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The Solution for How to Start a Mobile Bar Business in Massachusetts

small mobile bar for sale

Té Spa is a company in Massachusetts, providing special blends of tea and herbs to bring out the natural beauty in each customer. Its owner, Alexis Jones, sent us an inquiry, expecting a solution for how to start a mobile bar business in Massachusetts. She has a shop in Boston. But, she wants more than that. Bringing more customers to being healthy and beautiful with her multipurpose natural tea is Alexis’s value and purpose. She desperately needed an approach to expanding her business as well as influence in the local market. In the inquiry, Alexis pointed out a custom mobile bar for sale. Yes. How to start a mobile bar business? Buy a mobile bar first! As a food truck trailer builder, we offer a dozen of food trailers for sale in Massachusetts, but none of them are mobile bars. In order to assist Alexis’s mobile bar business, our design team and engineers worked closely in the customization and building of a custom mobile bar for Té Spa company. Here is our solution.

custom mobile bar for sale in massachusetts


Custom Mobile Bars for Sale: Pick the Right Size First!

No matter its purpose and business, a food trailer is a combination of a trailer and kitchen appliances. Equipped with different machines, a trailer can be used for selling coffee, ice cream, or burgers. Therefore, the first step in customization and building a food trailer is to determine which size of the trailers you want.

At first, an airstream mobile bar for sale was recommended because of its perfect design and equipment. But, the proposal was denied soon when Alexis told us her business and service in the mobile bar - selling teabags and maybe offering tea for her customers.“...I need a small mobile bar for my products at my events. I don’t want a large one. It is not towable for my car...” Alexis added.

mobile bars with different sizes


The FR220WD - Hot Mini Food Trailers for Sale

The FR220WD, a 7.2ft mobile bar for sale, is one of the mini food trailers we build. It is a perfect choice for Alexis’s business. The bar is 7.2 ft long and 5.2 ft wide, providing a comfortable working room for 1-2 persons. Given Alexis’s service, a large cooking area is a waste. Hence, the FR220WD is able to provide rooms for batches of new products after it is equipped with commercial kitchen equipment. Most important, the mini mobile bar is lighter than most commercial food trailers for sale in Massachusetts, about 500kg. A small car can tow it easily, even if it is fully equipped. But, it is heavy when one needs to lift the trailer tongue and attach it to a car, particularly for a woman. Don’t worry. An electric trailer jack will help Alexis with that.

mini food trailer for sale
mini mobile bar for sale
The FR220WD is the smallest food trailer for sale in Massachusetts. It is mainly designed for street vending businesses that require a few kitchen appliances, such as ice cream trailers and snack trailers. If you have a plan to expand your street vending business, a large mobile bar allows you to use more cooking machines and expand your team in it. Don’t know how to decide the food trailer size? Send us an inquiry, and our staff will find the ideal one for your business plan!

Design & Layout: What Does a Mobile Bar Need?

After Alexis decided on the size and model, equipping her mobile bar was the next step, an important step that impacts the successful operation of Alexis’s business. For example, a standard water system should be fixed in a mobile bar, or the bar can not hit the road, according to federal codes and regulations. On a personal level, one can not provide good service to customers when a mobile bar is devoid of things that his business requires, such as power, room, and equipment. So, have some prudence in the process of equipping your mobile bar. Get inspiration from the following equipment kit for Alexis’s mobile bar.

2d model of mobile bar for sale in massachusetts

mobile bar for sale in massachusetts design


1. Stainless Steel Workbenches with Cabinets

The workbench is a combination of tables and cabinets. Alexis needs some space for bags and wrappers. This type of work table is an ideal solution, providing room for storing and working. If your goods are fragile and friable, you have an upgrade version - a workbench with sliding doors or hinge doors.

work tables in mobile bar for sale in massachusetts

2. 1.2 m Bench Fridge under the Work Table

Making a cup of good herbal tea requires some ingredients that should be kept at a low temperature, such as honey, lemon slices, and milk. A bench fridge is an energy-saving cooling unit. Functional as it is, the fridge can freeze or cool food. A fridge temperature controller can regulate the temperature. If you are looking for a large volume for cooling, a group of bench fridges with bigger capacity are available for you.

bench fridge in the mobile bar


3. 3 Compartment Water Sinks with a Hand Sink

Basically, there are strict regulations for the water system in a food trailer. An American food trailer must have a 3 compartment water sink, no matter which state you are in. Without it, Alexis would have some trouble starting a mobile bar business in Massachusetts. Here is the equipment kit for the water system:
  • 3 compartment sinks with a hand sink
  • 2 faucets for hot and cold water
  • An automatic water pump
  • Water tubing
  • 25L water tanks
Click here to learn more about the food trailer water system.

water system in mobile bar for sale


4. A Cash Drawer under the Front Workbench

The cash drawer has a removable tray with compartments, helping Alexis organize money and improve operation. It is installed under the front workbench, near the concession window, in a hidden place. The locked drawer ensures no loss or shrinkage of money when Alexis introduces her products to customers.

cash drawer of mobile bar for sale


5. Electrical System

Our mobile bar for sale is powered by electricity. So, it has a standard electrical system that passes inspections and tests. There are many electrical outlets (Type B) that provide a voltage of 120V with a frequency of 60Hz. These are standard sockets used in the USA. When Alexis plugs in a generator, she needs to turn on the switches in the electrical panel in order to power her kitchen appliances. These outlets can be installed in a certain location so that you can reach out to them when you needed. Check out this blog that shares something about the electrical system of a trailer.

electrical outlet in mobile bar for sale


A Decorated Mobile Bar for Marketing Your Business

How to start a mobile bar business? First, find an ideal mobile bar in Massachusetts. Second, market your business! There are many ways, such as advertising on social media. But, let’s talk about the body of the mobile bar today.


What is the Best Way to Impress Customers?

A common mobile bar has nothing different from a trailer, mundane and usual. That is not a good helper for Alexis’s tea business. A good mobile bar should have unique and appealing features that fascinate customers. That is why many trailer owners are willing to spend a lot on the decoration of their vehicles. Thousands of results come up when you google “food trailer design ideas”. Balloons, flowers, music, handwritten manes, and twinkle lights are creative ideas. But, the brand and logo of your business should not be a missing part.


Logo Sticker Tells the Value and Service of Your Business

The logo communicates the brand of a business. It should be visible to customers. Our designer printed Alexis’s logo under the concession trailer, a conspicuous location. The logo shows the name and insignia of Alexis’s company, helping customers recognize her mobile bar. There are stickers of flowers on both sides of the logo, highlighting Alexis’s products and services. The front side of the mobile bar has the same design. It is less costly than most unique decorative pieces for a food trailer.


Take Advantage of the Mobil Bar to Market Your Business

Logo and brand aim to tell a customer who you are and what you provide. However, they can not tell more about your company. Hence, Alexis’s website and IG were printed on her mobile bar. That provides easy access to Alexis’s business for customers, bringing more traffic to it. Alexis frequently posts on these platforms to share her schedule, events, and products. People can find her and her mobile bar according to the address she leaves on the page. Anyway, the body of the mobile bar for sale is a free platform for marketing your business!

custom food trailer for sale in massachusett
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