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5 Things You Should Avoid When Operating BBQ Concession Trailers


What is the purpose of operating BBQ concession trailers? Make money from the success of your mobile catering business! But, success comes with thoughtful preparation. If you fail to make the right plan for your business, your end is a great loss of money and time, along with your catering dream. So, what should you do to get the best chance for success and how to run BBQ concession trailers properly? Here are 5 things you should not do when operating your mobile BBQ trailers!


1. Not Having An Efficient Exhaust Hood

The smell of roast is a perfect lure for eaters. But, BBQ concession trailers require an efficient exhaust hood to remove the greasy fumes in your trailer. Image this, a BBQ trailer is parked near the street, as a cloud of fumes comes off its concession windows. Will you approach it to get your meal? Besides, the devoid of an efficient hood may put your health at risk. It is an intolerable thing to work in a stuffy room with grease and choking smoke.
Our BBQ concession trailers are equipped with a stainless steel exhaust hood and BBQ pit. All greasy fumes are discharged to the outdoor while meat and vegetables are sizzling on the BBQ pit. A clean and pleasant working environment is ensured.

BBQ food trailer equipment

2. The Negligence of Food Safety

What is the most important thing in the catering industry? Food safety! Yes. the occurrence of food poisoning can put an end to your mobile catering business. Therefore, the freshness of your food is of great importance. As we know, a mobile BBQ trailer can not provide enough room for preparing and storing food, given its compact design. So, many people tend to prepare food and ingredients at home in advance. If you are one of them, you need to focus on how to make your food stay fresh. Usually, good refrigeration and hot holding are crucial keys.
We outfit our BBQ trailer with horizontal freezers and refrigerators that will refrigerate your food at the ideal temperature. If you prefer a vertical one, we can customize one for you. Also, there are hot holding units in our mobile barbecue trailers. They can help you heat up your food quickly when a customer orders. That will save you a lot of time absolutely.

3. A Bad Layout

You will operate your BBQ trailer business smoothly and efficiently when everything is organized carefully and properly. In other words, an ideal food trailer design is a safeguard of a good workflow. Hence, don’t forget to ask for design drawings of mobile barbecue trailers before you pay the deposit!
As a leading food trailer builder, we have a team of excellent designers and technicians who specialize in BBQ food trailer construction and layout. According to your requirements, we will provide you with an optimal design and 3D model of your custom food trailers for free. Everything is arranged and placed orderly before the delivery. So, you will get more customers by preparing their dishes fast.

BBQ food trailer design

4. Plain Decoration

It is nothing wrong with keeping everything simple and clear. But, proper accessories will attract more eaters for you! There are some options for inspiration.
  • Logo Sticker: The body of your trailer is a free platform to advertise for yourself. You can send your logo to our designer, and we will put it on your trailer!
  • 3D LED Sign: How to make your eater remember your BBQ concession trailers? Install a 3D LED sign on the top of your trailer! Once you come up with a great name for your business, we will customize it for you.
  • LED Strips: How to catch the eye of your customers? Decorate BBQ concession trailers with LED strips to add elegance in the evening. You have various choices for installing the strips, on the top of the concession windows or at the bottom of the trailers.
  • QR Code Sticker: How to gain regular customers? In addition to good meals, offering valid contact information is a good way. Just send your Ins and Facebook, and we can put them on BBQ concession trailers so that your customers can follow you.

5. Poor Preparation

How can you cook with our electricity and propane gas? So, the generators and propane tanks are necessities for mobile barbecue trailers.
  • Our BBQ concession trailers have a full electrical system, including an electric panel, inlet and outlet sockets with covers for the generator power and adapter cords. Once connected to the generator, the electrical appliances in the trailer are available.
  • There is a base and a cover for propane tanks. It is made from strong stainless steel that can resist crashes or hits. When the tank is placed in the right place, you can connect it with a gas connector hose and then, use the burners to prepare good meals!

In order to drive yourself towards the success of the mobile catering business, these 5 things need to be kept in your mind when buying BBQ concession trailers. If you are looking for a reliable food trailer builder, we can send an inquiry to us now. We will provide you with the best mobile barbecue trailers for sale!

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