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Alex's Patisserie Bakery Trailer

This 11.5×6.5 mobile bakery concession trailer belongs to Alexander of the Netherlands. According to the customer's request, we designed the LOGO, body color and pattern for him. This mobile bakery trailer for sale is equipped with ice cream machine, waffle machine, freezer, fryer, electric stove, electric oven, etc. It is mainly used to sell baked goods and ice cream.

Custom mobile bakery trailer

This concession bakery trailer features a right-side window design. The rear workbench is fitted with two water sinks, a fryer, a electric stove. And an electric oven and mixer are placed on the workbench. The front workbench is equipped with a horizontal refrigerator, a table top cake cabinet and an ice frying machine. And a waffle stove is placed on the workbench.

Alex's Patisserie Bakery Trailer  Alex's Patisserie Bakery Trailer
Alex's Patisserie Bakery Trailer  Cake and bakery food

Baking Trailer Design Drawing

bakery trailer  design

Bakery kitchen equipment

  • 7L cream mixer (Flower capacity: 0.5kg,Cake flour: 1.2kg).
  • 1.5kW waffle machine (stainless steel material, with temperature control).
  • Countertop gelato ice cream machine (4.7L hopper, 10L/H capacity).
  • 2.2kW electric stove (with 2 stoves)
  • 250L bench freezer (Temperature: 0-10℃ and -18℃).
  • 2×12L electric fryer (4.5kW+4.5kW)
  • 2.2kW electric oven
  • Air cooling cake display (2℃-8℃)
  • 900W ice cream roll machine
  • Stainless steel range hood
  • Custom generator box

About Alex's Patisserie

Alexander and his wife own a bakery shop, had the plan for mobile bakery trailer in 2021. They selected us finally to build a custom trailer for them. Alex's Patisserie is their logo, mainly parking in the Zutphen market for their business, and make the product such as the Poffertjes, Viennese Sacher cake, apple strudel, waffles, kaiserschmarrn, lollipops etc. 

They have an big success with the bakery food trailer because in the first day brought them over 850 euros, even in a unfamiliar place! It has been not a small part of the investment on the whole trailer. 
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