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Jerel’s 16’ Custom Mobile Kitchen Trailer in Guam

What business is highly profitable in Guam? The food industry. Regardless of an economic downturn or a COVID lockdown, people always pay for the food, particularly those visitors who come here to enjoy the natural beauty and cultural tradition. However, that doesn't mean a large amount of investment in a restaurant and the following expenditure on decoration, marketing, and labor. A cheap concession trailer with kitchen provides you with a portable restaurant on wheels equipped with everything you can find in a regular commercial restaurant and high mobility that allows you to move from attraction to attraction for gaining more eaters and profits. This project is mainly about Jerel's custom mobile kitchen trailer, a 16' concession trailer for his fast food business in Guam, that is outfitted with the food trailer equipment required to make all types of fast food. It is not a standard model that fits everything, but a custom one that is designed and converted on the basis of Jerel's exact requirements of his food trailer design concerning the floor plan and exterior style. Now, keep reading to learn more about what kind of food concession trailer Jerel wanted and what we did to build a gratifying unit for him.

16 concession trailer for sale in guam
16ft custom concession trailer for sale


What Does Jerel Want for His Food Concession Trailer?

A custom mobile kitchen trailer that is equipped with the cooking appliances he needs. That's it. What an easy task for our design team! ETO DEVICE, as a professional food trailer manufacturer, concentrates our efforts on the design and customization of food concession trailers as well as providing quality food trailer equipment, such as trailer auxiliary parts, kitchen equipment, and cooking appliances. Our gallery shows a wide range of custom mobile kitchen trailers with functional and stunning features that show our team's ability and strength. Instead of recommending a food trailer model casually, we asked some questions about Jerel's business needs to find out what he exactly needed so that a solution for what he needed was able to be given. If you don't know how to make a choice among hundreds of food concession trailer models, the following questions can help narrow your options.


1. What is Your Business Type?

After building hundreds of concession trailers, we understand that trailers have different configurations, specifications, and layouts according to their types. For example, a mobile coffee shop comes with plenty of countertops and cabinets for coffee machines, disposables, and supplies, while a BBQ trailer features a small porch for outdoor BBQ. Hence, it is necessary for you to determine what you want to sell in your trailer.

Jerel got a plan for a fast food business, so all he needed was a mobile kitchen trailer in a standard configuration involving an area for preparing, cooking, cleaning, and serving. Then, which concession trailer model should Jerel select? When it comes to the mobile kitchen trailer, most of our projects are based on the box trailer model, a hot enclosed food trailer for operating a concession that many catering companies prefer. Its look is common, or you can say uninspired, but the professional atmosphere it creates win others' trust and bring more opportunities for providing the catering service.


2. What Food Trailer Size Do You Need?

The custom mobile kitchen trailer comes in many sizes, starting at 7ft to 26ft. Commonly, one of 10ft in length or longer is ideal for the fast food business, unless these are just 3-4 items on your menu. Mobile ice cream trailers, bubble tea trailers, and hot dog carts are usually small because of the little equipment required in food preparation.

At first, Jerel was interested in a 9.8'x6.5' concession trailer but soon changed his mind when knowing that shipping freight was the same no matter buying a 16' concession trailer or a 9' one. To be honest, a 16' concession trailer for the fast food business is a better option if we put one of the most important factors for buying an ideal concession trailer - budget - aside. On the one hand, the 16' ft concession trailer has a large interior space for storage and any type of equipment or appliances. On the other hand, it can serve your business which has great potential to keep growing. It is a good investment in the long term. Of course, a small concession trailer can be a money maker if you are pressed into the budget.

custom mobile kitchen trailers for sale


3. Electrical or Gas?

Electrical is a required option for the custom mobile kitchen trailer. You can not pass the inspections from the Health Department and serve food without it, That is the result we don't want to have. The electrical includes wiring, an electrical panel, sockets with switches, inlet/outlet receptacle sockets for the generators, and LED lighting units that are installed by our certified electricians in the process of manufacturing the custom mobile kitchen trailer. But, it was not enough for Jerel. He asked for an extra exterior socket for connecting lights on his trailer. We did what he asked.

electrical system in the custom mobile kitchen trailer

Gas vs electric cooking appliances, which one do you have in your custom mobile kitchen trailer? If gas griddles, fryers, and burners are the equipment that is used frequently in daily operations, you need to pay extra for the installation of gas pipelines. Our designers talked with Jerel about the gas piping layout in his custom mobile kitchen trailer, Then, the piping was carefully installed to minimize the possibility of leaking. In addition, two stainless steel gas tank holders were welded at the rear of Jerel's 16' concession trailer, demanded by Jerel.

gas tank holders


Jerel’s 16’ Custom Mobile Kitchen Trailer in Guam

That's it. A yellow 16' concession trailer for selling fast food in Guam. That is the result of a lot of design work with Jerel.

Jerel's custom mobile kitchen trailer is based on the FS500, a hot concession trailer model for sale. It is 16ft long and 6.5ft wide, giving an interior space that accommodates 2-4 people. In manufacturing, special treatments for sanitation, corrosion resistance, and pest control are highlighted. We source high-quality galvanized steel to produce the chassis and frame and reinforce them to improve their strength. The exterior wall is durable extruded polystyrene that has good features of thermal resistance and water resistance. Built on the health codes and regulations in the USA, the 16' concession trailer is the one that can satisfy Jerel and the inspectors.
16ft mobile concession trailer for selling fast food
custom mobile kitchen trailer for sale

Standard Specification

Model: YT-FS500
Dimension: 5000*2000*2300mm
Color: RAL3020
Axles: Galvanized steel
Tires: 165/70R13
Electrical: 110V/60HZ


The Fast Food Trailer Equipment List

Equipping the trailer with the equipment you need is one of the key steps in designing Jerel's custom mobile kitchen trailer. So, what kitchen equipment and appliances did Jerel buy? Here is his fast food trailer equipment list:
We have many models of regular commercial kitchen equipment for concession trailers, and they have different features, sizes, and designs. A whole list of kitchen equipment that fitted his 16' concession trailer was sent to Jerel, specifying each unit exhaustively. So, Jerel had the freedom to build his own custom mobile kitchen trailer with all the features he needed. Before the shipment and delivery, Jerel added some countertop appliances to his food trailer equipment list, including soft ice cream machines, ice makers, and mixers. We stored them in his trailer when we were packing instead of putting them in another crate. That saved a large number of shipping costs for Jerel.

custom mobile kitchen trailer inside


The Best Mobile Kitchen Floor Plan for the 16’ Concession Trailer

One of the biggest advantages of buying a custom mobile kitchen trailer is that its floor plan can be modified to your needs. Jerel gave us a draft of his concession trailer layout that marks each area and equipment. Our design team tweaked it a little bit to maximize the utilization of interior space. Here is the final mobile kitchen floor plan of Jerel's 16' concession trailer:
  • The 201 stainless steel worktables mounted in the trailer provide plenty of countertop space for Jerel's cooking appliances and storage cabinets.
  • A deep fryer, gas griddle, and gas burners are mounted on the rear worktable where a commercial stainless steel range hood is fixed above for removing kitchen fumes efficiently.
  • A 3 compartment water sink and a hand sink are installed near the cooking equipment so clean water can be used at any time during cooking.
  • A 1.5m under-bench fridge is under the front table, given the equilibrium of the concession trailer.
16ft custom mobile kitchen trailer floor plan

If you are interested in our custom mobile kitchen trailer for sale, contact us for a solution, or check out our recent projects to learn more about us!

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