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Custom Corn Food Trailer

This 6.5×5 small corn food trailer for sale was designed and built by ETO DEVICE for Gourmet Corn in the United States. Although this trailer is small, it is fully loaded. This is a lucrative trailer.

Corn Food Truck Trailer

Gourmet Corn is a real gourmet, they sell steak and corn. In order to expand its business and promote its own brand, Gourmet Corn decided to start a mobile gourmet business. Facts have proved that this is a very correct decision, and more people have the opportunity to taste the delicious food of Gourmet Corn. After the corn food trailer arrived in the United States, it participated in many major food events and was appreciated by gourmets and gained many new fans.

Corn food trailer

The corn food trailer is a customized mobile food trailer. We have redesigned the water sinks in the food trailer according to customer requirements and equipped with simple kitchen equipment.

Specifications of corn food trailer

According to customer requirements, we equip customers with customized water sinks and electrical systems that meet American standards.
Model 220D
Size 2200×1600×2300mm
Voltage 110V/60Hz
Body color white + LOGO
Three water sinks 980×340×250mm
Washing sink 230×340×250mm
the rear of custom corn food trailer
Kitchen Equipment

kitchen equipment

According to customer requirements, we have equipped custom corn food trailers with kitchen equipment.
Gas griddle
Size: 550×450×230mm
Range hood
Motor power: 2×65W
Lighting system: 40W Lamp
Body size: 710×515×150mm

Design drawing

We provide customers with 2D design drawings and 3D model drawings.

2D Design Drawing

Gourmet Corn's mobile business is very good. Every time the corn trailer opens in the park or the food festival, many customers line up to taste corn delicacies. Many loyal fans taste Gourmet Corn's specialties every time they meet.

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