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The Solution for Building Your Mobile Container Cafe Within Your Budget

mobile container cafe for sale

A mobile container cafe is the best solution for those who are looking for a way to start their coffee business with minimum investment. This pop-up container bar now is a new trend across cities because of its compact design, low cost, and unique look. Many restaurants and coffeehouses have built it as a way to expand their business. Just take look a at Starbucks. But, a mobile container cafe is no more than a trend for the mobile food business. It is a savvy choice for starting your own business for operating your pop-up container bar. If you want something new for your mobile coffee project or need a container bar for your coffee business, this solution is for you. In this blog, we will explore the whole process of building a mobile container cafe, including design, layout, and cost.


What is a Mobile Container Cafe?

Where to get a cup of coffee? Years ago, people needed to walk into a coffee shop. Now, they can get a taste of their favorite coffee on the streets, near a mobile container cafe!

Mobile container cafes are a kind of pop-up bar converted from shipping containers. You can tell it from their corrugated wall panels. It is one of the hot ideas for the mobile catering business, along with food trucks and coffee trailer shops. With commercial kitchen equipment and appliances, container cafes are like other common restaurants or coffeehouses. Usually, a standard mobile container cafe is wired and plumbed during the process of production or conversion if you find a reliable shipping container bar manufacturer, so you can use water and kitchen appliances in it handily. Though many people set up shipping container cafes as permanent structures, these pop-up bars can be towed or shipped to other locations because of their modular design and lightweight. Sometimes, a mobile concession stand gives you more opportunities than a fixed one, right?

mobile container cafe as pop up bar


Building a Mobile Container Cafe for Rapid ROI

Is its popularity the only reason why you should set up a mobile container cafe? How can a container coffee bar truly benefit you? Does it have some advantages that a coffeehouse lacks?
In fact, the popularity of a mobile container coffee bar contributes to its impressive advantages that a common bricks and mortar cafe doesn’t have. Before you make up your mind to spend hundreds of thousands on buying an existing coffee shop or franchise, read these benefits of building a shipping container bar for your coffee business:
  • Investing in a shipping container bar or restaurant is more cost-effective than building or renting a traditional coffee shop due to its affordable price. That is important for start-up businesses that have capital limitations.
  • As a converted shipping container, the mobile container bar is easy to transport or move. It can be adapted to any place and setting and can be used as a mobile or fixed food concession stand.
  • It just takes a few days to set up a shipping container coffee bar. Before the shipment and delivery, the container coffee bar is converted and tailored to meet your needs. Instead of setting it up on-site, you can start your coffee business right away after you transport the container bar to a certain location. That means a quick economic return for you.
  • The shipping container cafe allows for customization. You are free to choose its size, color, model, and design. Just be creative when you design your deluxe container coffee bar with two floors! We can offer tons of additional extras and decorative items for you!

These are just not half of the benefits a shipping container bar can provide to you. For more convincing reasons for buying a shipping container restaurant or bar, please check out this blog.


How to Have a Functional Container Cafe Design to Your Needs?

Before buying a container cafe, its design is one of the factors you should consider seriously. The design is not just about its fancy look. Its interior design and layout are important as well. You know, shipping containers are widely applied in shipment and logistics, so their sizes are relatively small. That emphasizes a proper container cafe design that has maximum efficiency in using space. Here are some steps to help you find the ideal shipping container cafe design and layout to meet your requirements.

What is the Size of the Container Coffee Bar You Need?

We provide brand new container cafe bars in sizes from 9.1ft to 18.7ft. Should you buy the largest one? Wait! Size doesn’t not matter all the time. Besides, a large container size comes with a higher price. Therefore, you need to decide the type of your coffee business first before deciding the size of your bar. How many types of coffee are you going to sell? Do you need a place for other kitchen appliances, such as waffle makers, gas fryers, and soft-serve ice cream machines? How large a refrigerated room do you need?

9.1ft mobile container bars are a good choice for those who focus on the coffee business only. It is equipped with a commercial stainless steel workbench with cabinets, a 170L under-bench fridge, 2 compartment water sinks. You can have plenty of room for your coffee machines, coffee beans, milk, and disposable food containers for the takeaway service. If your business requires more cooking appliances, choose a larger one. Here are the dimensions of our container cafes:
GL-CB280  280*210*215
GL-CB300 300*210*215
GL-CB350 350*210*215
GL-CB400 400*210*215
GL-CB450  450*210*215
GL-CB500 500*210*215
GL-CB550 550*210*215
GL-CB570 570*210*215

If you have difficulty choosing the right size for your shipping container cafe, contact us for professional advice!

fully equipped container coffee bar for sale


What Kitchen Appliances & Cooking Equipment Does Your Business Need?

At ETO DEVICE, we are willing to take on the challenging task of building custom shipping container cafes according to the client’s special requirements. Our partners, leading kitchen equipment manufacturers, supply us with high-quality cooking equipment and appliances that are designed for food truck trailers, mobile food carts, and container bars. Hence, a variety of kitchen equipment packages are available when you build your own mobile container bar.

Considering the space a shipping container cafe gives, the choice of kitchen appliances has something to do with a container cafe design and layout. Don’t worry. We have the best designers who specialize in shipping container design and layout. They will find an optimized design that ensures efficient usage of space for working, refrigerating, storing, and serving.

mobile container bar with cooking equipment


What are the Regulations and Codes in Your City?

Like other coffee shops, mobile container cafes have specific regulations on electrical systems and water supply. For example, a 3 compartment water sink with splash guards, clean water tanks, and grey water tanks are indispensable parts for a mobile container restaurant or bar in any state of the USA. Check out this blog for more about the water system

mobile container cafe with water system


How Much Does a Mobile Container Cafe Cost?

Everyone wants a return after investing. Therefore, container cafe cost is a topic that our clients care about the most. Our mobile container cafe starts from $4,250. However, a certain price can not be given before we build a solution for you, because the cost depends on the size, kitchen equipment packages, and customizations you choose. The quota varies greatly from project to project. But, the best prices are always promised for each client. Check out the following quotations of two mobile container cafe projects for reference:

Project 13.1ft Deluxe Container Cafe in the USA
GL-CB400 $6,200
Wall shelf with sliding door $95/m
Hinged door under working bench $55/m
Sliding drawer trash bin $120.00
Fire extinguishing device $1,200.00
Wall-mounted AC unit $500.00
NSF-approved 3 compartment sink with a hand sink $600
280L Bench fridge $660.00
Concession windows with sliding screens $400
Cash box $40
113L fresh water tank
130L waste water tank
Gas crepe machine with 2 grill pans $280
Electric sandwich maker $455
Electric toaster $175.00
25L microwave oven $180.00
6L expresso coffee machine $1,870.00

deluxe shipping container cafe design and layout

Project 9.8ft Small Pop-up Container Cafe in Sweden
GL-CB300 $4,600
Sliding doors under the working bench $98.00/m
Wall shelf  $30.00/m
Hot water system $60.00
Cash drawer $40.00
Gas Griddle $330.00
170L bench fridge $575.00
Electric oven $190.00
Coffee bean grinder $250.00
Expresso coffee machine $1,870.00

small pop-up container bar design


Work with a Reliable Shipping Container Bar Manufacture to Build Your Mobile Container Cafe

ETO DEVICE is an expert in the production and conversion of shipping container restaurants and bars. We have a professional team that gives your a turnkey solution, from finding the mobile container cafe design to your needs to customizing a functional kitchen for your coffee business.

Now, there is a new batch of container bars in stock. They can be quickly converted and delivered to your home. Contact our sales representatives and discuss a solution for building a quality mobile container cafe within your budget!
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