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What Is a Good Food Trailer Website?

Since your food trailer is constantly moving, you need a more flexible and effective marketing strategy. A good website can keep your food trailer in front of customers at all times. Through the website, your loyal fans can learn about your location, menu, hours of operation, and even buy coffee and sandwiches online.

good food trailer and food truck website


Why should you build a good website for your food trailer business?

A website is an important platform for your food trailers and trucks to all customers. Any trailer or truck that wants to be an influential brand should have an attractive website. It enables your customers to interact with your trailer anytime, anywhere. More importantly, customers can find you anytime.

A food trailer website does not require a lot of time and effort to set up and maintain. All you need to do is upload beautiful physical pictures and spend ten minutes a day updating your information.

Your food trailer website can easily boost your brand power and bring you tons of sales. It's very worth it.


11 Factors a Good Food Trailer and Truck Site Should Consider

If you want your website to bring you as many sales as other successful food trailer websites, then your website should consider the following 11 factors.

Network Architecture Optimization

  • Use a dedicated server to store your website data.
  • Optimize your website performance with caching.
  • Clear site structure and navigation.

Mobile optimization

Mobile devices account for an increasing proportion of web traffic. The majority of users who search for nearby mobile trailers online are on mobile devices. So the optimization of your website for mobile is especially important. If customers have a hard time opening your website on their mobile phones, you're going to lose a lot of business.

In addition, the mobile-friendly score is an important factor affecting website ranking. Your website should be easy to open on mobile and easy for visitors to read. Images should load quickly on mobile devices.

Responsive web design should be used for your website according to 2021 web design practices. This way, your website will be able to open perfectly on any device and screen size.


Show your food menu

When designing your website, your menu should appear at the top of the homepage. Any customer who opens your website will notice it at first sight. Yes, customers need to know what's on your menu, that's the most important thing.

Your menu should contain pictures and text to show customers information such as side dishes and condiments for easy selection.

If your menu is updated regularly, then you should also display the next menu, or place a "tomorrow menu" button.


Order online

Adding online ordering functionality to your website is very important to your food trailer and it can directly boost your business. With the online ordering feature, customers can easily place an order on a mobile device and mark the pickup time. This will save a lot of queuing time and improve customer experience.

This feature is especially important for food trailers operating in commercial office areas. Because many office workers often don't have enough time for lunch, ordering online and pre-ordering a pickup time is very convenient.

The button for the online ordering function is best placed prominently next to the menu.



Great reviews that cover the entire page lead to a quick purchase decision. Many people are used to checking reviews before buying, which is why your food trailer website needs the ability to add reviews.

Many visitors don't immediately place an order after seeing a favorite food on your website. They tend to start by looking for reviews of food from people who have purchased in your food trailer. A website without reviews makes customers hesitant.

Customer reviews can also help you understand what your fans are saying and make improvements to your food trailer. You should encourage your customers to comment on your food trailer, this will help you understand your menu, trailer, and also help new customers learn about your food.


Routes and Hours of Operation

Your food trailer movement route and hours of operation should be clearly displayed on your website. This allows visitors to go to your business location with confidence knowing that you are there.

Route and opening hours information helps your fans find you anytime, anywhere without missing you on the side of the road. Remember, losing you again and again will discourage fans, and next time they will choose another food trailer.


Social media

Social media is an essential marketing tool for almost any food trailer or truck. Almost everyone uses social media. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are very important for your food trailer business, they help you attract more customers and keep you engaged with your fans.

You should add your social media to your website and promote your website on social media. Keep your website and social media up to date. Customers can find out about your recent activities through your website, as well as your latest menu, location and hours of operation through Twitter or Facebook.


Blog page

Any content that is not suitable for posting on other pages can be posted on the blog. Here you can share any information that will benefit your business. You can promote your fresh ingredients, green concept. You can also share the process and experience of developing new recipes with your fans.

The blog page is a more informative place where fans will be able to stay for more time.


Google Map

Adding Google Maps to the bottom of your website can make it easier for customers to find your location. Not every customer is familiar with the surrounding neighborhood, and just showing you your address on a website might keep some customers from finding you.

There are plugins you can use on your website that allow you to easily update your daily location. Customers can easily see your location whenever they visit your website, and even if they don't know the names of nearby streets, they can easily find you.


Nice URL

A good URL should contain the following characteristics.
  • Short. The shorter the better, URLs that are too long are hard to remember and give up when typing them.
  • Simple and easy to remember. Your website URL name can choose easy-to-remember characters such as your brand name, city name, etc. They should be highly recognizable.
  • .com URL. .com addresses, which are top-level domains, are the most popular and the easiest to get traffic.

Website design style

The design style of the website is very important to the visitor's experience. One-of-a-kind styles and soothing shades enhance customer experience and impress visitors.
  • Layout. The website should be well laid out, and the information that customers are most concerned about should be placed in important places.
  • Color. The overall color of the website should make customers feel happy, and it should also match your branding design.
  • Font. The font size and style should be easy to read. Content can be easily browsed on both mobile devices and PCs.


The above 11 factors are the main indicators that affect website experience. You should seriously consider them before you start building your food trailer website. A good website should contain all the elements mentioned above.

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