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How to Secure a Refrigerator or Freezer in a Food Trailer?

food trailer with refrigerator

Do you need a food trailer freezer or refrigerator for your mobile vending unit? Of Course! A food trailer, as a mobile commercial kitchen, needs specific kitchen equipment for maintaining a proper temperature for food, according to the federal and local regulations and codes for the food trailer business. Hence, a food trailer freezer or a refrigerator is frequently asked for by our clients in the process of designing and building their mobile units. If you are looking for a mobile food trailer with a fridge or a freezer for sale, keep reading. This blog is about the food trailer refrigerator and freezer options we provide for our clients and the factors you should consider to choose the best one for your mobile food unit.


Choosing the Best Food Trailer Refrigerator & Freezer For Your Mobile Unit

How to keep food cold and fresh in your food trailer? First, you need to secure a food trailer refrigerator or a freezer! That is not easy. There is a wide range of perfect options for commercial fridges for restaurants. However, your options are narrowed when you search for one that meets the strict standards and demands of a food trailer business. What’s worse, you can not put a regular fridge or freezer in your mobile trailer because that bulky unit is unlikely to serve your needs for efficiency and convenience. What should you do then? Where can you buy a food trailer with a quality fridge or a freezer? At ETO DEVICE, we are here for providing fully equipped food trailers for sale!

In the process of building your custom food trailer, tons of food trailer refrigerator and freezer options are provided to you. We source high-quality commercial freezers and refrigerators for food trailers from leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances in order to offer an ideal one for food trailer businesses of all types. These useful units have different features and functions. Here is a list of food trailer freezers and refrigerators we provide for our clients. Keep reading, and find an ideal one for keeping your food cold and fresh in a food trailer.   

mobile food trailer with freezer and fridge for sale


Bench Fridge for All Food Trailer

The bench fridge, or under-counter refrigerator, is a perfect option for almost all food trailers because of its space-saving design. It provides sufficient room for working and preserving. Unlike a common vertical fridge, it has a wide and flat food-graded stainless steel countertop for cooking or placing kitchen appliances and essential items. You can save a lot of room in your small food trailer with this kitchen appliance.

Specification of Food Trailer Bench Fridge:
Size Power Capacity Temperature Cooling System
1200*600*800mm 200W 170L 0-10ceclius Air
1500*600*800mm 220W 280L
1800*600*800mm 260W 350L

mobile food fridge


Salad Fridge For Breakfast Trailer Business

A salad fridge improves your work efficiency in a breakfast trailer for selling sandwiches, burgers, and salads. It is an upgraded version of the bench fridge equipped with small stainless steel food pans. Refrigerated storage underneath ensures that everything is at an ideal temperature. Keep your ingredients safe and fresh in these units.

Specification of Food Trailer Salad Fridge: 
Size Pan Temperature Cooling System
1200*600*800mm 6*1/4 or 12*1/6 ss GN pans 2-8ceclius Air
1500*600*800mm 8*1/3 or 8*1/4 or 16*1/6 ss GN pans
1800*600*800mm 6*1/2 or 8*1/3 or 12*1/4 ss GN pans
2100*600*800mm 7*1/2 or 10*1/3 or 14*1/4 or 22*1/6 ss GN pans    

salad prep table for food concession trailer

Pizza Fridge Makes Everything Within Your Reach

What commercial kitchen equipment is on the list for the pizza trailer business? A pizza fridge designed for food trailers! It is a functional cooking unit that provides room for making pizza, keeping dough, and refrigerating toppings. A pizza fridge comes with small food-graded stainless steel pans that are refrigerated by the cold airflow from the food trailer refrigerator underneath. That ensures a constant safe temperature for food storage. In addition, the refrigerated room under the countertop provides an ideal environment for fermenting at a low temperature. If handmade pizza is on your menu, a pizza fridge makes everything within your reach, improving your working efficiency.

Specification of Food Trailer Pizza Fridge:
Size Pan Temperature Cooling System
1200*600*800mm 3*1/2 or 5*1/3 or 6*1/4 or 6*1/6 ss GN pans 2-8ceclius Air
1500*600*800mm 4*1/2 or 7*1/3 or 8*1/4 or8*1/6 ss GN pans
1800*600*800mm 6*1/2 or 9*1/3 or 10*1/4 or 10*1/6 ss GN pans
2100*600*800mm 7*1/2 or 10*1/3 or 11*1/4 or 11*1/6 ss GN pans    

pizza fridge for mobile pizza trailer


Drinks Fridge & Bar Cooler: The Best Choice for Mobile Bar

Mobile bar owners need a large food trailer refrigerator for their drinks and beverages. Basically, a bench fridge is able to blow chill air and keep drinks cold. But, it is not recommended for mobile bar business.

The vertical drinks fridge, or bar cooler, one of the equipment kits of our airstream mobile bar for sale, is a better option. On one thing, a drinks fridge has transparent glass doors to display a variety of drinks and beverages for your drinkers. Most importantly, the door helps you save time and energy in getting products, reducing energy waste. On the other hand, it has racks and trays that can be pulled out easily. You don’t need to squat and reach into the depths of any common food trailer refrigerators for the can your customer demands.

Specification of Food Trailer Drinks Fridge:
Size Capacity Cooling System
620*575*1700mm 288L Air
1050*575*1920mm 618L
1050*575*1920mm 618L

Specification of Food Trailer Drinks Fridge:
Size Power Layer
500*535*830mm 160W 2
900*535*830mm 190W 4
1350*535*830mm 618L 6

drinks fridge and bar cooler for mobile bar trailer


Cake Display Makes Your Eaters Drool

Why do people tend to slow their steps at a bread shop or cake shore? It is beautiful bakery food that it displays! A cake display is necessary for every bakery food shop. It can do more than keep the wonderful texture and taste of your cake and dessert for a long time. As a food trailer refrigerator, the cake display is a glass marketing tool to induce more eaters to your bakery food trailer.
The cake display has a glassed front design, which allows you to display your exquisite cupcakes, bread, and cookies aesthetically. We provide small and compact cake displays for food trailers. You can see it in the solution we offered for Alex and his bakery food trailer. The cake display is on the service window, showing his handmade dessert. Eaters, particularly kids, will look at desserts in it unconsciously as they pass the bakery food trailer. Then, they are likely to stop and consider paying for Alex’s sweet treat.

Specification of Food Trailer Drinks Fridge:
Size Power Capacity Net Weight Temperature
624*560*874mm 189W 129L 58.5kg 2-12ceclius
705*472*687mm 160W 100L 39kg 2-12ceclius
702*568*686mm 230W 120L 57kg 0-12ceclius
880*568*686mm 230W 160L 66kg 0-12ceclius
1219*568*686mm 400W 200L 88.5kg 0-12ceclius

cake display in bakery food trailer


Bench Freezer Keeps Your Meat Frozen

Do you need a unit for freezing food? This food trailer freezer and bench fridge are alike in appearance. But, it tends to keep food at a lower temperature in order to keep its nutrients and flavors largely. Most fast food trailers for sale are equipped with this functional freezer for storing frozen food, such as French fries, chicken, and pizza. The food trailer freezer can keep food frozen for over 2 nights if you cut the power of your food trailer. But, it is advisable to transfer your frozen food into an operational freezer after the end of your food trailer business.

Specification of Bench Freezer
Size Power Capacity Temperature Cooling System
1200*600*800mm 200W 170L -18℃ Air
1500*600*800mm 220W 280L
1800*600*800mm 260W 350L

food trailer freezer


What You Should Consider When Choosing the Food Trailer Refrigerator and Freezer?

Food trailer refrigerators or freezers keep food and ingredients fresh and safe for your customers, so they are vital components of your mobile food trailer business. For mobile food trailer owners, a good fridge ensures the high quality of your dishes and the success of your business. At ETO DEVICE, we provide various types of efficient food trailer refrigerators and freezers for our clients. How to choose an ideal one for your mobile food trailer? Here are something questions for you before demanding any model on our food trailer equipment list.


What is the Type of My Mobile Food Trailer Business?

Your business is a big factor you should consider when determining any type of food trailer fridge. What do you plan to sell in your food trailer? Do you want to offer a cold treat in summer? Or will you serve eaters with delicious cheeseburgers? A variety of food trailer freezer and refrigerator options we offer in the customization of a food trailer has disparate functions. You should choose a food trailer refrigerator or freezer that is suitable for your business and daily operation.  A salad fridge does no good for a coffee trailer business.


Should My Food be Refrigerated or Frozen?

The room in a food trailer is such a rarity. A food trailer refrigerator or food freezer takes up more area than other kitchen appliances. It is not necessary to have both of them for most food trailer owners. So, think about the preservation of your food. For example, a food trailer freezer is a waste of power and room for a mobile trailer bar that offers drinks and snacks. If you are a skillful chef and looking for a mobile kitchen, a food trailer refrigerator and a food trailer freezer should be in the equipment kits of your catering trailer. These units are dispensable for freezing and defrosting, keeping your food in the best condition.


Do I Need Some Space for Toppings?

In general, bench refrigerators and freezers are hot choices for most food trailer owners because of their functional features and large countertop. However, these units lose their advantages if you have to open the door frequently during making food that requires different toppings, such as pizza, burgers, salads, and sandwiches. Our pizza fridge and salad fridge have refrigerated stainless steel pans on the countertop, allowing you to grab toppings handily. The refrigeration equipment is fixed at the front workbench. You can show your deft movement in cooking and baking to eaters near the big service window.


How Much Refrigeration Storage Does My Business Need?

It is not proper to have a 350L food trailer freezer in a 7ft ice cream trailer, right? It takes up too much room, and you barely can move comfortably if you fix other kitchen equipment in it. So, the size of the food trailer refrigerator and freezer should be a big factor for your consideration. You should estimate the amount of refrigerated food as well as the size of your food trailer. Generally speaking, an 180L food trailer refrigerator provides a large refrigeration compartment for an 11ft food trailer used to sell hot dogs and pancakes. You can send us an inquiry now to get a detailed specification of our food trailer refrigerator and freezer.


How Much Power Does the Food Trailer Refrigerator or Freezer Consume?

Unlike deep fryers and griddles, food trailer refrigerators and food trailer freezers are mainly powered by electricity. That means you have to check their wattage before ordering. Your mobile food trailer is running on a power source. You don’t want to have an overloaded generator during lunch rush hours, do you? When we build your custom food trailer, our engineer will calculate the power of all the electric kitchen appliances in your trailer and recommend a powerful generator for you. Food trailer refrigerators and food trailer freezers we source for our clients have a more energy-efficient design than a commercial system in restaurants. They are not a burden for your generator.


What are the Regulations and Codes in your City?

Local regulations and codes of mobile units are an important factor because your mobile unit, seen as a commercial kitchen, needs specific equipment to ensure your legal operation of the street food business. They may specify the specification of kitchen appliances on a food trailer, such as storage capacity, operating temperature, and adjustable thermostat. These regulations differ in countries and cities. Hence, be aware of these local laws before you buy any appliances for your food trailer. We offer standard commercial freezers and fridges that meet strict standards in the USA, the UK, and Austria as options in the process of building your unique food trailer. Our excellent after-sales services ensure that you can benefit from your fully equipped mobile food trailer.


Why Should You Buy a Food Trailer with a Refrigerator or Freezer from Us?

Having a used refrigerator or freezer on your food trailer is feasible, but not advisable. There is a lot of work to do when you are trying to find an ideal and functional one for your mobile unit. Why not let us do everything for you?
At ETO DEVICE, we are a leading manufacturer of high-quality food trailers and concession trailers. Tons of options are provided when we work with you to build the best trailer for your needs, from kitchen equipment to food trailer lighting ideas. Here are the services we provide after you choose us:
  • Professional Advise: Do you have trouble determining a food trailer refrigerator or freezer? Are you at a loss for city regulations regarding appliances on a food trailer? Don’t worry! We know how to choose the right equipment to keep the fridge running perfectly and legally. Your food trailer venture will start successfully within your budget and plan.
  • Free Installation: Considering the size of a food trailer, our designers optimize the layout of each food trailer in order to avoid a waste of room. They will find the best place for the food trailer freezer or fridge for convenience and utility, and our workers will install the equipment properly. You can keep food cold when the food trailer is delivered to your home. That spares you the trouble and energy spent on hoisting such a large piece of equipment.
  • Maintenance Tips: As a food truck trailer builder, we have qualified technicians who can teach you to check the operation of the condenser, electrical connections, line insulation, and refrigerant step by step. Proper maintenance is able to prolong the service life of the food trailer fridge and freezer.

concession trailers with refrigeratorfreezer and fridge for mobile food trailers

At ETO Device, our staff is looking forward to working with you for finding an ideal food trailer that can keep your food cold. If you have any idea or concept, we are here to bring it into reality and fulfill your dream. Browse our gallery online to learn more about our mobile food units and get a free quote now!

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