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Custom Gelato Push Cart as Concession Stand in Pennsylvania

Where can you secure a lot of potential customers for your ice cream business in Pennsylvania? Malls! The shopping mall is the best place for selling all kinds of food and drinks due to its ample traffic foot. Rather than going to it for simple consumption, people regard the mall as somewhere to spend their leisure time and socialize with friends. How can food and drinks be a missing part of such an occasion? So, having a small concession stand for selling food and drinks in a mall has been seen as a business opportunity with high profits. Hundreds of customers can be had every day after paying the rent for a prime location. However, a new concessions stand costs about 6,000 to 10,000 dollars, covering no appliances. It is not an option that most people can afford, including our client, Terry. Is there another option that requires less investment? Of course! The solution we share today is Terry's gelato push cart, the custom ice cream cart model that serves as a fully equipped food concession stand in a mall, and it allows Terry to start a gelato business under $3,000 in Pennsylvania.

If you want to start a food business in a mall but are pressed for budget, it is necessary for you to read this solution to learn more about the gelato push cart, such as its specification, impressive features, prices, and customization work we did to make the ice cream cart to meet our client's special requirements.

custom gelato push cart as concession stand for sale
custom ice cream cart for gelato business


Gelato Push Cart as Concession Stand in Mall

Based on the custom ice cream cart model, the Italian gelato push cart is a small pushcart version of the food concession stand for malls, carnivals, sports events, and other fixed venues with access to 120V power. Thanks to its portable design and lightweight, you can move it easily indoors or outdoors and head to your customer straightforwardly. It has a vintage style that adds an old classic vibe to your gelato business, making you stand out from your competitors.

Two stainless steel dipper wells for rinsing utensils are installed on the side of the counter, and a tap provides a continuous stream of clean water.

A 256x165x100mm gelato freezer is mounted onto the classic ice cream push cart model featuring a strong stainless steel frame, a large worktable, retractable awning, standard water system, and caster with lock, and gives you a wide refrigeration room for keeping all types of ice cream and cold desserts in a temperature range from -18℃ to -22℃. With a glass top and side window, it displays your products to customers clearly, waking up their appetites and improving sales.
gelato push cart with a freezer
custome gelato push cart for sale

The Standard Specification Gelato Push Cart

  • Model: Gelato push cart
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Cart Size:1700*960*2200mm
  • Color: Any RAL color
  • Gelato Freezer Size: 256x165x100mm
  • Freezer Temperature Range:  -18°C ~ -22°C
  • Water system: Hand sink with tap / clean water tank
  • Electrical: 220V/50hz
  • Price: $2,400

Gelato Push Cart Price Includes:

  • A brand new food push cart with custom options
  • Reinforced stainless steel frame and structure
  • Durable rubbery tires
  • 1700mmx815mm easy-to-clean counter
  • Gelato ice cream freezer with a side window & sliding glass door
  • 10 food-graded stainless steel containers for gelato ice cream
  • Retractable awning
  • Dipper wells and a tap
  • Side storage compartment with a lock
  • Caster with the braking system


Standard Gelato Push Cart Design and Layout

gelato push cart design and layout


Gelato Push Cart, a Custom Ice Cream Cart Built for Terry Only

Faced with hundreds of food cart models and types, you may still find it hard to find an ideal one that meets all your demands for the food trailer designs, layouts, functions, and specifications. Do you need to make a compromise and lower your standards? No, you don’t. As a food cart builder, we can offer you a quality custom ice cream cart built to meet and even exceed your requirements. At ETO, we have a professional team working on building, designing, and customizing mobile food carts. Terry's gelato push cart is one of our custom projects. Now, let's go through all the customization services we offered Terry.


Custom Haft Round Awning

Most of our food carts, including ice cream push carts, are equipped with flat awnings which are considered 'unimpressed' in Terry's view. Inspired by other food carts he saw on social media, Terry asked if the gelato push cart could have a dome awning, an attractive awning shape with an elegant design. Our designers immediately contacted the awning manufacturer and talked about the customization solution. After several rounds of discussions, the original awning was replaced by a black dome awning marked with white lines and Terry's brand, creating a vintage and upscale style that fits the Italian gelato push cart perfectly. Terry was happy with the new design of his custom ice cream cart.

vintage gelato ice cream push cart with haft round awning


3D Logo Lighting Unit on the Gelato Push Cart Body

What is important for a business? Logo! A logo is a graphic that stands for your business or company. It has the ability to give a deep impression on customers and cultivate their loyalty if designed creatively and properly. There are 3 options when it comes to customizing the logo on the food carts: a Logo sticker, an Advertising lighting sign, and a 3d Logo lighting unit. Terry preferred the last and made his choices on the font and color of the logo under our guidance. When the cart is powered on, the logo will give out while light that is discernible far away. Besides, the words "Italian Gelato" were printed under the logo, accentuating Terry's ice cream business.

custom gelato push cart with 3d logo lighting unit


The Water System

When it comes to the water system, the gelato push cart in the standard specification has two 18cmx18cm round sinks that are used as dipper wells and a tap. These sinks don't have a drain so they are basically movable containers for wastewater. Thy need to be emptied manually. That is a hassle for Terry. Given their small size, sinks have to be cleaned frequently, or they will be full quickly. Enlarging them is not an option because it takes more counter and refrigeration room. Therefore, special water sinks that fit the gelato push cart model were customized for Terry. Based on the original sink model size, they have a drain tube with a wide diameter of 2.2cm that links the sink and a large waste water tank. According to Terry's needs, one of the sink models was changed to a square one that has a larger capacity than a round sink even if they are the same in dimension.

gelato push cart with dipper wells


Why Should You Choose the Gelato Push Cart Instead of Other Carts or Freezers?

Why should you choose the gelato push cart? Some ice cream sellers operate their businesses successfully, even without a freezer. Dry ice helps them to avoid their products from melting. Is it worth investing in the cart? You will have your answer after learning the impressive features that the gelato push cart has.


Custom Ice Cream Cart Designed for Italian Gelato

Unlike common ice cream, gelato has a different consistency and softness that are easily affected by the temperature. If the temperature is too high or low for gelato, it will become less palatable because of bad texture and quality. Therefore, a special freezer is indispensable for selling the best gelato ice cream. Forget about the dry ice, it only makes everything harder, including your gelato.

Designed for serving Italian gelato ice cream, the gelato push cart is outfitted with a gelato freezer that performs better in keeping the flavor and structure of the gelato ice cream when compared to other freezers. It ensures that your gelato ice cream is frozen in the right shape quickly but won be too hard for scooping. Of course, the cart is suitable for other types of ice cream, such as sticks and popsicles, given its low refrigeration temperature.


Gelato Freezer with a Special Design

Rather than giving a written menu to customers, displaying your gelato variety is a better approach to helping customers make their choice quickly. The gelato freezer of the ice cream cart has a useful design that shows your products to customers.

First, it is its glass sliding door. Most ice cream cart freezers have a solid top for insolation, while the gelato freezer is equipped with a transparent glass door that increases the visibility of the refrigeration room. Then, there is a small side window on the ice cream cart, presenting stainless steel ice cream containers arranged at a specific angle. Such a design can attract more small eaters, the group of loyal customers. Without standing on tiptoe, kids can have a clear view of your colorful gelato ice cream. The colors and creamy textures of gelato are visually attractive enough to tempt people into paying for some scoops of it.

If you want to maximize sales, the gelato push cart is your best solution.

gelato ice cream freezer


Small Size Means Less Rent

The rent is dependent on many factors, and square footage is the biggest one. Many malls charge by the square foot. Large room demand comes with high expenses on rent. Why not start small?

The gelato push cart is much smaller than most ice cream kiosks. It is 1.7 meters in height and 0.96 meters in width, covering less than 2 square meters. Plus extra room for working, serving, and storage, your ice cream concession stand can be set up in a small area of 5-8 square meters. Isn't it a bit too small? Of course not. Making gelato ice cream is much easier than the preparation of a cheesy burger that requires many cooking appliances. A portable ice cream cart is all you need to run your business, and it will put you at an advantage of lower start-up and operational costs.

If you are interested in the gelato push cart and need a customization service, contact our designer for a detailed price list of charged extra options for the carts. Have some doubts about our capability? Check out the following custom ice cream cart solutions we offered to our clients and see what we really can do.

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