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Small Push Cart Freezer for Ice Cream & Gelato in Portland under $2,100

ice cream push cart freezer for sale

An ice cream business is a good way to make cash. It requires no cooking skills or experience in a restaurant, and a small investment allows you to start their career. Then, thousands of profits come to your account if your business strategy works. So, what about the next? Expand your business for more money, of course! This time, a client who owns an ice cream shop in Portland found us for a solution to expand his business with $2,300. What was he looking for? A good ice cream cart with a freezer as a mobile concession stand for selling ice cream. Is there an ideal one that meets all his requirements? Keep reading to learn more about the push cart freezer for ice cream and gelato, including its features, specifications as well as quality, and see how it makes money for you.


Push Cart Freezer: The Best Ice Cream Cart Freezer under $2,100

As one of the professional ice cream push cart manufacturers, we have a multitude of small food carts for ice cream and gelato, and their prices vary depending on their models and sizes. The client told us his want for a small ice cream cart with a freezer between $2,000 and $2,300 and emphasized the high insolation performance of the freezer. At ETO, there are many models of ice cream push carts for sale under $2,300. However, his demand for the freezers narrows his choices greatly. So, is there an ideal ice cream cart for the client? Of course!


Push Cart Freezer Keeps Your Ice Cream Frozen All the Time

As a hot small food cart for selling ice cream and gelato, this push cart freezer is the best solution for ice cream owners who want to trade outside without dry ice. Unlike battery-powered ice cream carts, it is outfitted with a large commercial freezer that starts to cool when you plug it in and power it up. Ice cream will stay frozen in a temperature range between 10℃ and -10℃as long as the freezer is in operation. According to the client's needs, a quality condenser from a famous manufacturer overseas was installed in the push cart freezer for the best cooling effect in Portland. Weather and heat waves are no longer a hindrance to your business! 10 stainless steel containers in the freezer give you plenty of room for ice cream in different flavors and other cold treats. If you have special requirements for their size, custom ice cream containers can be provided.
push cart freezer for ice cream gelato in portland
push cart freezer for sale

Trade Anytime with the Push Cart Freezer

Is it tiresome manual work to ride an ice cream bike under the sun? Measuring about 90kg in weight, the push cart freezer is lighter than most food carts and ice cream bikes, so you don't need to make any strenuous effort to push it from one community to another. A small steel push bar welded to the push cart freezer helps you move the cart easily without a sore back or shoulders. Two small casters have a design of swiveling 360 degrees for moving around easily. The brake system not only stops the casters but locks them in a certain direction.

Standard Specification of the Push Cart Freezer for Ice Cream:

Model Push Cart Freezer
Weight 90kg
Dimension 1200x950x1200cm
Color White, or any RAL color
Material Galvanized steel frame
Freezer temperature 10℃~ -10℃
Price $2,100

The Features of Ice Cream Push Cart Freezer:

  • Reinforced galvanized steel frame
  • Durable rubber tires
  • Caster with brake system
  • Push bar
  • 201 stainless steel worktable that is easy to clean
  • Commercial freezer for gelato ice cream with condenser
  • Freezer temperature controller
  • Sliding glass door for taking out ice cream easily
  • 10*1/4 food-grade stainless steel containers for gelato in different flavors
  • Custom awning and cart body
  • Custom paint
  • 365-day warranty for free

push cart freezerpush cart freezer design


High-quality Ice Cream Push Cart Freezer with Reinforced Frame and Support

The high-quality products and excellent customer services we provide are the reasons why we are a reliable ice cream push cart manufacturer. This ice cream push cart features a strong galvanized steel frame with a tough and abrasion-resistant coating. Given that the client placed a high value on the quality of the cart, we sourced reinforced galvanized steel to make the cart frame and welded each joint with high technology. Besides, the support legs of the push cart freezer are strengthened to give more support and stability. Accordingly, the ice cream push cart freezer has a long service life of over 10 years.

We did more to ensure the quality of the push cart freezer. Before the delivery to the port, we used a plastic bag to cover the freezer and added protective fillers, such as Polyurethane foam inserts, to avoid bumps or hits. Then, the cart was tightly fixed after taping it with special packing tape. When the cart was well packaged, it, along with necessary accessories, was encased in a crate with labels about the information about the cart. Finally, the crate was delivered to the port, and waited for the shipment. With the protective packaging for shipping, the quality and condition of the push cart freezer were ensured during the whole process of shipment.

small food push cart freezer for ice cream


Why Should You Sell Ice Cream with the Push Cart Freezer in Portland?

Ice cream is a universal food- it's delicious and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. In addition, people associate the taste of ice cream with summertime. This is because ice cream is usually sold during the summer. Being the sweet treat it is, ice cream makes a great dessert in great demand. But, why is the push cart freezer a top choice when it comes to selling ice cream in summer? Here are the reasons:
  • Best Freezer to Keep Ice Cream Frozen: Selling ice cream from a regular small food cart can be difficult. Some owners find that carrying their carts outside during warm weather poses many problems, such as melted ice cream. Fortunately, there's an alternative to carrying your cart on your back- you can use a Push Cart freezer. The freezer keeps your ice cream in an ideal cold environment when it is plugged in. Your ice cream will stay frozen without limitation of time or outside temperature.
  • The ability to move around: Why wait for customers to head to you when you can bring ice cream to them straightforwardly? It's much easier to sell ice cream from a push cart freezer than from a corner shop. Its high mobility and flexibility provide excellent sales opportunities for ice cream vendors. You can push the cart from one community to another and trade on the streets!
  • Small size fits all occasions: The push cart freezer is small and light, so you can push it around public spaces and park it wherever you like to start your business. In addition, you can move agilely with the freezer on busy occasions, including festivals, carnivals, and sports events, navigating through the crowd and sourcing a good place for your business, while large ice cream trucks and vans face lots of problems to get permits to there because of their huge size.
  • Low investment but huge profits: Selling ice cream is a highly profitable business. Can you start it with $3,000? Of course! The push cart freezer for ice cream and gelato has been seen as the cheapest way for running a business. It is just 1/3, or even 1/5, of most ice cream trucks in price. You still have hundreds of dollars for the application of permits or the purchase of ingredients after buying the push car freezer.


Other Solutions for Mobile Ice Cream Business

In China, ETO is one of the leading ice cream push cart manufacturers with the ability to provide 100% custom solutions on the basis of each client's needs, such as budgets, design ideas, and desired functions. We have tons of quality vehicles for starting a mobile ice cream business:

Bike Food Cart for Ice Cream: If you prefer running your ice cream business in different places within a day but can't afford a food trailer, an ice cream bike cart is an ideal solution for you. We offer two models of ice cream bike carts: Tricycle Ice Cream Cart and Ice Cream Bike Cart. Their prices are about $1,500 to $2,000.

Ice Cream Kiosk: Ice cream kiosks are a preferred option for those who have a fixed location for their ice cream business. As a temperate concession stand, it can be placed in many locations, such as carnivals, beaches, and parks, and offers all kinds of food.

Ice Cream Trailer with Customization: Ice cream trailers give you many opportunities with plenty of counter room and storage space. A wide range of commercial kitchen equipment and appliances can be mounted to it so a varied menu can be offered to your customers. A 7.2ft small round-top ice cream starts at $2,500, and a large one is more expensive. A detailed quote is determined by a number of factors such as add-ons, kitchen equipment, and custom services.

Portable Concession Stand for Ice CreamThis is a new trend for small mobile ice cream businesses. Converted from a standard shipping container, it is a unique modular structure in readiness for starting a business quickly. Fixed or mobile, it can be either set up at a prime place as a permanent concession stand or moved to events to provide catering service.

mobile ice cream businesses
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