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Food Trailer Business Marketing: How to Post on Your Social Media

food trailer business marketing

There are many ways to operate a food trailer, and social media operation is one of them very effective. Through your Facebook, Instagram, youtube, Twitter can effectively help you to enhance your mobile food business.

It is not easy to be successful in a food trailer social media operation, you need to spend a lot of energy and a lot of time. List the content you need to publish in your business plan, it should include pictures, videos, text content, etc. Engaging content is the most effective.

Effective Food Trailer Operations: 5 Ways to Publish Your Social Media


1. Post beautiful pictures on Instagram

Pictures are always one of the best ways to attract people. Update your social media daily and post tempting food pictures. Your Facebook, Instagram will get a lot of followers.

To post great images, you need to have photography skills. You even need to be proficient in Photoshop. You can learn a lot of photography tips and Photoshop tricks on Youtube.

2. Share your recipes

Share your delicious recipes. What delicious food is your food trailer cooking? Many fans will be interested in the process of cooking. They are curious about how the food is made. You can share the cooking process on your Facebook if it's not a secret.

With enticing pictures and text descriptions, the easy-to-follow cooking process will attract a large number of fans.

3. Publish business video

Post real videos of food trailers in business on your social media. If you can see the scene of many people queuing, then everyone will want to eat. You can shoot scenes of customers queuing at the window every day during peak dining hours.

Before publishing the video, you need to make a simple edit of the video and add a description. Use your video to guide customers to your sales window.

4. Share directions and hours of operation

Update your driving directions, stop locations and hours of operation daily on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Let your fans find you anytime.

If possible, you should try to stay at a certain business location at set times each week. For example, you can go near the park every weekend afternoon and evening.

5. Host online promotions

Promotions are an effective way to keep your followers alive. Post promotions on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Online promotions are very popular and an effective way to attract fans.
A few promotion ideas:
  • A random raffle is held every week, and lucky customers will get food coupons.
  • New fan promotions, giving desserts or ice cream to new fans.
  • Annual consumption accumulation activities. The 10 most loyal fans will be drawn, and a free single meal for a week or a month will be provided.
  • Fan birthday promotions. Spend on fans' birthdays to get free gifts.


The above five methods can effectively promote your food trailer business. Social media promotion can not only increase fan loyalty, expand the number of fans, but also increase your brand influence.
Running a food trailer social media operation is difficult. Because you need to do a lot of things. By the time you start your food trailer business, you should be prepared to work long hours. Often after get off work, you also need to turn on your computer.

When you're ready to start your food trailer business, harness the power of social media. It will help you be successful.
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