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Guam Mobile Bakery for Blondie's Sweet Shop


A True Bakery on Wheels, Designed & Customized Built for Blondie's Sweet Shop in Guam

Blondie's Sweet Shop is a home-based bakery located in Guam, with the aim of providing homemade sweets such as cakes, decorated cookies, and cupcakes for various events and parties. It was established and is operated by Katie Beardsley. From cooking to delivery, everything has always taken place in Katie's kitchen. Now it's time for Katie to step out of her own kitchen and expand.

The ETO DEVICE team designed and built a mobile bakery trailer for Katie and her brand, which serves as her unique bakery for order delivery and pop-up events.


 A Dream for a Store Front Bakery

Katie was a talented baker who loved cooking and baking up new recipes for her family in the kitchen. In 2011, Blondie's Sweet Shop was born, an indication of turning Katie's baking passion into a career. From then on, Katie started taking orders from home to create custom desserts for others. For her, there couldn't be a better job - not only did she get to spend time doing what she loved, but she also got to help others celebrate their special moments with sweets. It all seemed perfect. However, there was a missing part - her own storefront bakery.
For some reason, the business had always been confined to her own kitchen. It was not a big deal, as Katie could still create delicious bakery food with the tools and equipment at hand. However, with the increase in fans and orders, this began to hinder her business growth. Therefore, Katie decided to turn her bakery dream into reality by designing and building a mobile bakery trailer!
Running a physical bakery shop was still a bit challenging for Katie, especially when she was handling everything on her own. This is why a mobile food trailer was the preferred choice. ETO DEVICE, renowned as a top food trailer builder, had collaborated with many clients from Guam to create high-quality custom food trailers. It was our expertise and knowledge in this field that led Katie to choose us for her project.


Looking for a Mobile Bakery to Bake On the Go

Katie needed a small food trailer for her bakery shop, one that she could operate and manage on her own. The ETO small food trailers series ranges from approximately 7ft to 10ft in length. The smallest model measures 7ft in length and 5ft in width, perfect for selling food and beverages as a mobile concession stand at markets, events, and festivals. However, for Katie, it isn't the best choice, as it's too small for baking. Running an oven alone is enough to make the interior of the trailer unbearably hot. Therefore, Katie eased up on her size requirements, as long as the trailer provided enough space for as long as it could offer enough space for her baking equipment. Her primary concern was having a practical baking area. Then, Katie settled on the FS350, an 11ft by 7ft box food trailer, and requested custom modifications.


Mobile Bakery Trailer Specifications

Model: FS350

Dimensions: 350*200*230cm
Electrical: 110V/60HZ
Color: RAL3015
Window: Sliding concession windows, with awnings & gas struts
  • Perfect Setup for 2-5 People: The interior space accommodates a larger team of 2-5 individuals working together.
  • Lightweight Design: The exterior is made from Extruded Polystyrene, a lightweight yet highly durable material. This makes it notably lighter in weight compared to a full steel trailer.
  • Easy transportation: Towable by any vehicle
  • Steel Border: The trailer is reinforced with a robust steel border along its edges.
  • Insulation: The walls and ceiling are insulated with thicker insulation layers(40mm).


Our Solution: an 11ft Fully Equipped Mobile Bakery Trailer

We made some modifications to the standard configuration of the FS3500 - painting the trailer in Katie's specified pink, adding an LED lightbox with Blondie's Sweet Shop logo, and installing white LED lights on the windows. All of this was done to create a style that aligns better with the brand. In addition, We equipped the trailer with a brake system, stainless steel propane tank cages, and a generator cage.

Due to Typhoon Mawar, Katie's bakery business faced a significant setback. Persistent power outages forced a halt in baking, resulting in dozens of orders being unable to be delivered on time. It's a situation that nobody wants to see happen again. Hence, a reliable backup power source is important. Katie's bakery trailer is equipped with a 6.5Kw generator, capable of providing power to all the equipment and additional appliances inside the trailer at any time. No need to worry about power cuts.

FS350-food-trailer 11ft-mobile-bakery-trailer mobile-bakery-food-trailer side

The interior of the food trailer is entirely custom-built to the exact requirements of Katie. We followed standardized processes for production, including wiring, plumbing, flooring, and lighting installation. Additionally, we also installed the following kitchen and baking equipment:
  • 201 stainless steel workbenches
  • 350L commercial under-counter fridge
  • Double-deck gas oven
  • 36L dough mixer
  • 3 compartment water sink with drainboard and side splash
  • Hand sink
  • Wall cabinets
  • The rear workbench creates the main cooking area, equipped with an oven, dough mixer, table, and sink.
  • Both the oven and dough mixer are commercial grade. The oven is connected to the gas system. There is a stainless steel splash guard between the mixer and the workbench to prevent splattering during preparation.
  • A stainless steel extinguisher bracket is mounted in the corner.
  • The refrigerator is seamlessly integrated into the front workbench, providing ample under-counter refrigeration space.
  • The sink is designed for commercial kitchens. It features 3 compartments, a drain board, and side splashes, all meeting the requirements of the Health Department
fridge concession-windows eletrical-system-and-extinguisher-bracket mixer lighting
  • Water tanks for storing clean and wastewater are placed beneath the sink.
  • With an auto pump, instant pressurized water is available in the bakery trailer.
  • The worktable offers ample counter and storage space. Its smooth surfaces are food-grade, and suitable for preparing dough and other food.
  • Wall cabinets above the rear workstation provide additional secure storage.
  • All wires and pipelines are concealed, with minimal clutter and hassle.

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Blondie's Sweet Shop is About to Expand!

The entire mobile bakery project, from conceptualization to design, and then production and delivery, took Katie and our team several months. It was all worth it. We are thrilled to see Katie sharing photos of her mobile bakery trailer and learning that she's taking steps towards expanding her own business. We can't wait to see Katie delight people with her latest holiday sweets at the upcoming pop-up events with her mobile bakery shop! We're looking forward to her success!
If you're in search of custom food trailers tailored to your specific business, ETO DEVICE has the capability to turn your vision into reality. We offer a wide range of trailer models in various sizes and over 100 upgrade and customization options, allowing you to effortlessly create your own unique food trailer.

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