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26×6.5 AM PM Mobile Kitchen Trailer

This is a custom mobile kitchen trailer for sale designed and manufactured by us for customers in Qatar. It belongs to Aldana Almansouri. Aldana Almansouri said that this 26-foot food trailer fully met all his needs. The large space makes the dream of a complete mobile kitchen become a reality. In this mobile food trailer, you can equip it with a complete team of employees.

AM PM Mobile Kitchen Trailer

Aldana Almansouri's mobile kitchen food trailer

This mobile food trailer is fully loaded, and it is indeed a tool for making money.
This complete kitchen not only makes burgers and grilled meats, but also pizza, ice cream, salads and juices.

Specifications of mobile kitchen trailer

Size: 9200×2000×2400mm
Weight: 1700kg
Workbench: 450×900mm
Floor: Aluminum non-slip floor
Double water sinks
Hot and cold water taps
6 sockets
7 bins connectors signal light system
4 Trailer brackets
26FT Mobile Kitchen Trailer
Mobile Kitchen

Kitchen equipment

Salad fridge with under fridge
Range hood with fan
Gas fryer
Pasta cooker
Soft ice cream machine
Gas grill
Electric grill
Ice maker
Mosquito killer LED
Roof AC

Design drawing of mobile kitchen trailer

Our 2D and 3D design drawings can give you a clearer understanding of your trailer, which is an important step in turning your imagination into reality.

2D Design Drawing

3D Design Drawing
For each mobile trailer, we provide customers with free 2D or 3D design drawings.
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