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The Solution for Buying Coffee Trailer Under $6,000 in San Francisco

custom coffee trailer for sale under 6000

What can you do with $6,000? Buying a coffee trailer for your mobile coffee business in San Francisco! Incredible! You know a fully equipped coffee trailer is priced at over $8,000 in the USA, and lots of starters have to seek a used one in order to be on the budget. Yes, a small coffee trailer (about 7ft long) is cheap, but its small size and compact layout are not good for the growth of your business and the diversity of your menu in the long term. So, where can you buy a high-quality new coffee trailer under $6,000 in San Francisco? If you have this question, this project we provided for our client is the best solution for you. As the hottest model of the coffee trailer for sale in San Francisco, it is tailored to meet our client’s specific requirements.

Is the trailer equipped with everything that my business requires? What does a mobile coffee trailer cost? What does the price include? Can I have customization? This solution will give you the answer and the functional coffee trailer you are looking for.


What Kind of Coffee Trailer for Sale Can You Get for Less than $6,000 in San Francisco?

You are able to find a quality food vending cart or used food truck trailer under 6,000S if you confine yourself to local dealers or manufacturers only. Due to high labor costs and other factors, the average cost of coffee trailers designed and produced by a manufacturer in the USA is not affordable for most starters. Some have to apply for a loan in order to buy a quality mobile unit for their businesses, which leads to an increase in economic risks and pressures definitely. So, why not work with overseas mobile food manufacturers?

ETO DEVICE is a leading food truck trailer manufacturer that aims to provide the best custom mobile concession trailers, food carts, and kiosks to clients all over the world, from New York, Birmingham, and Los Angeles in the USA to countries and regions in Asia. Our food trailers are much more affordable than their counterparts manufactured in the USA, though they are the same model and specification and of high quality. With competitive edges in manufacturing and stable sources of high-quality steel and accessories, our production costs are lower, which results in a cheap food trailer price. At ETO DEVICE, you can find many food concession trailers for sale under $6,000, and there is one that is the hottest choice for serving coffee and bakery food on the street.


Custom Coffee Trailer Under $6,000

This is an 11.4x6.5ft custom mobile coffee trailer for sale in San Francisco, converted from the FR350WD, a hot round-top food trailer model in the USA. Its smooth lines and curves allow the trailer to suit its surroundings. The coffee trailer is built from scratch in accordance with federal codes and regulations in the USA, from its new chassis to its strong frame. Our certified workers do the work that requires specialist knowledge and skills, such as wiring, plumbing, and welding. When the process of production is almost done, stainless steel workbenches and kitchen appliances are mounted on the coffee trailer. It is a brand new American coffee trailer for sale which is ready for your mobile coffee business.

new coffee trailer for sale in san francisco
custom coffee trailer for sale near me
This mobile coffee trailer for sale is the certain model that our client demanded among over 10 trailers under $6,000, not only because she was satisfied with its size and specification but because it was in stock. Then, the client asked if we could modify or change it a little to make the vehicle suit her business. Of course! As a professional manufacturer, we provide a variety of customizations and additional extras to a certain food trailer model and type. Most of them are free, while some require extra. We can offer an ideal solution within your budget, just as we did to the client’s trailer.


What Customizations Do You Need When Buying a Coffee Trailer in San Francisco?

Customizations and additional extras are able to meet your needs for a specific function or feature of your coffee trailer. We are willing to provide you with a multifunctional coffee trailer for sale according to your food trailer concept and idea in the way of modifying the concession trailer design or adding more accessories to your vehicle. Here are what customizations the client asked for:

3 Compartment Water Sink with a Hand Sink

A US standard sink with 3 compartment for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing. A small hand sink is separated by splash guards. It is required by federal regulations. Check out this blog for food trailer water system. 3 faucets are equipped with in-laid water heaters that can heat up water within a few seconds.

Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Each food trailer is equipped with 25L plastic water tanks for free. If you have a higher demand for water, an upscale water system package is available. It includes stainless steel water tanks with a huge capacity. We will mount it under the sink and put the plumb in the right place. A valve allows you to replenish water easily.

Concession Windows with Sliding Glass

The FS350WD has 2 wide concession windows without glass. If you prefer glass windows that shelter you from rain or snow and provide privacy, we can install one to your coffee trailer. Apart from sliding windows, up-and-down sliding windows and rolling shutter windows are available.

Food Trailer Braking System

The trailer must have a braking system if its weight is over 1,500 pounds, according to requirements in California. This coffee trailer for sale in San Francisco wights about 800kg (1760 pounds). Hence, we installed a KNOTT braking system to the trailer to ensure its ability to safely stop at high speed.

Logo Sticker

Food trailer exterior design is important. It is a reflection of your brand personality and business value. In addition to food trailer lighting options, the logo sticker is an excellent solution for food trailer design.  We printed the client’s coffee trailer name, brand, and services on the trailer, allowing its catering business recognizable to customers. A conspicuous brand helps people remember you and build brand loyalty. Besides, your contact information, such as phone number, website, and QR code, can be posted on your trailer in case customers want you to cater for their activities.

mobile coffee trailer design


Basic Kitchen Equipment Package for Mobile Coffee Trailer

In order to save money, the client chose 2 kitchen appliances for her coffee trailer, namely an under bench fridge and a commercial range hood. The fridge has a flat countertop as a work table and a large refrigerated room (170L) that keeps the food at a temperature between 0-10 degrees. It is an energy-efficient fridge designed for food trailers. A 1.5m commercial range hood is fixed above the rear workbench that is used for cooking. It can remove kitchen fumes quickly and ensure a pleasant and clean environment in the trailer.

Of course, we have a multitude of kitchen appliances and equipment for the coffee trailer model. If you need a fully equipped coffee trailer, please consider the following equipment packages.
Coffee Trailer Equipment Package for Starters
170L Under Bench Fridge/Freezer $870
Coffee Bean Grinder
Cash Drawer
Upscale Coffee Trailer Equipment Package
280L Under Bench Fridge/Freezer $4,400
Expresso Coffee Machine
100L Cake Display
Ice Maker
25L Microwave Oven
Electric Sandwich Maker
Gas Crepe Machine
Cash Drawer
Food Trailer Air Conditioner

kitchen equipment for coffee trailers


What Does the Mobile Coffee Trailer Price Include?

With a basic specification, the FR350WD starts out at $3,890. The price includes the following items:
11.4x6.5ft brand new coffee trailer $3,890
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel chassis and frame
  • 2 Axles
  • 2 durable tire, 165/70R13
  • Cold rolled steel exterior walls
  • White Interior Walls (aluminum composite panel)
  • Food trailer RAL color
  • Cotton Insulation
  • 88cm safety chain with hooks
  • Food trailer jack with wheel
  • 4 metal supports
  • Aluminium checkered floor
  • 2 concession windows
  • Electric sockets
  • Electric Panel
  • DOT tail lights
  • Interior lighting unit
  • 2 compartment water sink with faucets
  • 25L water tanks
  • 24V automatic water pump
  • Floor drain
  • Stainless steel workbenches with cabinet
  • Keys
  • 2 drop down folding concession shelves
  • Gas valve
  • Generator power outlet with cover

Customizations and additional options require extras. Here are the standard charges for these the client requested:
The Price List of Customization
3 Compartment Water Sink with a Hand Sink $600
Stainless Steel Water Tanks $120 fresh tank
$150 waste tank
Concession Windows with Sliding Glass $115.00/M
Food Trailer Braking System $345
Logo Sticker $15.00/m3
Under Bench Fridge $575
Commercial Range Hood $155

mobile coffee trailer cost


Other Mobile Coffee Trailer Solutions under $6,000

As a food trailer manufacturer who values innovation and creativity the most, we have a batch of 11ft coffee trailers for sale under $6,000. Their designs and layouts vary according to their model.


The FS350

It is a square coffee trailer for sale in San Francisco. As a classic food trailer model, it can be seen in almost every state. It starts from $3,900, including electric wiring, water plumbing, and gas lines. The coffee trailer equipment package we mentioned before is available to it.

hot coffee trailer for sale in san francisco


The FS350R

It is a square coffee trailer as well, but it has a curved room and glossy exterior wall, creating a fancy and high-end atmosphere. It starts from $5,400.

affordable coffee trailer for sale in san francisco


The CR320K

Basically, it is an 11ft mobile coffee kiosk for serving coffee, beverages, and desserts at festive, carnivals, attractions, and public areas. With flexible wheels, it functions as a mobile concession stand/stall, serving your customers on the street. Its large concession windows make you and your customer closer!

mobile coffee concession stand for sale san francisco

Send us an inquiry to get these mobile coffee trailer costs. For more coffee trailers for sale, please check our gallery and projects. We provide the best food trailer solutions with everything your business requires within your budget and excellent after services! ETO DEVICE should be your top partner if you want to buy a quality concession trailer in San Francisco!

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