiago? It is ice cream! We all scream for it, especially on hot summer days. A stroll down any of the streets and roads in the city reveals many ice cream shops and stores with long queues. It seems that investment in the ice cream business can bring a hefty amount of economic return. Ask yourself how much start-up cost you have and where you can get sufficient financing before you rush into starting a business. Having an ice cream shop costs a hundred thousand dollars at least, and money is always an insurmountable obstacle for most starters, including Carlos, one of our clients in Santiago, Chile. So, that is? Say goodbye to your dream and go back to your work. Wait! There is a low-cost way to start an ice cream business in Santiago under 2,000$ - a small gelato cart for sale! Keep reading this custom solution we offer Carlos to learn more about his small food cart for ice cream, including its specifications, cost, features, and customization.


Carlos’s Small Gelato Ice Cream Cart in Santiago

The GL-A601, a functional gelato cart for sale in Santiago, is an ideal solution for starting an ice cream business on every corner of the city. It is a project our design team customized for Carlos based on his ice cream cart idea and budget. We sourced high-quality stainless steel for its frame and construction so the small food cart is sturdy and strong. No sign of tarnishes, rusts, or scratches after daily use in an extreme environment. Its quality is promised.

A built-in commercial fridge on the gelato cart spares the need for dry ice. It starts to work when plugging it into a standard socket, and then the frozen environment it creates can last for 3-4 hours without power, keeping the best flavor and texture of ice cream even during the hottest days.
small gelato ice cream cart for sale
small gelato ice cream cart for sale in santiago
The gelato cart for sale is a small ice cream push cart designed for daily moving. It is about 500kg. With four durable tires, anyone is able to push it to where lots of potential customers are, such as beaches, parks, and one's backyards. Bring your ice cream to people with this small ice cream push cart, while other ice cream show owners expect someone to open their doors. Why walk miles to an ice cream store under the sun when one can get a cold taste nearby? Satisfying your customers with ease and efficient service allows you to make more profits.


The Standard Specification of the Gelato Cart for Sale

Model The-GLA160
Size 172*105*206cm
Weight 500gk
Power 200W
Color Custom
Price $1,995
Condition Brand new
Material Stainless Steel
Tire 4 pcs.

small gelato ice cream push cart for sale in Santiagocustom small gelato cart for sale in Santiago



What Does the Small Ice Cream Push Cart Price Include?

Regardless of its small size, this Carlos's gelato cart in Santiago has everything that an ice cream business requires, from a commercial freezer to a water sink. The following features of this gelato cart for sale are included in the price.


Brand New Steel Frame with Smooth Surface: 

Converting used food carts for ice cream is highly profitable, but it goes against our values. Every food cart is built from scratch in our factory, including Carlos's small Gelato Cart. The body of the cart is high-quality stainless steel with special treatment for the best performance of resisting corrosion and deformation. In the manufacturing, we used high technology to cut and weld the metal parts of the small ice cream push cart, and then ground them to finish edges and make welding joints smoother. Accordingly, our superb craftsmanship results in a high-quality small gelato cart.


Durable Solid Rubber Tires: 

The small gelato cart for sale is equipped with 4 solid rubber tires and a locking front caster that contributes to its high mobility. The thick treads of these tires allow a smooth move when you push the cart on surfaces of all kinds, such as sand, grassland, and concrete. The caster avoids unintentional turning during the gelato cart moving in a straight line. With a directional lock, it can stop at any time.


Built-in Commercial Freezer with Food-grade Stainless Steel Tubs and a Digital Temperature Display:

Most ice cream vendors heavily depend on dry ice to keep their ice cream frozen. However, dry ice is too cold for gelato. Gelato kept in dry ice for a long time loses its classic silky and soft texture. Therefore, having an environment at an ideal temperature range is important to your gelato ice cream business.
  • Designed for gelato, Carlos's mini food cart for ice cream has a commercial freezer that provides a large frozen room at a temperature between -18° Celsius and -22° Celsius.
  • You can regulate the temperature handily by tuning the regulator. The digital temperature display helps you set the freezer at an ideal temperature range.
  • There are some food-grade stainless steel tubs for different flavors of ice cream. Of course, they are suitable for other cold treats.
  • The gelato freezer has a transparent sliding glass door and a small side window that displays kinds of ice cream in all directions. A clear look at ice cream helps customers make their choice easily.

gelato cart with freezer for sale


Smooth Food-grade Countertop:

Made of food-grade material, the flat countertop provides a large space for supplies, disposables, and packaged food and beverage.


Standard Water Sinks with a Tap:

Two small water sinks are the most useful kitchen equipment you can use to keep your food cart for ice cream clean and maintain sanitation, and we installed them on one side of the countertop. A clean water tank is in the compartment under the sink to ensure continuous running water.


Display Shelves to Add More Space:

There are small display shelves welded on the stainless steel frame of the gelato cart for sale. We gave Carlos some ice cream toys for free that can be placed on them as a unique decoration adding some vibe to his gelato cart. Alternatively, shelves can hold other light things, such as menus, paper bowls, and disposable spoons.


Side Cabinet Storage with Latch:

The gelato cart has a side compartment for storing your supplies and other things you need to keep in hand.


Retractable Awning:

A large retractable awning is fixed on the worktable, providing shade against the scorching sunlight. It is a perfect choice for the mobile ice cream business outdoors. It has many colors and models and can be customized with your logo.


365-days Warranty for Free

The warranty is given to every client for free. We promise a free replacement or repair if our mobile food carts and kitchen equipment have any faults in design and function ( without human-induced factors ).

small gelato ice cream cart design


Our Customization Services for Carlos’s Portable Gelato Cart in Santiago

Our mission is to give what our clients want, so our design team worked with Carlos to customize his food cart for ice cream that meets his specific needs. Here are the customization services we offered him.
  • Gelato Cart Size: The standard dimension of Carlos's gelato ice cream cart is 172*105*206cm. However, it is not your only choice. If the cart is a little small for you, a large one can be manufactured according to your requirements.
  • Commercial Freezer Capacity: Carlos's gelato cart has ten square stainless steel tubs in the freezer. We offer many choices on the number, size, and shape of these tubs.
  • Custom Spray Paint: A unique look attracts more customers absolutely. The gelato cart is painted silver in compliance with Carlos's idea, creating a vintage effect. Any RAL color is available for our food cart models and sizes. Just tell us what is your favorite color.

portable gelato ice cream cart in Santiago


Do You Need a Water Sink When Selling Ice Cream with a Small Gelato Cart?

Like most food carts, gelato carts are small in size so the space for refrigeration and storage they give is extremely valuable. Is it necessary to leave some space for a water sink on your gelato cart?

The answer is YES. A water system is a crucial part of the operation of the mobile ice cream business. You need a stable source of water to clean your scoops and other utensils for serving customers and maintaining health standards. A commissary has easy access to water. But scoops need to be washed after every use. You probably need to go in and out of a commissary a dozen times a day. What a hassle. Why not just sell ice cream in the commissary instead? According to regulations and codes in most countries, mobile units dealing with non-prepackaged food must have a separate water sink to clean and sanitize utensils.

Our gelato cart for sale has two small stainless steel water sinks mounted on its countertop. One is for soaking scoops or placing disinfectants, and the other can be used to clean hands and utensils. The tap can turn its head 360 degrees in each direction. A 25L food-grade plastic water sinks in the compartment stores enough water for your daily operation.

water sink in small gelato cart

If the local health department requires more sinks on your food cart, a 3-compartment water sink can be added to your cart. Don't worry about the small countertop. The smooth operation of your street food vending business is far more important. A gelato cart that fails to pass inspections and can't get licenses or permits is not what we want. Hence, tell us the regulations and rules about the water system on mobile units in your city first, and leave the remaining work to our professional design team and engineers.

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