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Red Punto Caffe Catering Trailer

The Red coffee catering shop trailer for sale is designed and manufactured by ETO DEVICE for Móses’s food truck business. This is a 9.8×5.2 trailer for coffee shop, mainly used to sell coffee, sandwiches and ice cream, suitable for 1-2 employees to work.

Punto Caffe coffee shop trailer for sale

Punto Caffe is fully loaded. It has soft serve ice cream machine, mucflurry ice cream machine, griddle and Salad table, which is a tool to make money.

Kitchen equipment for Red coffee trailer

Soft serve ice cream machine Mucflurry ice cream machine Griddle Salad table
Stainless steel mixer shaft 
Size:550*430*230mm 1200*600*800mm
12 serving plates

Coffee Trailer Equipment

About Punto caffe

Punto caffe shop is a brand of the Móses food truck business. The Red Punto Caffe shop trailer is located in a small town called Borgarnes, 75 kilometers north of the capital Reykjavik. The town has about 1,800 inhabitants.
There are supermarkets and 3 fast food restaurants, so can attract a lot of people for sandwiches and coffee.
Coffee Shop Trailer For Sale
Coffee Shop Trailer Business

Punto Caffe Business

The Red coffee food trailer is located in the large parking lot next to the school, which can attract some students to eat hot meals, which is a high traffic location. Punto Caffe offers best-selling Italian flank sandwiches, avocado chicken and garlic sauce potatoes that are becoming a pleasure. And in the summer, this food trailer also serves ice cream.

Coffee food trailer manufacturer

ETO DEVICE is a professional coffee shop trailer for sale manufacturer, it has an elite design team and engineer team. All of our work is to help our clients succeed in the mobile food business. So, we maintain close communication with our customers and use the best materials to build your trailer.
Before you start building your trailer for coffee shop, you can browse through more of our coffee trailers and other food trailers to help you get inspired.
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