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Shisleidy’s Mobile BBQ Trailer Improves Sales by $1,000 a Night in Miami

Is possible to make 1,000 dollars overnight in a legal way? I'm not crazy or trying to sell any stock trading courses here. Shisleidy made it, with her mobile BBQ trailer customized by our design team. " I come to realize why there are so many food trailers in Miami. They are really money-makers! If I had known that, I would buy that trailer sooner. " According to Shisleidy, her mobile BBQ trailer earns over $1,000 dollars on average during special seasons, such as sports events, carnivals, and holidays. Sometimes, the profit is higher when she provides catering services for private ceremonies. How did Shisleidy find success in the mobile food trailer business? "Management, service quality, price, and marketing are factors for my success, I guess. But, all of them are nothing if I don't have a BBQ trailer. " Shisleidy said. So, what is the magic of her BBQ concession trailer? Does her trailer have any special features? Today, let's take a close look at Shisleidy's mobile BBQ trailer in all aspects and learn what you need to create a build with high profitability.


14ft Mobile BBQ Trailer Customized for Shisleidy

Last summer, Shisleidy was interested in a '14ft BBQ concession trailer for sale' on our website when browsing pages for an ideal vehicle to start her business. It is a black food concession trailer - the FS450 - based on American style enclosed trailer model. The trailer is about 14ft long and 6.5ft wide, a perfect food trailer size for Shisleidy. However, the standard specifications of the BBQ concession trailer for sale were not up to health codes in Florida and her requirements. Extra kitchen equipment was required and the kitchen layout needed to be changed completely. Then, Shisleidy sent us an e-mail, asking about the possibility of tailoring the model to her BBQ business. Our design team immediately contacted her on WhatsApp for more customization details and the specific local codes. Then, we worked with Shisleidy for about a week on the BBQ trailer solution customized to her only. The following cute mobile BBQ trailer is the outcome of our efforts, and its price is about $7,900.

custom mobile bbq trailer in miami


The Specification of Mobile BBQ Trailer

Model: FS450
Size: 450*200*230cm
Net weight: 1,000kg
Gross weight:1,800kg
Electric: 120V/60Hz
14ft fully equipped mobile bbq trailer for sale
mobile bbq trailer with commercial kitchen equipment
Accessory: 88cm safety chain / heavy-duty supports / heavy-duty jack with wheel / 7-pin connector / gas tanks holder / generator box / gas valve / concession window with sliding screens
Kitchen equipment package: 201 stainless steel workbench / UL listed commercial range hood / vertical fridge / gas grill / deep fryer / 3 compartment water sink & a hand sink

Why Can Shisleidy’s Mobile BBQ Trailer be a Money Maker in Miami?

Isn't all mobile food trailers the same? Broadly speaking, they are concession trailers converted into commercial kitchens. However, each food trailer model has its own features, layouts, and specifications that make it different from the others. One designed to your business needs can facilitate you in the operation. That is why custom food trailers are better than used or prefabricated ones. Here are the features of Shisleidy' s mobile BBQ trailer. If you are planning to start a mobile BBQ trailer business in Miami, keep reading to learn what your BBQ concession trailer should have.


Standard Mobile Kitchen Build to Codes in Florida:

The Florida Department of Health issues many strict codes and regulations on food trucks and trailers, requiring specific equipment, kitchen layout, and cooking procedures. After consulting with local inspectors on all the standards and rules, Shisleidy told us exactly what the interior layout of her mobile BBQ trailer must be and which kitchen equipment was required. When designing the kitchen, we tried our best to do what she asked and sourced the required equipment in order to make sure the unit could pass the inspection quickly. The following is the list of equipment in a food trailer required by the Health Department in Florida:
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel workbenches
  • 3-compartment water sink for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing and a hand sink with backsplash
  • Water system to provide sufficient hot and cold water & large water tanks for clean water and wastewater
  • Concession window with sliding screens to keep the service opening closed
  • Fridge with adequate refrigeration capacity
  • UR listed stainless steel range hood to minimize the fire hazard during cooking
the kitchen layout of the mobile bbq trailer

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Shisleidy's BBQ concession trailer is equipped with commercial kitchen equipment made to the restaurant quality that improves efficiency better when dealing with a large volume of orders compared to those designed for the home. Made of food-grade stainless steel, the equipment stands out by its features of durability, easy-to-clean surface, and heat and corrosion resistance. If you don't know which kitchen equipment you should have in your food trailer, check out this blog for tips: How to Choose the Right Kitchen Equipment for a Food Trailer?


Flexible Kitchen Layout

Shisleidy' s mobile BBQ trailer has a flexible kitchen layout. There are many countertops and the cooking equipment is not fixed permanently, so Shisleidy has the freedom to rearrange the space and add her own cooking appliances in the BBQ concession trailer.

mobile bbq trailer floor plan


Plenty of Storage Room

Properly using the space under the tables is a perfect solution for maximizing the available room in a food trailer. The tables in the BBQ trailer feature many open cabinets that suit for storing everything the BBQ business requires, from disposable cutlery to all kinds of sauces.


Electric System & Gas Pipe

When exporting mobile food trailers from overseas manufacturers, make sure the electric system works with your appliances, or extra money will have to be spent on adapters. The US sockets in Shisleidy's BBQ trailer provide a voltage of 120V with a frequency of 60Hz. Everything is up to the standard. In addition, we installed the gas pipe in the trailer so that Shisleidy can have more choices on the type of cooking equipment.


Useful Extra Add-ons

A steel generator box and a steel gas tank holder were welded on the trailer tongue, providing a safe place for mounting the generator box and the gas tank. They have painted the same color as the mobile BBQ trailer to make everything coordinated.

fully equipped  mobile bbq trailer for sale in miami


Is the Mobile BBQ Trailer a Real Profitable Business?

"How much can this mobile BBQ trailer make for me?" That is a question that most buyers think about and deliberate on whether or not to enter the mobile food business. Shisleidy is one of them. Why spend money on it if it can not make any profit for you? Profitability is always a factor that lights up our passion and drives us to march towards it with a determined mind. However, businesses come with risks, and the high failure rate of the restaurant business is higher than ever before the pandemic. Is it a good time to invest in a BBQ business?

Believe it or not, the answer is YES! The mobile BBQ trailer, regarded as one of the highly profitable restaurant businesses, is a perfect solution for starting a successful business in the industry with less risk and start-up cost, no matter whether you are a restaurant owner with the ambition of expanding business or a BBQ lover who wants to make some money during spare time, like Shisleidy. Here are reasons why the mobile BBQ trailer business has a high chance of bringing success to you:


Keep You Stay on Budget

Most businesses fail in the first year because of being short of money. You know, it takes time to generate profits after opening the business, maybe three months or longer. Sufficient backup money helps you make it through the first few months. The mobile BBQ trailer is a budget-friendly solution for starting your own business in the restaurant business. It has a cheaper price than setting up a restaurant or operating a food truck and requires less management. Most importantly, with many options in food trailer specifications and add-ons, your vehicle can be built according to your budget.

Here are our custom solutions designed for clients' budgets:
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Low Operational Costs

Compared to BBQ restaurants, the mobile BBQ trailer has less to account for in operation costs. It is a small business that you and your partners are capable of managing everything orderly, from serving customers to wholesale consumables. Fuel, parking fees, insurance, and ingredients are the main expenses of your daily operation which are much lower than operating a restaurant.


Have More than One Great Location

Where is the ideal place for operating your BBQ business? Probably you have 3-5 alternatives after doing lots of research. Don't brood over which is the best. You can have it all! Wait, I'm not talking about creating a restaurant franchise or chain. As a mobile business, the BBQ trailer is a small restaurant on wheels that can be moved around to provide catering on all occasions, from small private parties to annual carnivals, without the fetter of operation in a fixed place. During weekends and holidays, the best time that the demand for BBQ increases, Shisleidy has a hectic work schedule, towing her mobile BBQ trailer from one place to another. "It is tiring indeed, but the huge profits it brings to me make all my effort worth it," Shisleidy told us that she had a long list of prime locations that had lots of people to support her business and that she would change her menu to cater to customers in different places.

Just tow your food trailer and explore the market!


Avoid Competition

Due to their size and weight, food trailers are allowed to enter and operate businesses in lots of places and events. "My trailer is small, and it can go where food trucks and vans are not permitted, like the parking lots of office buildings. The application for permits is easy. It really helps diminish the number of my competitors." Shisleidy said. Of course, competition is a double-edged sword. Shisleidy tends to collaborate with other food trailer/truck owners who sell ice cream, dessert, or drinks. "You know, people carve for sweets after eating savory food. They can have all they want. Sweet ice cream and juicy meat. Why walk miles for a restaurant?"


Free Marketing for Your Business & Brand

How to make people know you? Marketing your business! The food trailer itself is a mobile sign that makes your business recognizable and helps branding if it has an attractive look. Shisleidy specifically asked us to paint her mobile food trailer light pink in order to tell it apart from other barbecue trailers in her city that commonly have dark colors. Food trailer color is not your only choice when you work with us on your custom food trailer.

Logo stickers, food trailer wraps, and LED advertising lights are great options to build a unique BBQ concession trailer that displays your business and menu to people in all directions. If you don't want to spend too much on food trailer decoration, having a vintage food trailer with a classic look is a perfect alternative.

Check out our gallery for more BBQ concession trailers for sale and pick up an ideal one for your build, or reading this blog about the BBQ trailer business: 5 Things You Should Avoid When Operating BBQ Concession Trailers

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