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The Secret of Food Trailer Colors

the color of the food trailer

There are a dozen food trailers on the street. Is your food trailer competitive? How to appeal to a crow of eaters who never have had a taste of your food? Colors - The colors of your food trailer! Yes, color is important when it comes to food trailer design ideas, because it is a potential message of your food trailer’s character, brand, and value. The impressive decoration of a food trailer creates the first impression. If it is fascinating, or some kind of unique, the image of your food trailer will linger in people minds. But, there is a string of questions.

What role exactly do colors play in your food trailer business? What are their implications and representations? Which color is the best for your food trailer business? Let us find out today!


What Role Do Colors Play in Your Food Trailer Business?

Did you know that color has the power to affect your choices and moods? The power of color is irresistible, and it has thousands of ways to impact your thoughts. That is why some food truck trailer owners spend large money and time studying color psychology. For example, red or orange has the power to instigate your mood and encourage your appetite. Just take a look at the mobile food concession trailers near sports events. Everything is red, from food to the trailers! There are mainly 2 roles color play in your food trailer business.

RAL color for the food trailer


Raise People’s Awareness

According to statistics, the color of the food trailer is the first element that influences the eaters, followed by the designs and brand. We have a highly sensitive vision. Color is able to convey something to our mind more quickly than smell and sound do. In boisterous food trailer parks, the smells of food and the music food trailers play are mixed. Their attractiveness is weakened in some way. But, a food trailer will be our target easily by dint of its impressive color and design.


Weld the Power of Subconscious

Eaters are more likely to implant the image of your food truck trailer in their minds unconsciously. If it is impressive, it will rush into their head again when they get back to the place where they buy food from your food trailer first or find the same color of your trailer. Then, the odor and taste of your food will instigate their nerve. If they have time, luckily, they will drive to your food trailer and get another treat. Boom! You have a regular customer!
Now, you learn the importance of the color of the food trailer. What is the meaning of each color? Which color will bring more customers to your mobile catering business? The following are hot food trailer design ideas in terms of colors.

food trailer ideas


Food Trailer Design Ideas: How to Choose the Right Color for Your Food Trailer

There is a skill when it comes to choosing colors for your food truck trailer - make sure it is suitable for the type of business.

Fast Food Trailer Business

Why is red the preference for most fast food restaurants? Red is a powerful color that encourages appetite and inspirits. It is also a symbol of passion and speed. Now, red is the representation of the fast food industry. If you want to provide fast food during lunchtime or dinnertime, red can never go wrong.

fast food trailer for sale


Coffee Trailer Business

Black tone and brown tone are 2 hot choices for our clients who prefer a coffee trailer for sale.
  • Black: It is a symbol of status and elegance. One of the hottest coffee shop trailers we sell - a vintage coffee trailer for sale - is black, giving a feeling of nostalgia and sobriety. Staff in skyscrapers prefer the styles of simple black.
  • Brown: Using color to represent the thing you sell is a smart approach for marketing. Brown is the color of coffee beans. It is able to strengthen the tie between your food trailer and business, so your people know what you offer clearly.

black food trailer for sale


Vegan Food Trailer Business

The demand for organic food is increasingly large because of the number of vegans and the slogan of sustainable development. Green is a color of nature, health, vegetables, and freshness. A green vegan food trailer will gain more eaters than a red one does.


BBQ Food Trailer Business

How to design your BBQ food trailer properly? Red and orange allude to the blazing blame, while black stands for charcoal. If you want to make your BBQ food trailer more recognizable, put the sticker of flames on the exterior wall of your trailer.


Ice Cream Trailer Business

Red is conspicuous, but it's not a good idea for the ice cream trailer business. Hot summer is usually the prime time for the sale of ice cream. To gain a line of patient and peaceful eaters, you need a light color to print your ice cream trailers, such as ivory, pale blue and lilac. A pink tone is a perfect choice if your target customers are females.

                                                                                 ice cream trailers for sale


Beverage Trailer Business

You need a color to match the product your beverage trailer offers. But, not everyone is a designer, right? How to know if the color you choose is suitable for the product? Here is a tip: choose the color from the food.
  • Fruit Juice: Warm colors from tropical fruits, like orange red, tangerine, and flemon chiffon.
  • Vegetable Juice: Green tone gives an impression of a healthy and organic life.
  • Milkshake: Try light colors, particularly mist pink and petal pink.
  • Bubble Tea: Neutral colors lack color, but they are calming and mellow. A wheat or khaki bubble tea is able to create a relaxing, warm atmosphere for the customers.


Food Trailer Accessories: Make Everything Match

Food trailer design ideas are not all about the color. A coordinated and matching design will bring you extra boons. Here are some elements for decorating your food trailer and creating a unique brand.



Attention lasts shortly, like a few seconds. A colorful food trailer will grab the eyes of customers soon. But, how to attract customers and make them remember your food truck trailer for a long time? Have a huge logo sticker on your food truck trailer!

A logo is an image that speaks for your business. It tells others about your services, conveys your core values, and separates you from other trailers. Remember to keep everything simple in designing your own logo. Complex patterns and brand names will push potential eaters away.

In addition to logo stickers, we can provide a logo light box that shines brightly in the evening.

custom food trailers with logo sticker



In the evening, the power of the color is weak if there is devoid of sufficient light. Hence, different types of lights make your food truck trailer more visible than other trailers. There are some creative ideas:
  • LDE Strips: There are single-color LED strips and multi-color led lighting kits that flash brilliant lights regularly at night. Most importantly, these colorful lights create a wonderful dining environment that is suitable for taking photos.
  • Luminous Paint: How to make your food trailer cooler at night? Use luminous paint to draw the logo and brand on your trailer! Your glowing food truck trailer will attract a huge group of zoomers.

lights of the food trailer

Color plays a vital role in your mobile catering business. Therefore, more attention should be given to it when you build your own food trailer. The food trailer design ideas we mentioned are based on color psychology and marketing. They will attract customers without overwhelming them with too many giddy elements. You can contact us if you have your own ideas and concepts. Our designers will help you in customizing your unique food truck trailer!
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