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Are Food Trailers Profitable?


Are food trailers profitable? The answer is yes, of course! That is why they can be seen everywhere, particularly near parks, sports venues and carnivals. In fact, the food trailer is one of the new businesses with great potential. It gives those who live for freedom an opportunity to have a peripatetic life and a source of income. It is a wonderful thing to travel across the country while running your own business, isn’t it? But, every business comes with risks. Is a food concession trailer a profitable business that is worth your venture? Today, let’s find out!


Are Food Trailers Profitable? 

Of course, if you know how to operate the food trailer business properly and orderly. During the first months, everything is hard due to your experience. However, the profits the food trailer brings to you will double, or even triple, when you figure out what you should do to maximize it. But, how much exactly do food concession trailers make a year and how to make sure your business is profitable? let’s talk about the details of this subject.


How Much Do Food Concession Trailers Make a Year?

According to statistics this year, the average food trailer profits in the America is about $20,000-$40,000 a month. Usually, the number is higher in hotbed cities, such as New York, Los Angles and San Antonio. That is a huge amount of number! The survey we made last year indicated that 60% of our clients have an annual income of about $100,000 after running their food trailer business for over 3 years. Of those who just started their businesses, the number is in the range of $50,000 to $90,000. Honestly, the food concession trailer business is about time. It will be a lucrative business for you as long as you operate it with patience and preparation.


How Can I Make Profit with a Food Concession Trailer?

As we mentioned, preparation is required in the progress of making money with a food trailer. Then, what preparation should you do to keep your food trailer business lucrative? Your first year is important.

1. Make a Plan For Your First Year
For beginners, success is dependent on the first year. The food concession trailer is not cheap, and there are lots of bills you must pay. If there is something wrong, you may end up with nothing. Hence, you need to make a plan covering everything in your business before you start. Here is the average cost of the food trailer business.
  • Food Trailer Price: $3,000-$7,000
  • Kitchen Equipment: Over $500 (You don’t need to spend on this if you buy a fully equipped food trailer.)
  • Parking: about $1,000/month, or higher in busy areas.
  • Permits: $400 (including health permits, business licenses, vehicle licenses and food handler’s permits )
  • Insurance: $500/month
  • Food costs: 40% of your sale or lower

The items above are a part of operating costs. You need some money as the backup to deal with the emergence, such as daily loss of food. Also, potential costs exist. For example, your food trailer needs to be checked and maintained regularly, and that requires money. To avoid over-spending in the first year of your business, a proper financial plan is what you need before you take any action.

Food Concession Trailers for Sale

2. Improve the Profits of Your Food Truck TrailerIs
Is everything ready? It is time to open the window and welcome your guests! Then, is there any secrets of maximizing the profits? There are some concrete steps.
  • Find the time to profitability.
  • Lower unnecessary food costs
  • Emphasize highly profitable items to customers
  • Get a parking permit during festivals, carnivals and events
  • Introduce your brand via social media

3 Most Profitable Food Concession Trailers for Sale

If you are still here, there is a bonus for you. Not every food truck trailer is profitable for beginners. Therefore, buying a profitable food concession trailer makes it much easier for you to start your first mobile business. So, what kind of food truck trailer brings more money to you?


Coffee Shop Trailer for sale

Is it a trouble for you to cook? How about making a cup of coffee? Without various ingredients, a small coffee shop trailer is much cheaper than other food truck trailers. Our coffee shop trailer has a full water system and tubing system. Hot water and cold water are available, and exhaust water will be discharged to the outside.


Hot Dog Concession Trailers for Sale

What is the most popular and affordable food? Hot dogs, of course! It takes about a minute or less to make a delicious hot dog, provided that prepared ingredients are kept in the heater cabinet. This type of fast food often is the top choice of eaters. Accordingly, more money will the trailer bring to you. Check out the page to learn how to start your hot dog concession trailer business.


Ice Cream Trailer for Sale

Ice cream trailer are the hottest seasonal business. During hot summer, the region of ice cream starts! Fast food, like sandwiches, burgers and tacos, is salable during meal times, while ice cream persuades people to buy at any time. An ice cream trailer will bring you streams of eaters every day. Buy it, and enjoy the busyness and happiness of making money. Here is a turnkey solution for ice cream trailer business.

Profitable Food Concession Trailers for Sale


No Money For Food Trailer Business, What Should You Do?

Business is a process of using your investment and ability to make more money. If you lack enough start-up costs at first, it will be longer for you to make a profit. So, what do you do to cope with the deficit of investment?
  • Find a partner: Ask if there is any of your friends or family interested in your business idea, and convince him/her by your detailed plan.
  • Cooperate with restaurants: A food concession trailer is a unique way to expand catering business and marketing brands for most restaurants. Hence, some owners are looking for a quality man to help them with it. You can negotiate a contract with them. It is devoid of freedom and autonomy. But, you can gain experience while you save money for your own food truck trailer business, and that is most valuable.
  • Apply for a business loan: It is not the best way to raise money for your business. But, it is an available solution for most people. Some banks tend to lower their rates for small entrepreneurs.  

Are food trailers profitable? I bet you already have your own choice. It always takes time and patience for your food concession trailer business to thrive. If you are determined to start your business, we can help! As a leading food truck trailer builder, we provide various types of quality mobile food trailers for sale. Send us an inquiry to get a discount for your food concession trailer!
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