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Jose’s Hot Dog Cart with Grill and Fryer in Puerto Rico

hot dog cart with grill and fryer for sale in usa

Most hot dog vendors tend to rent a hotdog cart for their street food vending business because of its low cost. But, why not focus on a used one when there is a brand new hotdog cart for sale with all the functions and features you want and it is perfectly within your budget? This custom project we shared today is for Jose, a hot dog vendor in Puerto Rico, who rented a used hot dog cart for his business. Renting a food cart costs less indeed, but it is not always an available solution. For instance, food carts are usually in shortage during holidays and sports events due to the high demand for them. If you fail to have one, your business will be forced to be closed. Besides, there are too many uncertainties when you rent a hot dog cart, such as inferior quality, maintenance problems, and lack of customization. Why not buy a high-quality hot dog cart that is customized and built to your needs?

Jose contacted us about our hotdog cart for sale, but its basic configuration didn't satisfy him. Accordingly, our design team provided him with a custom solution of a mobile hot dog cart with grill and fryer. The following details on the custom hot dog cart, involving its standard specification, features, functional add-ons, customization, and hot dog cart price.

custom small hotdog cart for sale


Custom Hotdog Cart for Sale in Puerto Rico

Among our hottest food carts are the GL-HS200A, a functional industrial hot dog cart for any occasion, such as parties, rentals, catering, and sports events. Made of fine stainless steel, it has a lasting and high-quality steel frame that barely shows any sign of wear deformation, or corrosion after daily use for a long time. Its galvanized steel chassis and towing bar are strong and durable when you tow the hotdog cart head to your location.
American hot dog cart with grill and fryer for sale
small hotdog cart for sale
This mobile hotdog cart for sale is fully equipped with the commercial kitchen equipment that your hot dog vending business requires, offering a perfect solution for making and serving hot dogs with a compact mobile unit. It is small and easy for anyone to maneuver and navigate through narrow streets. If a hot dog trailer is cumbersome for you, a compact and portable hot dog cart can fit street corners around the state, making your hot dog business be seen everywhere!

Basic Specification of Jose's Hot Dog Cart

Model GL-HS200A
Size 200*100*92
Price Start at $2,350
External Frame Stainless steel
Trailer tongue 1 set
Trailer guide wheel 1 set
Axle 1 pc. (Galvanized steel tube)
Tyre 2 pcs.
Chassis Galvanized steel
Trailer jack with wheel 1 set
Tail lights DOT certified
Umbrella 1 pc. 
Steel gas tank holder 1 pc.
Water system 2 compartment water sink 1 set
Tap 1 pc.
Clean water tank 25L 1 pc.
Cley water tank 25L 1 pc.
Auto water 1 pc.
Kitchen Equipment 170L under-bench fridge
1.5m commercial range hood
Gas griddle
Gas fryer
Drink cooler
Gas system Gas line Installed in the cart
Gas valve 1 pc.
Steel gas tank holder 1 pc.
Electrical system Receptacle for the generator 1 pc.
Kitchen Equipment Worktable Commercial food-grade stainless steel
Cabinet Storage cabinets with latches
Retractable service table 1 pc.

* The specification and configuration of the hotdog cart for sale can be customized to your specific needs.
* The price includes all the items above.

functional us hot dog cart for sale


Options and Add-ons to Build a Multifunctional Hot Dog Cart with Grill and Fryer

Our excellent customization service is one of the reasons why lots of clients prefer us to work on their projects, including Jose. As a professional food cart manufacturer, we serve our clients with the goal of building a mobile food cart that exceeds their expectations in all areas. There are plenty of options and add-ons for any food cart model and size, from commercial kitchen appliances to NSF-certified equipment. Now, let's check out how we customized a multifunctional hot dog cart with grill and fryer for Jose:


Countertop Gas Grill

A hot dog cart with grill for sale is a preferred choice for hot dog vendors who focus on grilling hot dogs. Most hot dog carts are equipped with food steamers for boiling hot dogs. But, hot dogs sizzling on the grill with a special aroma whet people’s appetites better. A grill can bring more customers to your small cart.

Jose's hot dog cart has a commercial gas grill that provides a large flat hotplate for cooking, grilling, and heating. The stainless steel guards around it avoid fat and oil from splashing. You can pay extra for one with a grooved top if you love gill marks.


Commercial Deep Fryer

Can I have a fryer on a hot dog cart? Of course, you can! Hot dogs are not the only thing some hot dog vendors in the USA can give you. French fries, fried chicken, and pork chops... More items on your menu mean more profits.

Jose’s small hot dog cart is equipped with a gas deep fryer that has a cover to prevent contamination of oil and for safety according to local regulations. The fryer has a strong and thick stainless steel case and basket with a handle, so you won’t burn yourself when frying. But, a fryer on a hot dog cart is not permitted in every state or country. Therefore, consult with the local health department first. If it is not allowed, other solutions will be offered to you with our most effort.


6 Food Warmers

Jose’s small hot dog cart has 6 slots with food-grade stainless steel pans and lids which provide a safe enclosure for keeping hot dogs and toppings at an ideal temperature. They perform perfectly in insulation. Grilled hot dogs are still warm in them for 2-3 hours, even during winter. Food warmers are near the grill and fryer, making everything within your reach during cooking. More warmers can be added to your hotdog cart.


Stainless Shelf with Sliding Glass

There is a double deck shelf welded on the worktable for snacks, beverages, and condiments, and a sliding glass on it avoids things from failing out or being contaminated.


3D Logo Lighting Unit

A logo symbolizes a company’s service, image, and value. Nothing is better than a logo when it comes to marketing a business. We customized a 3D logo lighting unit for Jose, making his hotdog cart distinct and visible.


Custom Storage Cabinets

Jose’s hot dog cart with grill and fryer has plenty of space to store supplies and disposables. A storage compartment is for clean water tanks and cley water tanks, and the other one is empty and at your disposal. Each of them has a door with a safety latch.

add ons for hot dog cart with grill and fryer


How Much Does It Cost to Have a Hot Dog Cart with Grill and Fryer in Puerto Rico

Food carts are seen as a low-cost solution for street food vendors. With a compact design and small size, they are much cheaper than food trucks or mobile food kiosks. In the USA, a small hot dog cart is about $4,000 to $8,000, and one with high-end features costs more, not including customization. That goes over Jose’s budget for his business. Is possible to have a multifunctional hot dog cart under $3,000 in Puerto Rico?

Everything is possible in the ETO DEVICE! We deliver the highest quality build according to each client’s budget. Jose’s hot dog cart with grill and fryer starts at $2,350, and customization requires extras. Here is a detailed quote about the hot dog cart:
GL-HS200A $2350/set
Commercial Gas Griddle $180/set
Gas Fryer $180/set
Custom Logo Lighting $50/set
Total $2,760

Freight is a necessary spending when buying hot dog carts from overseas manufacturers or dealers. A food cart builder with experience, we have shipped and delivered our custom concession trailers, food carts, and kiosks to over 50 countries, such as Switzerland, Denmark, Qatar, and Austria. The price of shipping varies in different countries and regions. Clients in the USA, no matter which state, can enjoy the best freight offered by our partners in the shipping industry. It costs about $1,900 to ship and deliver the hot dog cart from China to Puerto Rico. The price jumps and down greatly depending on the hot dog cart weight and dimension, the number of shipping containers, and the destination. Contact us for an international quote.

custom hot dog cart for sale in puerto rico


Is It Necessary to Have an NSF-certified Hot Dog Cart?

The term ‘NSF-approved’ is nothing strange to clients in the USA. Almost all commercial kitchen equipment in your hotdog cart should be NSF-certified when consulting a local health inspector about the health codes and regulations for hot dog carts in some states. But, what is it? Is an NSF-certified hot dog cart better than a common one? Do you really need to pay extra for it?


What is NSF?

NSF is an abbreviation of the National Sanitation Foundation, a non-profit organization certifying products that meet the ANSI standards in the USA.


Is NSF-certified Hot Dog Cart for Sale Better?

Certified equipment has a high quality indeed, but it doesn’t mean that it is absolutely better than those that don’t have the certification. The NSF certification is a rigmarole that requires lots of time and energy, driving production costs up. Most hot dog cart manufacturers are not disposed to have their carts certified by the NSF, particularly those whose target market is not America, though their food carts have a quality that exceeds NSF standards.


Do You Need an NSF-certified Hot Dog Cart?

It all depends on the health codes in your state. We are a food cart manufacturer working with clients from all over the world. The NSF-certified hot dog cart is not a necessary option for counties, like France, Malaysia, Denmark, Iceland, and the Netherlands. If you want to run your business in the USA, you should consult with the health department in your state. Regulations and rules vary greatly in different states. Some require NSF-certified components for your hot dog carts, such as sinks, worktables, and water tanks. A hot dog cart is impossible to pass the health inspection and get licenses without them.

Our hot dog cart with grill and fryer for sale can be built with NSF-certified materials and equipment to meet the strict standards in your state. Now, learn your local health regulations and find out the equipment that should have the certification. Then, we will provide you with a high-quality NSF-certified hot dog cart that can hit on the road legally.

Check out our gallery or projects to choose the one you like, and let us build a custom hot dog cart you dream of.
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