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The Expert Guide to Food Trailer Lighting Designs and Options

food trailer lighting ideas

When the dark comes, you know what time it is! Our study reveals that 75% of food trailer owners run their business after 7 p.m, mainly for more income. That makes food trailer lighting an indispensable part of the process of designing and building a standard food trailer for us, and YOU! Sufficient food trailer lighting units, if it is designed orderly and properly, not only help you to cook efficiently but draw attention to your food vending business. That is an impossible task for a few common light bulbs on the ceiling of your food trailer. That is why our food trailer lighting options are frequently asked by our clients in the process of design and customization. If you have no idea about how to use food trailer lighting to improve your business, keep reading. This blog shares you with 5 hot options and designs of food trailer lighting and guides you to choose the right one for your business.


5 Food Trailer Lighting Options for Utility and Beauty

Food trailer lighting is an important part of food trailer design, but our clients tend to ignore them. In their view, a LED bar, along with several big bulbs, is enough to light up a whole working area. It is useful, but won’t impact your business by gaining more profits or appealing to more eaters. If the prime time of your food trailer business is in the evenings, creative and unique lighting units will light up your business and draw the customers your way.

There are various options of lighting units for food trailers on the market, and most of them are food trailer LED lights in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Don't waste your time browsing hundreds of products to pick up an ideal one and thinking about whether it is suitable for your vehicle. We provide lighting designs and options for everything client who buys a food trailer from us. When we work with our clients in the customization of a food trailer, a menu of equipment kits will be sent to their email. Several hot food trailer lighting options are listed on it. Here they are.


Food Trailer LED Lights on Service Window

This is a fixed food trailer lighting unit, on the concession window. It is used to create a unique atmosphere over the service counter. When the window is on, LED lights shine with bright light, making your food trailer visible in the dark. There are 2 types:
  • White LED Lights: A simple and classic choice for decorative lighting. A while nebula cloud on your concession window creates a romantic environment for dining.
  • 7 Colors Fading LED Lights: Do you want to get the many likes on TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram? Decorate your food trailer with these lights now! LED lights have 7 colors changing and blending in a rhythmic cycle. Coupled with our music system, these lights help you warm up your customers.

mobile food trailer lighting idea


Food Trailer LED Strip Light

This kind of light, as a decorative unit, gives less illumination. But, you will have a lot of leeway in design due to its flexibility. It can be attached and wrapped around your food trailer in curves or straights as you wish, making your business visually striking. You can hang strips on the concession window, or decorate the service counter inside the trailer. These colorful lights draw people’s attention from miles away. Most importantly, the food trailer LED strip is great for setting the mood for dining and cheering, especially for the young.

Last month, we exported a small mobile bar whose frame is decorated with an LED strip. When it is dark, the mobile bar creates a relaxing and cool vibe for enjoying drinks with friends.

food trailer lighting bar for mobile bar

Food Trailer LED Lights for Menu

Thanks to the rarity of room in a food trailer, a menu usually is placed outside or stuck on the vehicle. Without sufficient lights, customers hardly can read it at night. That chills their desire for having a taste of your food. Hence, food trailer LED lights can be added around the menu to give sufficient illumination. Have a look at this premium mobile trailer kitchen we designed for a restaurant. Menu boards on both sides of the concession window are highlighted by the white LED light bars. A clear menu is able to tell the information a diner want and increase the possibility of ordering. You don't want to spend all your time introducing your dishes one by one to every client, right?  

food trailer menu light


Tracking Lights on the Ceiling

Clear illumination matters for anyone who works in a food trailer. It means that you won't hurt yourself when doing your tasks, such as cutting, cooking, and cleaning. Tracking lights are for inner illumination which gives more illumination than normal LED bars, free lighting units we install on every food trailer.

With high flexibility, these lights can be rotated vertically and horizontally, satisfying your requirements for highlighting a certain area. You can have one in a certain lighting angle to brighten your mini menu blackboard on the service table and provide natural and gentle light in your food trailer.


3D Logo Lighting Unit for Food Trailer

Don’t judge a light unit by its ability to illuminate. Sometimes, a small light unit that barely lights up much of the area can increase customer loyalty. The 3D logo lighting unit is perfect evidence.

A logo is the core of a food trailer business. It is a small symbol that interprets your businesses, services, and features. A strong and distinctive logo gives a deep impression to a customer. When he sees anything related to your business, your food trailer, with that conspicuous logo, will jump into his head immediately. Most people tend to print their logo on the body of the trailer because it is more recognizable. But, they lost their advantage soon when it gets dark. So, why not have a logo that lights up itself?

A 3D logo lighting unit, equipped with many LED lighting units, is produced in acrylic. When it is on, these unit lights up your logo in a certain color. Mostly, white LED lights commonly create the best lighting effect because of the strong contrast their has. When customizing a 3D loge lighting unit for your food trailer, there are tons of options in colors, fonts, styles, and sizes. After our design team finds the best solution for you, a qualified electrician will perform his duty and install the logo light box at the top of your food trailer, a visible position. Ideally, your customers can spot your logo instantly from 50 miles. Coming closer, they may be tempted by the smell from your trailer and ready to pay for your dishes!

lights of the food trailer


More Service Window

Typically speaking, it is not in the category of food trailer LED lights. But, it has something to do with the light in your food trailer. A bigger window allows more lights. Commonly, the service window should be more than 15% of the floor area of the trailer, or one has to depend on lighting units even if it is a sunny day outside. Our food trailer has one or more concession windows, taking up a large space on one of the side walls. When you open it, natural light comes into the trailer. Besides, we provide the service of opening more service windows. If the parking location has sufficient light, these windows spare the money for extra decorative and functional lighting units.

food trailer with 3 service windows

Food Trailer Tail Lights

These are functional LED lighting units that a food trailer must require. According to regulations and laws in most countries, a trailer must have tail lights, or its owner will be fined if it is on the road. Unlike the food trailer LED lighting unit we mentioned before, there are a few options for tail lights and you can not pick up one randomly. Each country has its regulations on trailer tail lights. If the tail lights on your food trailer fail to meet the local standards, you can not pass inspections or apply for licenses and permits for it. For example, food trailers in Europe should have a food trailer with E-mark.
Food Trailer Tail Lights” - This is a blog that tells about these important lighting units, from their functions to laws in different counties.

design of food trailer tail lights


Things You Should Consider to Choose Food Trailer Lighting Designs

These food trailer lighting designs and options are appealing. Now, a vivid image of an eye-catching food trailer may burst into your mind. As an expert in the customization and manufacture of food trailers, we are committed to substantiating each client's ideas and concept of a custom food trailer. Here are 3 suggestions for choosing a proper design for your mobile food trailer business.

Have a Plan First

These food trailer LED lights are awesome. But, you don't need all of them. The equipment kit of our food trailer includes basic lighting devices. These LED lights are auxiliary equipment for realizing some function and creating a certain style. It is not wise to add all of these to a food trailer, particularly a small one. You should have a plan of what kind of food trailer lighting unit you need and where it should be. If you have a problem with this process, please send us an inquiry. Our designers are willing to help you with that.

food trailer lighting units

Keep Everything Simple

A mix of colors draws attention but it doesn't mean a food trailer rounded with dazzling LED strips inside and outsides. One of our clients fixed colorful LED strips inside the trailer. These lights had a wonderful effect at night. But, they went into the trash eventually. The owner complained the glare and reflections of these lights made him dizzy. In shorts, the inner food trailer light should be light and gentle so that you can have a bright and comfortable mobile kitchen. Speaking of decorative lights for the exterior, it all depends on your likeness.

interior food trailer led lighting units


Make it Match with Your Business

What dining atmosphere do you want to create for your eaters? Yes, these food trailer LED lights form different vibes and environments. A burger trailer business needs a joyful vibe that colorful LED light strips can provide. If your want to build a modern and classical airstream food trailer for a professional catering business, white tracking lights and LED bars are what you need. They brighten your working area so that your cooking skills are visible to customers.

custom concession trailer lighting design


Where to Buy Food Trailer LED Lights?

The food trailer LED lights we mentioned can be bought online, from light manufacturers or dealers. But, it is more advisable to buy these units from us, a food truck trailer builder with a decade of experience. There are 4 reasons:


We have Qualified Electricians to Help with the Installation

Any electric units must be handled carefully. The installation of food trailer LED lights is no more than plugging in the unit. The wrong installation increases the occurrence of accidents. Our skillful workers are eligible to do the work professionally and give you suggestions as to light up your food trailer in a safe way. What’s important, the installation is totally free!


We Choose the Right Food Trailer Lighting Unit for You

There are many manufacturers online and they come from all over the world. An oversight leads to a food trailer lighting unit with the wrong plug, so you have to spend on an adaptor. That will not happen if you add our LED light options to your purchase list when we design and build your food trailer. Our food trailer LED lights have electrical plugs designed for users in the US. If you are from the EU, Austria, or other countries, we will source the right units that are compatible with the outlets in your trailers.


We Offer You the Best Price

We have a firm relationship with leading lighting unit manufacturers in China, so we can source cost-effective food trailer LED lights for our clients. These quality units, exported to the international markets, have a much more affordable price. Here is the price list of our food trailer lighting units:

Item Price
LED White color light on the service window $75/m
LED 7 colors light on the service window $120/m
LED light strip $10/m
Tracking lights on the ceiling track:$60
light: $20
More service window $100.00/m

food trailer led lights


LED Lights: the Best Choice for Food Trailer Lighting Design

When it comes to food trailer lighting, normal incandescent bulbs are able to provide you with a stable source of light. Why do we put much more emphasis on food trailer LED lights in this blog? Is it because there are tons of options with different shapes, colors, and styles? In fact, food trailer LED lights benefit you a lot in many ways.


Tiny Size

Space has great rarity value in your food trailer. Cooking appliances and kitchen equipment take up much room in your trailer, and any large lighting unit leads to a rambling layout of a food trailer. These food trailer LED lights are tiny in size, making them a breeze for the corner, wall, or ceiling setup. They provide you with sufficient light for utility and decoration and spare your need for rearranging your food trailer design and layout.


Low Consumption

Any power-drive device and unit brings a question to our clients - How much power does it use? Before buying electrical machines, one must figure out the total power of all equipment in his food trailer so that he can buy the right generator. Food trailer LED lights provide a standard voltage of 2-3V and an electrical current of 0.3A. 1 kilowatt is enough to power them for days. Food trailer LED lights are not a burden for the generator and your wallet.


Longer Service Life

A normal bulb needs to be replaced after 1,000 hours. However, LED lights have the ability to light up your food trailer for 50,000 hours. David, who brought an airstream food trailer from us in 2017, told us that the LED lighting units on his vehicle were efficiently functional. “...I have worked with this baby at night for 5 years. Its LED lights are still efficiently functional. They light up my working area and by mobile bar business!” 


Less Heat Dissipation

An incandescent lighting unit becomes hot after a long time of operation, which usually ends up with an explosion. However, food trailer LED lights give off less heat. They remain cool, even if they are on for several days in a row.


Sustainable Development

If you are a supporter of sustainable development, LED lights should be in the equipment kit of your food trailer. Their foregoing features are solid evidence that they usher us into a renovation of lighting technology. These lighting units are a kind of recyclable, non-toxic, and chemically stable materials - organic polymer compounds. They will not pollute the environment or risk human health.

If you are looking for an efficient lighting unit for your food trailer, these food trailer LED lights provided in the menu of our equipment kit should be your top choice. Send us an inquiry for the free price list. Go to explore the multitude of possibilities of food trailer lighting designs and options as long as they are within your budget. If there are other ideas about food trailer lighting, our staff will contact you soon to discuss how to substantiate them and build a food trailer for your business!  

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