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The Ultimate Guide: How to Install Food Trailer Propane Tank?

Mobile food trailer layout.

Given its feature of being cost-friendly, propane tanks are used as the main source for fueling the food trailer. Just like other feels, propane should be used properly, or it may cause damage. This page mainly talks about the installation of a food trailer propane tank and the layout of our food trailers that make it safe for your business.


Why Do You Need Propane Tanks on Your Food Truck Trailer?

The importance of propane tanks depends on the kitchen equipment you have. Propane is not necessary on an ice cream trailer that only is equipped with freezers and refrigerators. All the trailer needs is a powerful generator. However, heating and cooking equipment, like burners and BBQ pits, requires a source of fuel. Propane is a good choice because you have easy access to it. Hence, food truck trailers, such as BBQ trailers, burger trailers, and mobile catering trailers, are outfitted with a full propane system. They will service your customers with a good meal after you install propane tanks in the right way.

In general, the propane tank gives you the freedom to cook and operate your mobile catering business everywhere. It is rather a safe approach to fueling your kitchen equipment. Just let it keep the fire up, and cook for your customers!

the cooking equipment of a food trailer

Mobile food trailer layout of the propane system


How to Install Food Trailer Propane Tank Properly?

What is a proper place for food trailer propane tanks? That is a question remaining for a long time. Some food trailer manufacturers install them at the rear of the trailer. But, it is quite dangerous if a rear-end crash happens accidentally. Installing propane tanks under the food trailer is another choice, which makes it difficult to maintain and change tanks. So, where is the right place for propane tanks?

As a food truck trailer builder with over a decade of experience, we have food trailer build plans on the basis of federal codes and regulations. For your convenience, the food trailer propane tanks should be installed vertically at a rather safe place in the food trailer.


Why Should You Install Propane Tanks Vertically?

It takes 3-4 days to replenish the propane tanks for your food concession trailer, more frequently if the capacity of the tank is small. Vertically installed propane tanks are a boon for those who are busy in their mobile food trailer business. It is easy to fill and inspect them. Most importantly, you can be aware of propane leaks easily.


Where is the right place for your food trailer propane tanks?

It is not safe to install propane tanks at the rear or bottom of your food truck trailer. How about installing them at the front of the trailer, near the hitch? That is a relatively safe place for propane tanks. No driver will hit them as easily as they hit the other parts of your trailer when you tow the mobile food truck trailer from one place to another. Of course, you should drive at a constant steep and keep your distance on the road.


Food Trailer Propane Tank Holders to Protect the Tank

Some of our clients asked what the cylindrical holders are when they see the design of their food trailers. In fact, they are used for protecting propane tanks from hitting or failing.
  • As we know, any hit increases the risk of  an explosion. Hence, it is better to place propane tanks in a separate place. For safety, stainless steel holders are installed on each food trailer we build, which has an impressive feature of resisting smashes and hits.
  • Some food truck trailers have bases and fixtures for the propane tank. These parts will wear out soon without any protection, and lead to the end of propane tanks dropping on the road. It inevitably puts you and other drivers at risk. Therefore, we use find steel to make a holder for the food trailer propane tanks and weld it firmly on the frame of the trailer.

According to the model and dimension of the food trailer you choose, the sizes of propane tanks vary. If you have special needs for it, we can customize them for you.

food trailer propane tank holders


4 Tips for Keeping Food Trailer Propane Tank Safe

For the sake of the safety of your staff and customers, it is necessary to check the propane tank regularly. Here are some tips for you.
  • Find a qualified technician to install or change the propane tanks.
  • Make sure the firm connection between tubing that links propane tanks and kitchen equipment
  • Close the propane tanks and other cooking equipment before you leave the trailer.
  • If there is a smell of propane odor, close the burners and cut the power immediately.
  • As a requirement of federal regulations, a fire extinguisher is one of the necessities that your food trailer requires, along with warning sides.
  • Find a licensed gas station and professionals to replace your propane tanks.
  • Check each part of your food trailer every 3 months.

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