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Mobile Catering Truck Trailer Maintenance Tips

food trailer maintenance

As the number of mobile catering truck trailers rises, the market for mobile catering business becomes increasingly fierce. Yes. Food trailers are a new trend that caters to modern people’s concept of dining and enjoying. You may be one of those who are trying everything to boost their business in case they will be eliminated in this competition. So, what should you do?

Most mobile catering truck owners keep an eye on the food quality, good services and location. They are important factors in operating a mobile restaurant trailer, indeed. But, there is another one you miss - mobile restaurant trailer maintenance.

Just like other vehicles and machines, a mobile catering truck trailer requires regular maintenance to avoid potential risks of breakdown and damage. What’s more, a mobile food truck trailer in good condition will save you a lot.


4 Mobile Catering Truck Trailer Maintenance Tips

It is not a wise choice to ignore the mobile catering truck trailer maintenance, even though some trailer owners think their ignore lowers the normal costs. But, luck is elusive. Once your mobile catering trailer has something wrong, thousands of bills must be paid to overhaul it. So, how to maintain your mobile restaurant trailers to avoid high maintenance payments when facing an emergence? Here are the top four tips for beginners.


1. Change tires at least once a year

The tire is one of the parts that wears easily. The miles rack up when you operate a catering business with your mobile restaurant kitchen. Accordingly, tires wear down quickly. It is not good if your food concession trailer breaks down on the road because of its blown tires. So, check the treads on the tires frequently. There are some ways to prolong the service life of the food trailer tires.
  • Don’t drive too fast: high friction makes food truck tires wear down quickly when you drive too fast on sand, mud, or snow.
  • Don’t overload: Overloaded food truck trailers put pressure on tires and other key parts that can not withstand, leading to a flat tire.
  • Don’t install tires by yourself: If you don’t know how to change tires, don’t sting on the money spent on asking for help from professionals. Improper installation increases the chance of tire problems.

food trailer tires


2. Do what the maintenance instructions ask

After the delivery, a food truck trailer manual will be sent to your email. It gives you detailed information about how to maintain your food truck trailer. For example, lubricate the axle once a week. Proper maintenance will prolong the service life of your food trailer. If there is something vague for you, our technical squad will answer your questions about mobile restaurant trailer maintenance.


3. Check your kitchen equipment

Your food truck trailer is just a carrier for bringing your business everywhere. Keeping it in good condition is just one of the ways to make sure you can expand your business. But, if you want to keep operating business smoothly, you need to examine your mobile kitchen before you hit the road. Here are some machines and equipment you should check regularly.
  • 3 compartment water sink
  • Exhaust hood
  • Electrical water pump
  • Freezer or refrigerator
  • Burners
  • Gas fryers
  • Other machines for your business, such as ice cream machines, coffee machines and sandwich-making machines

mobile food trailer equipment


4. Examine the electric system

To ensure the operation of your mobile kitchen, it is necessary to check the electric system. Our electrical panels and external sockets have a cover to protect them. Remember to close it after you remove the plug. The adapter cord and wires last several years. But it is recommended to change them once a year to prevent the occurrence of electrical malfunctions.


Maintain Your Mobile Catering Truck Trailer in the Right Way

Your business depends on the operation of your mobile catering truck trailer mostly. If you take care of it in the right way, it will be a factor to boost your mobile catering business. There are lots of skills and tips for food truck trailer maintenance, and they vary according to the types or models of the food trailer. If you are looking for an ice cream trailer for sale or a BBQ food trailer for sale, just send an inquiry to us. A detailed catering truck trailer manual, videos and pictures illustrating the steps of trailer maintenance will be given to you for free today!

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