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Aïcha’s Small Freezer Bike Cart for Mobile Ice Cream Business in France

Everyone loves ice cream, but not ice cream soup! So, what do you do to keep your ice cream frozen when you go from street to street to serve ice cream? Using dry ice? Good idea. But, why not keep them in a mobile ice cream freezer? That's right. An ice cream freezer with high mobility. It is the latest custom project we worked on, a small freezer bike cart for selling ice cream in France. With a tricycle frame, the cart has a large ice cream freezer that keeps things cold and frozen even on the hottest of summer days. It can be used anywhere on condition that there is electricity for it. No dry ice anymore!

Now, keep reading to learn more about Aïcha's small freezer bike cart, such as its specification, feature, cost, and why you should have a mobile ice cream freezer instead of using dry ice for keeping ice cream.

mobile ice cream cart with freezer for sale
small freezer bike cart for ice cream business


Aïcha’s Small Freezer Bike Cart in France

As an upgraded version of the small ice cream bike, the GL-H6 is a small freezer bike cart setting you free from the limitations of dry ice. The largest feature it has is a commercial freezer fixed on its frame that gives a large refrigerated room for ice cream and other cold treats. The cart also features a large stainless steel worktable for storing disposables and other packed products.

The freezer bike cart is a conversion from a small tricycle ice cream cart. Because of its stable tricycle bike frame and 3 rubber wheels, you can ride the cart far easily, without getting sweaty in the summer. Pass a narrow path towards another town for a festival, or go to the beach where people who need a cold treat gather? Ride this freezer bike cart to your customers anywhere! Don't worry about the ice cream soup. You have a freezer that ensures the best quality and texture of your ice cream!
small freezer bike cart for sale
small mobile ice cream freezer cart for sale in France

Standard Specification of Small Freezer Bike Cart

Model GL-H6 Tricycle Bike for Ice Cream
Dimension 1000*690*700mm
Power 170W
Tire 3
Material Stainless steel
Color Custom
Price $1,830

The Price Includes:

  • Stainless steel reinforced frame
  • Food-grade stainless steel countertop
  • Charger
  • Pushing bar
  • 6 tubs with lids
  • Large freezer capacity
  • Durable rubber tires
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Custom awning with LED lighting
  • Custom graphic on the mobile ice cream freezer


Mobile Ice Cream Freezer on Wheels

Can an ice cream freezer be highly mobile and go out of the shop to provide ice cream to people? Of course! Equipped with a freezer, the GL-H6 is a mobile ice cream freezer that goes with you anywhere for your business. Now, let's take a close look at the ice cream freezer and see what features it has:
  • Huge refrigeration room measuring 1000x690x700mm on the outsides.
  • Insulated stainless steel surface that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Thick insulation for better refrigeration
  • Small stainless steel lids for easy and quick access to the product
  • Compact condense with an energy-saving design
  • Fast froze to cool the unit and products to -20°C
  • Consistent temperature and efficient temperature distribution
  • Temperature range of -18°C~-20°C

ice cream freezer


Dry Ice or Freezer, Which One is a Better Solution for Keeping Ice Cream?

Dry ice has a wide application in preserving frozen food, particularly ice cream. That is not a secret for most ice cream cart owners. They are colder than normal ice and don't leave any water. Most food cart owners consider it a perfect solution for keeping things cold in their carts. But the truth is there is a better alternative for refrigerating ice cream - the mobile ice cream freezer. Why spend extra money on hoarding dry ice when you can have an affordable ice cream cart with a large freezer? Here are reasons why it is better to keep ice cream in an ice cream freezer instead of using dry ice.


Dry ice is too cold

It is widely known that dry ice is cold. Touching it with a bare hand definitely will cause severe frostbite. How cold is it exactly? It is about -79℃. Is it a good thing? Dry ice can provide a cold environment in the insulation box even if it is over 40℃ outside. However, it is not a good thing at all, particularly for those who sell gelato. With an extremely low temperature, dry ice usually freezes ice cream easily, making ice cream too hard for scooping it. There is no way to regulate the temperature.
However, things turn out to be different if you have an ice cream freezer. The GL-H6 is outfitted with a large freezer. A digital temperature display and a regulator allow you to set up a temperature in a range between -18℃ and -20℃ precisely. What is the best temperature for gelato ice cream? Between -11°C to -14-11°C!


Mobile ice cream freezer is safe

Dry ice has no chemicals or harmful materials so it is 100% safe for food, but unfortunately, not for your health. As we mentioned, direct contact with it causes freezing injury. Gloves and tongs are necessities when dealing with it.
Why not have a mobile ice cream freezer that is safe for your ice cream and your body? You can open the lid and reach your product handily without any protective fit or measures. That saves a lot of time during rush hours.


Mobile ice cream freezer remains at a steady temperature constantly

Dry ice is able to last 18 hours in a cooler, but it will eventually melt as you open the cover frequently. However, a mobile ice cream freezer works as long as it is powered. It can create an environment at a certain temperature for a long time. Just plug the freezer bike cart in a few hours before starting your daily operation, and the temperature in the freezer will lower and reach a certain level for hours even if you plug it out. You have enough time to find a good location where access to electricity can be easily found and start selling ice cream.

the shipment of freezer bike cart to France

Check out our gallery or recent projects for more about our ice cream carts.
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