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5 Reasons Why To Buy a Shipping Container Restaurant

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Speaking of a huge shipping container, with a strong steel construction and heavy body, no one will think it can be used as a food concession stand to provide a perfect room for dining and relaxing. Recently, the shipping container restaurant, as a new trend, can be seen everywhere, particularly in parks, sports events and parking lots. It is one of the most creative and unique shipping container ideas all over the world.
But, what makes it such a popular choice for a large group of restaurant owners and chefs? Here are 5 reasons!

5 Reasons Why To Buy a Shipping Container Restaurant

1. Go Anywhere with Your Food Shipping Container Restaurant

As a food concession stand, the shipping container restaurant is more mobile. It is just like a mobile kitchen, which allows you to go anywhere to start your catering business with it. Small as it is, it takes a few hours to set it up. If there is an event, your food shipping container restaurant is a good temporary place to provide food. After the event, just go home with it. Transportation and installation are not a thing you should worry about.

2. Lower the Risk for Your Business

Why can a mobile restaurant shipping container be such a hot choice? The main reason lies in its ability to lower the risk.
In comparison to a traditional restaurant, a shipping container can be moved easily. For small entrepreneurs, that is a boon. If your initial place is not ideal for your catering business, you can just move to other locations till you find a good one. It gives you free opportunities to redraw your business plan without any cost.

3. Expand Your Catering Business Now

A converted shipping container restaurant provides you with extra space. Considering its modular construction, different shipping containers can be joined together to form a food court. Just decorate them with chairs, lights, and tables. A relaxing environment for dining is formed. A spacious outdoor dining room will attract more eaters for you.

4. Be Sturdy and StrongShipping container restaurant for sale

Most manufacturers, including us, ETO Device, source quality materials to produce every component of the shipping container restaurant. The shipping container restaurant has exterior walls made of strong corrugated steel that is treated with paint. Accordingly, it will not rust easily, even in a heavily humid environment. Besides, its strong steel construction can withstand scrape and knock during transition and installation without any deformation. Therefore, your shipping container pop up restaurant will last over 10 years.

5. Built It with Lower Production Costs and Time

It is a challenge to set up a restaurant within a week because of the devoid of skillful workers and sufficient capital. However, a shipping container pop-up restaurant requires less time and hands to build. In fact, you can build a modular restaurant by yourself. After the delivery of the shipping container, a truck can haul it to the place you want it to be. You can fix it with bolts if you want a permanent food concession stand. Then, just start your catering business by opening the concession window!

Here, we provide a fully equipped shipping container restaurant for sale. We work with other manufacturers who produce high-quality kitchen equipment. According to your needs, we will buy the equipment and tools at the best price and place them in your shipping container properly. That saves you a lot of time and money.

Building a Shipping Container Restaurant Now!
ETO Device specializes in shipping container conversion and shipping container restaurant design. We provide several types and models of shipping containers with different sizes and usages. For instance, we sell the 5.7x2.1x2.15m shipping container for pop up bar. Of course, we provide a turnkey solution for your shipping container restaurant concept. Just send an inquiry now and let us realize your idea!

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