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Fully Equipped Food Trailer from China

Fully Equipped Food Trailer

Purchasing a fully equipped custom food trailer is a mobile food business entrepreneur's dream. Food trailer manufacturers from China have built countless high-quality mobile kitchens all over the world. Due to the advantages of China's industrial clusters, you can buy high-quality custom food trailers from China at the best factory prices.

A fully loaded food trailer is the foundation for your business to start, and it will come with a fryer, griddle, range hood, oven, grill, range hood, commercial refrigerator, juice maker, ice cream machine, and more. From the very beginning, professional food trailer design engineers will arrange all the equipment you need in your mobile kitchen.

Benefits of buying fully equipped food trailer in China

  • Price advantage. The biggest benefit of buying a food trailer from China is the cost-effectiveness. You can buy a high-quality mobile kitchen at a lower cost.
  • Custom Design. The exterior and kitchen equipment are designed and built to fit your budget and needs.
  • Reasonable layout. Lay out appliances such as cooking equipment based on the number of employees and the type of food you have. A proper layout allows employees to complete their work faster and with less effort.
Fully Equipped Food Trailer
Fully Equipped Food Trailer

Available kitchen equipment

  • Cooking equipment: fryer, griddle, hot dog machine, steamer, BBQ grill, crepe machine, etc.
  • Refrigeration equipment: commercial refrigerator, beverage display cabinet, ice cream freezer, ice maker, etc.
  • Coffee equipment: coffee machines, coffee grinders, etc.
  • Ice cream and beverage equipment: juicer, ice cream machine, sealing machine, ice cream cone machine, ice cream rolls machine, etc.
  • Others: range hoods, gas stoves, air conditioners, fire extinguishing systems.

Gallery of custom mobile food trailer kitchens from China

Fully Equipped Food Trailer from China  Fully Equipped Food Trailer from China
Fully Equipped Food Trailer from China  Fully Equipped Food Trailer from China
Fully Equipped Food Trailer from China  Fully Equipped Food Trailer from China

How to buy food trailers in China?

  • Find a good food trailer manufacturer. You can find many food trailer manufacturers from Google search results or B2B platforms like Alibaba. Analyze manufacturer information and factory pictures to find the best ones.
  • Submit your request. Send your detailed needs to a food trailer specialist who will provide a custom solution based on your needs.
  • Design and manufacture. Once the plan is finalized and payment is made, the food trailer factory will start designing and building your food trailer for you. You can communicate with the factory on a regular basis to understand the progress of the design and construction.
  • Transportation. Sea freight is the best way to deliver food trailers. You can look for a professional ocean freight broker to help you with the process, or the factory can arrange the shipping for you.
  • Receive your food trailer in port. When your food trailer arrives at the port, you need to go through port customs clearance to receive your custom concession trailer from the port. Learn about customs clearance for food trailers.
  • The installation. We will provide installation videos for food trailers. According to the video information, you can easily complete the installation process.

Buy Your Custom Food Trailer

For more than a decade, ETO DEVICE has been helping entrepreneurs in mobile food businesses fulfill their dreams. We focus on quality and reliability because we know this is the foundation of your food business's steady growth.

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