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Mobile Food Truck Trailer to Maximize Sales During Halloween


You know what is coming! The spookiest holiday of this year is back in the following weeks. What are you going to do? Embark on an adventure in haunted houses? Or having a theme party with friends? Yes, this is an exciting season that people are given a chance to have a longer time for leisure and recreation in this era with many Covid-19 restrictions. But, it is not all about fun. Halloween is a perfect time for maximizing sales for mobile food truck trailer owners! During that time, ghosts and monsters loiter on the street for special dishes at night, and the increasing number of Halloween-themed parties calls for a large demand for the mobile catering business. Those Halloween food trailer owners know exactly how this season is profitable. Last year, our client, Ann, opened her food truck trailer on Halloween, and her small BBQ trailer brought her hefty profits of over 800 dollars that night.

It is inevitable that the mobile food truck trailer is a lucrative Halloween business idea during the half of the month. If you are a seeker for a food trailer for Halloween, please keep reading instead of clicking off this page casually. This blog aims to share with you 5 Halloween food trailers for sale, mobile food truck trailer design ideas for Halloween-themed parties, and Halloween marketing tips to maximize sales for your business.


5 Trending Halloween Food Trailers With More Economic Potential

Like other seasonal holidays, Halloween brings an interesting time for savoring every bite of special dishes and drinks. Here are 5 hot Halloween food trailers for sale, and their sales on Halloween night are brisk as always.


Bakery Food Trailer For Spooky Sweet

What food do people generally serve on Halloween? Desserts associated with pumpkin and spooky things! Nothing is more nostalgic than a piece of pumpkin pie, right? This 11.5x6.5 bakery food trailer is outfitted with commercial-grade kitchen appliances that your bakery business requires, including a  cream mixer, electric oven, electric fryer, and waffle maker, which allows you to make fresh cookies, cakes, and pies on the street. Besides, a 180L cake display on the service table keeps your dessert in an ideal condition and tempts more eaters with the spooky and creative looks of your sweets.

custom bakery food for sale near me


Hot Dog Concession Trailers for Halloween

Hot dogs are hot food all year round, including Halloween. Hot Dog Mummies, a spooky vision of pigs in a blanket, are a trending snack on Halloween. In fact, it is a hot dog rolled in thin strips of dough and decorated with ketchup as eyes. Kids especially look forward to it due to its cute but spooky looks. At ETO DEVICE, we offer hot dog concession trailers for sale built in compliance with local codes and regulations in many countries and cities. With certified electrical wiring and gas lining, these hot dog concession trailers ensure the safe operation of gas-driven or electric kitchen appliances.

brand new hot dog concession trailer for sale


Mobile Pizza Trailer for Sale

Halloween is not all about confections. In fact, it is one of the busiest days for pizza sales. On Halloween, eaters prefer easy, warm, and tasty food to satiate themselves. A mobile pizza trailer is capable of serving pizza and fast food on the street, so you are closer to your customers! That means easy access to delicious food for eaters.

A myriad of mobile pizza trailers for sale is available in tons of sizes and models. At ETO DEVICE, we specialize in building and designing pizza trailers for our clients. Mobile pizza trailer designs and layouts can be tailored according to your requirements. Most importantly, we offer many commercial kitchen appliances as food trailer options, such as pizza fridges, electric pizza ovens, and gas fryers. All equipment that your mobile pizza trailer business requires can be fixed on your food concession trailer!

mobile pizza trailers for sale near me


Mobile Trailer Bar Warms People Up

A mobile trailer bar is a legal business that sells drinks on the streets or in other places. You can park it anywhere and start your business. We provide a wide option of ready-made mobile trailer bars, but we also sell custom trailer bars. These mobile units are equipped with equipment and appliances that a bar business requires, including ice makers, drink coolers, and beer tower dispensers. Besides, we have designers for the exterior design. They will customize one with a stunning design and look that adds a touch of high-class vibe for eating and drinking.

fully equipped mobile trailer bar for sale near me


Mobile Catering Trailer for Private Halloween-themed Parties

Halloween is a hot season for every food catering company. A large commercial mobile catering trailer saves you a lot of time and energy in transferring prepared dishes to parties. Our mobile catering trailer is outfitted with commercial kitchen equipment, providing you with sufficient room for cooking, refrigerating, and storing. Catering a private party in other counties or states is no longer a pressure for you if you have a fully equipped mobile catering trailer. A 19'x6' catering trailer is capable of serving at least a hundred eaters at a party, just like a restaurant does!

The concession trailer functions as a mobile kitchen, which lets your customers customize their own menus. Sushi, taco, ice cream, or pasta. With a mobile catering trailer, you have endless options for serving your clients, so your business will be the choice for most of them!

mobile catering trailer for halloween parties


4 Mobile Food Truck Trailer Design Ideas for Halloween Nights

Is your mobile food truck trailer ready for Halloween nights? An unadorned trailer is not a good choice to maximize sales as much as possible. So, it is necessary to dress your mobile unit up a litter to make it spooky. A Halloween-themed food truck trailer can get your brand out that night and get your eaters in the vibe for the holiday. Here are some tips for mobile food truck trailer design ideas that make your vehicle and business visually striking and impressive.


Choose the Right Color for Building a Halloween Food Trailer

Black or white is a classic option for Halloween-themed mobile food truck trailers. At ETO DEVICE, a food trailer color is an available option for you. Any desirable RAL color can be printed on your trailer.

black white food concession trailers for sale


Light Up Your Mobile Food Truck Trailer

A lighting unit makes your business visible at night! An assorted of food trailer lighting units are provided as good options when we design and build your vehicle. Colorful LED lights on concession windows are recommended because of the wonderful effect they make. Check this blog for food trailer designs and options - https://www.etofoodcarts.com/food-trailer-lighting.html

food trailer with lighting


Play Some Spooky Music for Your Halloween Food Trailer

Halloween music is a part of decorating design for your mobile truck trailer. It is able to create a creepy vibe for eaters, which helps get people into the holiday mood and fire them up. A music system is an available food trailer option for your custom food truck trailer. It has an amplifier and two speakers that ensure a powerful and clear sound. Spooky Halloween music coming out of the music system can add to the holiday ambiance.


More Halloween Elements

The concession window is the place for adding Halloween decorations that most owners overlook. Our food trailer has a large concession window, along with a drop-down folding concession shelf and a retractable awning. Draping spooky cobwebs on the concession window awning, jack-o-lanterns on the service table, or a fog generated by a piece of small dry ice. These are wonderful ideas that make your mobile unit match the seasons.  

halloween elements


Halloween Marketing Tips to Maximize Sales for Your Mobile Food Trailer

Apart from an impressive Halloween food trailer, some holiday marketing tips give you an opportunity to maximize sales! It not only gets more attention from customers at the advent of the Halloween spree but surprises eaters with your special services. Here are some creative Halloween-themed marketing plans for your street food catering business that will economically benefit you.


Have a Halloween-themed Menu

Make everything about Halloween, including your food! It s a good choice for serving pumpkin spice coffee or cupcakes if you run a mobile coffee shop. Indeed, pumpkin-flavored food is a hot option during the season so make sure it is on your menu. Of course, it doesn’t mean that hours are spent on making novel food or changing your recipes. Re-naming your menu items for Halloween is a simple way. For example, call a meat pie a dead man meatloaf.


Stock up on Free Candies for Kids

Trick or Treat! This spooky season is not for adults only. Kids love to wander off the streets and ask for candy door to door. A transparent bowl filled with candies on your service shelf will catch their attention when kids pass by your mobile food trailer. If you take the initiative and let them grab a handful of candies, there will be a great chance that their parents pay for your food. Of course, Halloween is a good chance to give something back to your community. A piece of fresh pizza or a beautiful cupcake given out for free will win over more eaters in town.


Offer a Discount for Social Media Posts

Social media is a powerful marketing tool nowadays. You can offer a discount for those who share your food and decorated mobile truck trailer on Ins, Tiktok, and Facebook. The post with a certain amount of “likes” wins a gift. Do not forget relevant hashtags, such as #thebesthalloweenfood trailer, #trickortreat, and #halloweenfood.


Share Your Schedule

There are many Halloween attractions, and each of them is a place with a huge amount of potential customers. A properly planned route allows you to run your business from one place to another in a single day and lead your eaters to different attractions. Remember to share your schedule on social media so that your fans can know where you are. But, please look up the information for each place. Some public areas have some restrictions on the food trailer business. So make sure an untroubled journey for your Halloween food trailer business!

No matter whether you are a starter or a food trailer owner, Halloween is a lucrative day for you! At ETO DEVICE, you have tons of mobile food truck trailers for sale in different sizes and models. Our expert will find the right one within your budget. If you prefer customization, our design team can help you design and build a quality mobile unit according to your Halloween food trailer idea or concept. Send us an inquiry and let’s talk about the additional extras for your mobile food truck trailer.
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