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Nancy ’s Small Bakery Food Trailer for under $7,000 in Massachusetts

small bakery food trailer business in ma

Here is a challenge for our design team! Customize a small mobile bakery food trailer for under $7,000 in Massachusetts. That is not something hard for us. With years of experience in customizing mobile food trailers, we are able to give what our clients want and help them stay on budget. However, the client, Nancy, had some specific demanding requirements for her mobile bakery trailer on kitchen equipment and trailer design, which is a real challenge for our team. So, what kind of mobile bakery trailer did Nancy want?

First, a quality small bakery food trailer with more than one fridge and other required equipment. Second, a unique trailer design with the ability to get more customers and promote sales. Third, the food trailer should have a stable power supply for all electric appliances. Fourth, the total price of the trailer and extra add-ons should be under $7,000.

What is the result? Did Nancy get what she wanted? Of course! As a food truck trailer manufacturer, ETO is capable of providing a custom mobile food trailer built to each client's ideas. Nothing is impossible here. Now, check out Nancy's amazing small bakery food trailer we built!


Nancy’s Small Bakery Food Trailer in Massachusetts

This is an 8ft mobile bakery food trailer our team designed and built for Nancy. Its wide concession window allows Nancy to display her fancy desserts, attracting and converting customers efficiently. As required by the local Health Department, a transparent sneeze guard is installed on the concession window in order to maintain high sanitary standards and protect food. There is a drop-down folding concession shelf hanging in front of the window, expanding the serving area. As a single-axle trailer, the bakery food trailer has 4 heavy-duty support legs with the ability to carry a massive amount of weight, helping it stay balanced, even if it is fully equipped and people walk around in it.

ssmall bakery food trailer.
  • Quality: Nancy's mobile bakery trailer is made of fine cold-rolled steel, a kind of material featuring a high strength and smooth surface that is not easy to rust or deform. The kitchen equipment is brand new and made to restaurant quality. Other units, such as sockets, tubes, and wires, are all constructed of durable materials.
  • Kitchen Equipment: The bakery trailer is fully loaded with stainless steel worktables, a sink, a wall shelf, and, of course, commercial bench fridges. Tailored for Nancy, its interior layout is the one that suits her workflow best.
  • Design: Nancy's mobile bakery trailer emphasizes the trailer lighting design that makes the trailer highly visible and creates a pleasant experience for customers. Neon lights give a special glamor of modernization that no one can resist. Also, the trailer has Nancy's brand, helping with branding and marketing.
  • Generator: A portable generator is mounted into the generator box to supply electricity to the bakery food trailer. All electric equipment can be used when plugging them into the sockets.

custom small bakery food trailer for sale in ma


The Specification of Nancy’s Bakery Food Trailer in MA

Model: FR250WD
Size: 250*200*230 cm
Color: Black
Axle: Galvanized Steel
Weight: 650kg
Tires: 165/70R13
Electrical: 110V/60Hz
small bakery food trailer for sale in massachusetts
mobile bakery food trailer for sale
Accessory: 7 pin round trailer connector / heavy-duty support legs / drop-down folding concession shelf / steel generator box / 88cm safety chain / 5kw gasoline generator / LED lighting units on / Logo sticker / LED light strip
Water System: Single water sink / hot and cold faucet / auto water pump / 25L food-grade plastic fresh water tanks and waste water tanks
Kitchen Equipment: Quality 201 stainless steel workbenches with cabinets / 250L under-bench fridges  

Is It Expensive to Buy the Bakery Food Trailer from a Food Truck Trailer Manufacturer in China?

Some people may find themselves faced with the embarrassment that they can not afford the mobile food trailers for sale in local markets. The mobile food trailer price is between $19,000 and $100,000 on average in Massachusetts. It is a bit expensive, right? The high price forces buyers to either shift their focus to used or prefabricated food trailers or work with overseas food truck trailer manufacturers. The latter is a hot choice that most people prefer now because they can spend less to have a quality trailer built to their specific requirements. Is that true? How much does it cost to buy a custom-built food trailer from a food truck trailer manufacturer in China? We are vague about how other Chinese manufacturers set prices for their products and services. So, here is the price of customizing Nancy's small bakery food trailer, including the trailer, kitchen equipment, extra add-ons, and others. You will find the answer by yourself.


Small Bakery Food Trailer for Sale - $2,950

In the inquiry, Nancy specified her need for a small mobile bakery food trailer that could accommodate 2 or 3 persons. At ETO, our small food trailers vary from 7ft to 13ft in length. Given Nancy's budget, we recommended the GL-FR250WD, an 8ft small bakery trailer with a cute roundtop design. It has an interior width of 6.5ft, with a height of 7.5ft. There is plenty of space for more than 2 adults working inside.

As the basic build, the GL-FR250WD, one of our quality food trailer models made of high cold-rolled steel, starts at $2,950. The mobile food trailer price includes standard kitchen equipment, such as the stainless steel worktable, 2 compartment water sink with faucet, interior LED lighting units, aluminum checkered plate floor, shelves, and so on. Mostly, these items are the things you need to run a small food trailer business successfully. If you require a larger size, the price will be slightly higher. Contact us for all the sizes and prices of our bakery food trailer for sale.

Why a small food trailer? Check out this page to know why you should invest in a small food trailer and start small for your business.


Extra Kitchen Equipment - $700

The equipment in the basic trailer model failed to meet Nancy's requirements. Therefore, a category of commercial kitchen equipment from A to Z that suits her bakery trailer model was sent to her. Here are what Nancy selected:

- 250L Under-bench Fridge (1500*600*800mm) - $650.00
Nancy wanted a large room to refrigerate her ingredients, such as milk, creams, and fruits. At first, she asked for 2 refrigerators under the counters and a tall fridge fixed on another side of the counter. However, the tall fridge was crossed off her list at the end because of the small food trailer room. According to Nancy's requirements, we mounted two commercial fridges underneath the front table and the rear table.

- Door under the Workbench - $50.00
The stainless steel workbench included in the price has many open cabinets. In order to avoid extra dusting, Nancy asked if the cabinets could have doors. There are 2 kinds of doors available, namely the sliding door and the hinged door. The cheap one was chosen    

- Water Sink - Free
The standard specification of mobile food trailers has a 2-compartment water sink which is unnecessary for Nancy. Therefore, we replaced the sink with a single-hand sink and modified the plumbing design without any charging. However, extra fees are needed if you need an NSF certified 3 compartment water sink, a piece of dispensable kitchen equipment in food trailers required by health codes in many states.

small bakery food trailer layout


Food Trailer Design - $750

A mobile baker food trailer with a striking and creative design that has the ability to grab the customer's eyes at first sight is great for your business. A food trailer, particularly those classic box trailers, tends to be considered a unit for transporting, rather than a mobile kitchen for selling great food, if it is without any decoration or logo. Therefore, our design team worked with Nancy on the trailer design and gave her a satisfying solution that made her mobile bakery trailer highly recognizable. Nancy's logo was printed under the concession window, showcasing her brand while the trailer moved around. The pink LED light strip wrapping the trailer frame and the small LED light on the awning not only make Nancy's bakery food trailer more visible but brighten a special atmosphere at night. The design solution is free, but the lighting units and stickers are extras. Here are their prices:

- 20cm LED Light Strip - $250.00
- Logo Sticker - $180.00
- LED Lighting Units on the Concession Window - $320.00
- The 5kw Gasoline Generator - $900.00

We are a food truck trailer manufacturer that provides a one-stop service. Everything about the operation of the food trailer business can be found here, including the generator! Our team provided an ideal generator after calculating the wattage of all electric equipment in Nancy's bakery food trailer. The generator runs quietly and generates less harmful fumes, and it is portable so it can provide power anytime and anywhere. In order to provide a safe enclosure for the generator, a steel generator box was welded on the trailer tongue.

bakery food trailer desig


Extra Add-ons - $300

- Extra Small Window - $50
- Stainless Steel Generator Box - $250


Shipping Fee - $3,300

When working with overseas food truck trailer manufacturers, the shipping fee is one of the expenses you should take into consideration. The fee is dependent on the trailer weight, size, and delivery distance. The freight forwarders we work with know the best shipping routes from China to the US so the freight fees they give are much lower.

As an international food truck trailer manufacturer, ETO has exported custom mobile food trailers to many states in the US, including Massachusetts (Check out this mobile bar we customized for a company in MA), and other counties. No matter where you are, your food trailer will be delivered to your home or port near you. If you need, shipping insurance can be bought to minimize the unpredictable risks.

Don't ask us whether we can ship and deliver our quality units to your country or not, because the answer is always YES. Just inquire about how much is the freight fee straightforward!


Buy Less But Better: Build Your Quality Bakery Food Trailer with Us!

When it comes to buying a mobile bakery food trailer, the price we can give is much more competitive, or you could say cheaper. Wait, don't jump to the conclusion that there must be an association between cheap prices and a lack of quality. A bargain ≠ poor quality. You know, there are various factors in pricing, and quality is not a determining one. It is the low production cost, one of our strategic advantages, that leads to our rather affordable price. We have our own factory in China and a team of professional workers with high efficiency, and the deep relationships we forged with leading suppliers who provide us with the steel and accessories for trailer production help us get the best prices of materials.

Sacrificing quality is never a part of lowering our production costs. In fact, quality is a requirement when building your unit. The mobile food trailer probably is your biggest investment. We want it to be a quality unit that makes profits for years instead of a series of problems and troubles. Therefore, each of our food concession trailers is made of top-quality steel and materials, from the trailer bodies to the kitchen equipment. Here are the materials for the components of Nancy's bakery food trailer as well as other trailers we built:
Food Trailer Chassis Fine Galvanized Steel
Trailer Frame Fine Galvanized Steel
Exterior Wall Cold-rolled Steel
Interior Wall Aluminum Composite Panels, Black Insulation Cotton
Floor Aluminum Checkered Plate
Workbench 201/304 Stainless Steel
Kitchen Equipment Stainless Steel

All these parts and steel and equipment are sourced from the top manufacturers in the industry. They are durable and made to the highest industry standard, ensuring the manufacturing of a high-quality mobile food trailer that lasts over 10 years.

Haven't found the right model for your bakery business? It is time to ask for a customizing service now! Tell us your fantasy ideas and concepts in your mind! A custom solution within your budget will be given to you!

How about browsing our gallery to get some excellent inspiration about the trailer exterior design?

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