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Can a Food Trailer be All Electric?

Systems that use gas as an energy source for kitchen equipment are no longer sufficient. Based on our love for the environment, we are increasingly using electrical systems to power our kitchen equipment. Can a food trailer be all electric? The answer is yes. All equipment in a food trailer can be electrical equipment, including cooking equipment, cooling equipment, water systems, etc.

food trailer with electric system

Food trailer with electric system

Electric system

According to the regulations of different countries and regions, we can provide power systems of different standards. Common American standards, Australian standards, European standards and so on.
  • 110V voltage power system (including wiring and sockets)
  • 220V voltage power system (including wiring and sockets)

Electric kitchen equipment

  • Cooking equipment: induction cooker, hot dog machine, electric fryer, electric griddle, electric griddle, electric oven, steamer, range hood.
  • Cooling equipment: refrigerators, air conditioners, beverage cabinets, fried ice machines, salad cabinets, ice machines.
  • Ice cream equipment: soft ice cream machine, hard ice cream machine, gelato ice cream machine, fruit ice cream machine, fried ice cream machine, popsicle ice cream machine, ice blender.
  • Beverage and coffee equipment: juice machine, juicer, coffee machine, cup sealer, boba counter.
  • Dessert and baking equipment: waffle making machine, crepe making machine, donut machine, pancake machine, cotton candy machine
  • Other electrical equipment: including water system equipment, lighting equipment, LED decorative lights, etc.

Energy and Generators

The food trailer is equipped with a generator box. Generator boxes can be custom made according to your generator size.

You can use diesel generators or gasoline generators. You can even use battery packs to power your food trailer.

The Benefits of Using Electric System for Food Trailer

  • Safety. It has no flame generation and the working environment is safer.
  • Environmental friendly. Compared to gas systems, it produces no smoke.
  • Easy to control. All electrical systems can control power.

Different custom food trailers with electric equipment system

We have different styles of custom built food trailers, you can browse food trailer pictures and designs to find the type you like.
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