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19ft Custom Mobile Kitchen Food Trailer in Maldives

Are you looking for a functional kitchen food trailer that brings your restaurant business to another place that has many potential customers? If so, this solution for customizing a 19ft mobile kitchen food trailer for the client in Maldives may help you find an ideal one. You will explore the excellent features of the custom kitchen food trailer we built and get some inspiration from it. Besides, a detailed quotation tells you the cost to build a food trailer which is helpful for creating a budget plan.

custom mobile kitchen food trailer for sale in maldives


19ft Custom Mobile Kitchen Food Trailer in Maldives

Our design team built a 19ft kitchen food trailer which gave our client a commercial mobile kitchen for cooking and feeding his customers outside his restaurant. Its high mobility comes with more flexibility. The food trailer kitchen can serve as a fixed service point or temporary structure for selling food. It is branded to represent and promote the client's restaurant business. In addition, we installed the following kits to create an efficient kitchen configuration including individual areas for preparing, cooking, refrigerating, cleaning, and serving:
mobile kitchen food trailer for sale in maldives
custom mobile kitchen food trailer inside
  • Standard electrical system, 110V/60HZ
  • The hot and cold water system, 3 sinks, tanks for clean water and wastewater
  • 201 commercial stainless steel workbenches with plenty of counter and storage area
  • Large concession window with sliding screens
  • Functional countertop cooking appliances, including the fryer, griddle, gas stove & electric oven
  • Under-counter refrigeration room


What is the Cost to Build a Food Trailer Kitchen in the Maldives?

When it comes to a budget-friendly solution for getting into the restaurant business, the food trailer kitchen is a preferred option for most starters. It requires less cost of building and operation. But, how much does it exactly cost to build a food trailer kitchen? A wide price range probably is the only thing you can have when googling "the food trailer cost". Rather than a vague estimation of food trailer price, a detailed quotation is rather meaningful to most people who want to buy a food trailer kitchen for their businesses.

Here is the quotation sheet for the 19ft kitchen food trailer we customized for the client in the Maldives, including the cost of the kitchen food trailer in the standard specification, commercial kitchen equipment, and customization service. Let's find out what is the cost of building a food trailer kitchen in the Maldives today.


The 19ft Kitchen Food Trailer for Sale - $6,490

The cost of a mobile food trailer is dependent on 2 factors: the trailer model and the trailer size. The 19ft kitchen food trailer is built based on the FS580, a popular enclosed concession trailer model for being converted to a mobile kitchen, starting at $6,490. This is not the only food trailer size you have. Starting at 7.5ft, this kitchen food trailer stretches to 26ft in length. Of course, a large kitchen food trailer size comes with a higher price. For instance, a 26ft kitchen trailer model is priced at $10,800. If that is too expensive for you, contact us for a complete list of kitchen food trailer sizes. An ideal one within your budget will be recommended.

mobile kitchen food trailer in maldives
custom mobile kitchen food trailer for sale


Turnkey Kitchen Equipment Package for the Food Trailer Kitchen - $4,440

The standard kitchen food trailer model has a basic kitchen equipment package including the 201 stainless steel workbench, 2 compartment water sink with taps, water tanks and water pumps, interior lighting unit, electric, and aluminium checkered floor. Such a simple specification meets the fundamental needs of the street vending business, but more kitchen equipment and appliances need to be added in order to provide healthy and fresh dishes to customers. Instead of touting some kitchen equipment packages that have the equipment that our client doesn't need at all, we offered a turnkey package that allows him to make his own choices. There is the list of food trailer kitchen equipment that the client demanded and its price:
Item Price
Custom 3 Compartment Water Sinks with Cabinets $190
Hinged Door under the Stainless Steel Benches $440
288L Drink Cooler $380
13kg Ice Maker $355
2L Blender*2 $200
350L Under-bench Freezer $710
Electric Oven $270
Commercial Stainless Steel Range Hood with a Fan $180
Gas Stove with Cabinets $890
Electric Fryer and Griddle $190
Sliding Drawer Trash Bin $120
Salad Fridge with 6*1/4 or 12*1/6 ss Pans $515

fully equipped mobile kitchen food trailer for sale

The kitchen equipment above is just a small part of what we can offer. At ETO DEVICE, you have hundreds of available equipment and appliances that suit your business type and food trailer model. Need a pizza oven to sell pizza or a soft serve ice cream machine to give a sweet taste after the meal? You are free to build a fully equipped kitchen food trailer with the equipment you need according to your menu. Most importantly, our skillful workers will install the equipment for you, without any extra fee, avoiding the hassles and troubles that come with doing it yourself. What will be delivered to your home is a functional kitchen food trailer that is ready for your business.

Check out the following page for tips on choosing the right food trailer kitchen equipment.

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Equipment for a Food Trailer?


Extra Add-ons to Build a Custom Food Trailer Kitchen - $1,190

In addition to the interior layout, the client had specific requirements for the exterior design of his kitchen food trailer. The trailer should be properly designed to maximize the opportunity to market and promote his mobile catering business. The food trailer lighting was emphasized because the client planned to spend most of his time in the food trailer kitchen at night. Hence, our design team did a lot of detailed design work to meet the client's requirements. Here is the exterior design solution for the mobile kitchen trailer:
  • Lighting strips - $160: The 19ft kitchen food trailer is decorated with white LED lighting strips, offering a vivid lighting experience and making the trailer more visible at night. The strips with more colors can be had in order to set a unique mood.
  • Logo lighting box on top - $190: How to give a deep impression to the customers? Creating a discernible branding. Most food trailer owners prefer marketing themselves by printing their logos or brands on the trailer body. That is a good idea. But, there is a better one. We put the client's brand at the most conspicuous place - the top of the mobile kitchen food trailer. Our design team made a large LOGO lighting box to promote the client's brand name. With many LED units, it can illuminate and light up the brand at night.
  • Lighting AD panel beside the window - $120: The mobile kitchen food trailer has two lighting panels for displaying menus clearly, allowing customers to make their choices more easily.
  • Focus lights on AD panel - $30: A focus light is fixed on each menu lighting panel, lighting up a large area in front of the trailer for eaters to enjoy their meals.

custom mobile kitchen food trailer lighting design
19ft mobile kitchen food trailer


Can We Ship the Food Trailer to the Maldives?

Unlike other food trailer builders or dealers who focus on their domestic markets, ETO is a professional concession trailer manufacturer that trades with clients from all over the world, such as Australia, Qatar, South American, Iceland, Denmark, and so on. You can check out the following custom projects for more.

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Of course, our product can be shipped and delivered to the Maldives. The shipping company we work with provides a wide range of shipping container sizes and shipping services that ship and deliver our food trailer kitchen to the Maldives within 20 days. The fastest and cheapest delivery option will be offered to you.

Now, work with us on your kitchen food trailer design and discuss the freight fee.

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