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Coffee Catering Trailer for Sale in Birmingham

England, a nation of tea before, has shifted its love from tea to coffee today. There is a strong smell of coffee beans in the air as you stroll along the streets in Birmingham. Everywhere you look there is a cup of coffee that is held in someone’s hand. Now, coffee is one of the salable drinks in Birmingham, along with tea and alcoholic beverages. Our client, Katie, found this potential business opportunity. Creative and inclusive as she was, Katie wanted to start a unique coffee business with a small coffee shop trailer! That was a novel idea. But, here is a question - how to start a coffee trailer business in Birmingham?

We, a leading food trailer manufacturer, provided our client with an ideal turnkey solution for her coffee trailer business and coffee catering trailer for sale in Birmingham. Keep reading to learn more about our solution and small coffee shop trailer!

small coffee shop trailer


How to Start a Small Coffee Trailer Business in Birmingham?

Before you think about the permits and licenses you need for your coffee trailer business in Birmingham, buying a standard coffee trailer should be given priority. You make all the preparations, from business plans to start-up costs, but a coffee trailer that meets local codes and regulations is not really one of them. Then, what is the point? Therefore, our client, Katie, sent us an inquiry, asking for a standard small coffee catering trailer for sale in Birmingham.

If you have ever checked the collection of our food trailer images, you will have the same question as our client - Which coffee catering trailer should I buy?


3 Hot Small Coffee Catering Trailers for Sale in Birmingham

Given the popularity of coffee, we have over 100 coffee catering trailers with different layouts, dimensions, and designs. However, more choices make it harder to make up one’s mind. So, we gave our client a list of hot small coffee catering trailers for sale in Birmingham, expecting it may give her any inspiration.
  • Airstream Coffee Trailer for Sale
Katie preferred a coffee trailer that presented a style of local industrial culture. This 13x6.8 airstream coffee trailer has stainless steel walls and frames welded firmly. Decorated with neon signs and lights, the airstream coffee trailer matches well with the mix of the manufacturing industry and high-tech development. It is outfitted with a full electrical system, water system, and basic kitchen equipment.
  • Vintage Coffee Trailer for sale
The vintage coffee trailer is a reminder of old times, the 18 century when Birmingham was enjoying its thriving metalworking. Nothing can offer a better cafe atmosphere than it does. It is 11.5m long and 6.5m wide, providing enough room for 2 workers.
  • Small Coffee Shop Trailer for Sale
The model of the YT-FR220D is one of the classic coffee trailers we sell in Birmingham. We commended the 2.2x1.6x2.3 coffee shop trailer for Katie. It has an axle and 2 wheels. Thanks to the heavy-duty jack and metal supports, the coffee trailer will not be lopsided when you park it near the street. Everything is steady when one bustles about percolating coffee and serving customers.

Airstream Coffee Trailer  Vintage Coffee Trailer Small Coffee Shop Trailer
Airstream-Catering-Trailer vintage-coffee-trailer Small coffee shop trailer for sale in birmingham
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Katie’s Small Coffee Shop Trailer in Birmingham

After a week of consideration, Katie chose the small coffee shop trailer, but she pointed out that there were some changes in the coffee trailer design. There is the layout of the small coffee shop trailer our designer offered to her.
1. Color: RAL7010, Gray
2. Dimensions: 2.2x1.6x2.3cm
3. Design: 
  • 2 Stainless Steel Work Tables
  • 2 Horizontal Stainless Steel Shelves under the Tables
  • 2 Compartment Water Sink
  • Faucet for Hot/Cold Water
  • 2x25L plastic water tanks
  • a Concession Window
  • 2 Small Windows
The layout of small coffee trailer
The inside of coffee shop trailer

Considerate Service of Customization

The client once operated a coffee shop before but closed for some reasons. Coffee-making machines in her storeroom reminded her of her coffee dream every day. The email she sent us expressed her expectations for an empty coffee shop trailer with an electrical system.
In order to supply power to Katie’s coffee machines, our designers and technicians optimized the design of an electrical system. We outfitted the coffee trailer with 6 UK power outlets with 3 pins each, and they are manufactured according to UK standards. Each outlet has a switch for safety. Besides, there is an electric panel with a cover on the side of the inner wall. The client can cut power immediately if there is any emergency. The design and configuration allow our client to use her espresso machines, coffee grinder, and industrial blender as safely as possible.

Standard Small Coffee Shop Trailer in Birmingham

A coffee trailer must comply with local health regulations, or it will bring you nothing but a fine. As a leading food truck builder, we build standard coffee shop trailers with everything the local laws and regulations require. You will get the licenses and permits soon after the local authority’s environmental health office inspects your food trailer. Are we boasting? No. Here is a list of what we do to build a coffee shop trailer that meets the regulations in England.

Details of small coffee shop trailer

1. LED Rear Combination Lamps: 
There are red, white, and amber lights and 2 triangular reflectors at the rear of the coffee trailers, which are used as tail lights.

2. Electrical Sockets: 
  • The trailer is outfitted with U.K sockets.
  • The internal electrical panel can cut the power easily.
  • The external outlet socket has a plastic cover to protect the plug.

3. Water System:
2 water tanks are needed. One is for washing hands only and the other, cleaning your equipment, according to regulations.
  • The coffee trailer has 2 compartment water sinks with a faucet for hot/cold water.
  • There is a stainless steel cabinet for placing clean water tanks. Coupled with an automatic 110V water pump, the water system allows you to use water easily.

4. Exhaust Water Tube: 
Exhaust water should be stored properly in case of food contamination.
  • There is a pipe to discharge exhaust water to the trailer. Find a container to collect the water and empty it in time.

5. The Generator Locker: 
For the sake of safety, the generator and gas tank must be stored outside the mobile food trailer.
  • Our coffee trailer has a ventilated locker and case for placing the generator and gas tanks, respectively.


Where is the Best Location for Coffee Trailer Business in Birmingham?

How to start a coffee trailer business? The location you choose plays a key role in the success of your business. The small coffee shop trailer business is all about customers. The more potential customers around the place you choose, the more profits you gain. So, where did our client start her small coffee shop trailer business in Birmingham? Here are some best spots we recommended.


1. Tourist Attractions
Birmingham, Britain’s second-largest city, is noted for its diversity of culture and history that lasts for a long time. With many attractions, it is one of the hottest cities for travelers who are interested in the bending of the industrial revolution and modern technology. Is it wonderful to retrace industrial history when you enjoy your coffee near the Birmingham canals from Gas Street? But, some location has place restrictions and regulations on the mobile catering business. Start your coffee trailer business after you have all the permits and licenses.

2. University
It is a huge potential market. If you can get a permit from the university, thousands of students and faculty may become your regular customers. A fixed place saves you a lot, particularly fuel. Every morning, the smell of coffee beans from the concession window of your food trailer will bring streams of customers to you. Just refresh them with caffeine in coffee before a long day of lectures and classes.

3. Office Buildings
How to have a nice day on Monday? Drink as much coffee as possible! Coffee is a sort of panacea for almost all office staff. Look around the traditional coffee shops in the morning. Lines of drowsy workers wait for their coffee to replenish energy mentally and physically. Starting your small coffee shop trailer business is more advantageous because YOUR COFFEE SHOP IS CLOSER! Which one would you choose: Driving miles for a coffee, or getting a coffee at the corner near the office buildings? Besides, selling coffee with bread, cakes, and sandwiches is a practical way to maximize your profits.

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