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Burger Catering Trailers for Sale in San Diego

catering trailers for sale in san diego

What is it like to be a chef in a restaurant? A chef needs to scurry around for several hours without any breaks, and sometimes he has to carry heavy bags of food in the hot and crowded kitchen, which are huge challenges for energy and patience. What is worse, the busiest time is always weekends and holidays, which means a chef has difficulty having more social events with family and friends. That is the complaint from Michael, our client, who was looking for catering trailers for sale in San Diego. Tired of the stressful and intense work in the restaurant, Michael wanted to start a catering business according to his schedule so that more time could be spent on his family. All he needed was a standard burger food trailer with an air conditioner.

We contacted Michael on Whatsapp once we received his inquiry on Saturday, asking about his requirements and ideas. There are more than 20 catering trailers for sale in San Diego, and they have different designs and layouts. How can we recommend a burger catering trailer if we don’t know what types of food trailers he is looking for? An ideal solution was provided after a phone call with the clients, mainly talking about the details of the catering trailers. Here is the solution that may inspire your food trailer business plan.


Catering Trailers for Sale in San Diego

There are mainly 5 types of burger food trailers for sale on our websites. At first, Michael preferred the small one, the 9.2*6.5 green burger catering trailer, because of its compact design, but soon he changed his mind. The green catering trailer can not serve his burger trailer business in the long term. Therefore, we gave him a list of 2022 hot burger catering trailers for sale in San Diego.

3 hot burger food trailers for sale


Green Burger Van Trailer for Sale

This is a 16.4ft x 6.5ft burger trailer for sale, which is one of the classic types of food trailers we build. It has a rectangular frame that is rigid and strong enough to resist the impact of a small car. Its flip-up concession windows can provide shade for your clients and staff so you don’t need to spend on a retractable awning.


Commercial Burger Trailer for Sale

This is a large burger trailer whose length and width reach 25ft and 6.5ft, respectively, providing sufficient room for placing everything in your burger restaurant, from a commercial refrigerator to a deep fryer with 2 tanks. Basically, the burger food trailer plays the role of a mobile burger shop. It can accommodate more than 5 people. It is a perfect choice for those who like teamwork in the operation of the burger food trailer business.


Airstream Food Trailer for Sale

This model is not on the page of burger food trailers, but you can make crisp fries and chips when you install propane tanks and plug in a generator. In fact, it gives you the freedom to sell anything you want, such as coffee, hot dogs, and BBQ. Several shiny and strong stainless steel plates are welded firmly to form its unique exterior wall that matches well with teeming cities. Its dazzling appearance will put you in the highlight and bring more eaters for you!

After a moment of consideration, Michael chose the first model because of his simple design. But, there were some differences between this burger food trailer and the one he wanted, said Michael.


How To Build a Burger Food Trailer According to Client’s Needs?

Everything is possible. That is true for our service and ability. Dealers or agents sell finished food trailers, while we, a food truck builder who has a factory, customize and build the burger trailer on the basis of each client’s requirements. Here is the service of customization we offered to the customer:
Burger food trailer
White burger food trailer for sale

Change the Color of the Burger Food Trailer

The client like white, one of the colors of the flag, that conveys a sense of purity and possibility. Therefore, we painted the burger food trailer white for free. Of course, there is a color chart that offers thousands of classic RAL colors.

Install 2 Big Concession Windows

How to improve customer experience? Keeping everything in order. Micheal wanted 2 big concession windows so that he could offer better services to his eaters. A worker near the first window takes responsibility for taking orders. Customers will move to another window and stand in line after they pay, waiting for their food. If you value more privacy, a sliding window or an up-and-down sliding window can be installed on your burger trailer.


More Gas Baskets

Considering the propane-powered cooking equipment, Michael needed two 30lb propane tanks for the daily operation of his mobile burger business. It is dangerous to put tanks in the trailer because a small spark may put everything in danger. Therefore, we customized 2 metal holders that are 24 inches in height and 12.5 inches in diameter.

customization of the burger food trailer


How to Choose Equipment For Your Burger Food Trailer?

Good cooking equipment improves your efficiency. Our catering trailers for sale in San Diego are fully loaded with machines that are used for making coffee, ice cream, sandwiches, donuts, and pizza. Of course, some of them are not necessary for the fast food trailer business. So, which cooking equipment should you choose for your burger food trailer to improve your working efficiency? Have a look at what Micheal, a chef with decades of experience in the fast food industry, asked from us. It may give you some help.


Commercial Fryer with 2 Tanks

What is the specialty of a burger food trailer? Fried treats, of course! Frying is one of the basic cooking techniques for a chef. Therefore, Micheal chose a vertical gas fryer with 2 tanks. It has a stainless steel cabinet under the tanks. If your food trailer has no extra place for a vertical deep fryer, our countertop fryers are a good option.


Vertical Gas Grill

Grilling is an easy way to cook. Just put the marinated meat on the grill and enjoy its sizzling. Grilled steak, fish, and bacon have a special flavor and texture people go crazy for. The grills we provide have 2 fuel types: gas and electric. Micheal brought a gas grill for his food trailer because of its cheap price. If you have a high demand for the speed of heating, choose an electrical grill.


Flat Top Griddle

The griddle is functional and versatile, and it gives you thousands of possibilities in cooking. Its large and flat surface is perfect for a large volume of eggs, pancakes, and toast. Michael’s burger food trailer business started mainly during breakfast time. A griddle makes it easier for flipping food!


1.2 m Sandwich Station

The more items on your menu, the more profit your burger food trailer brings to you. In other words, you need an assortment of toppings to impress your eaters. Our sandwich station has 6 refrigerated stainless steel pans with covers that keep your sauces and toppings at an ideal temperature. Besides, it has a large refrigerator whose inner temperature is at 2-8ceclius. With everything within your reach, you can make a burger faster!


Vertical Freezer and Refrigerator

A freezer is necessary for every burger food trailer. In order to shorten the cooking time, fast food menu items contain processed food in a frozen state. It should be kept in a freezer, or it will defrost and spoil quickly. Speaking of the refrigerator, it is mainly to keep the ingredient fresh. They are next to the sandwich station so everything is handy when Michael makes burgers.

Cooking equipment in the burger food trailer


Is It Necessary to Have a Food Trailer Air Conditioner?

“Do I need a food trailer air conditioner? ” Micheal asked us when he saw the catalog of the mobile kitchen device that has several types of air conditioners. Though San Diego won the title of top-ten best climates in the United State, its summer has become hotter dramatically in recent years. In September, the temperature reaches over 80°F, and it will be higher in a food trailer where grills and deep fryers are in operation. During lunchtime, sweat will wet your shirt while you cook for your customers. The heat has the power to wear a person out soon. How can one treat his customer with the best service if he is in an extremely uncomfortable condition? Therefore, a food trailer air conditioner is more important than ever due to the increasingly hot summertime over the world.

We installed a wall-mounted air conditioner in Michael’s burger food trailer. The A/C unit is permanently mounted on the wall, and a tube through the wall of the trailer connects it with the outside condenser. 

food trailer air conditioner


What is the Best Time for the Burger Food Trailer Business?

What are the busiest times for fast food? Usually, it is lunchtime or dinner time. Hungry eaters are eager to have a simple meal to feed themselves. But, is it a good time to run a burger food trailer business? You know, the operation time of most burger restaurants is at 10 a.m. If you do the same, you probably put yourself in a fierce market that is full of competitors. Why not start selling healthy burgers as breakfast food?

Yes, that’s what our client thought! Operating his burger food trailer business in the morning!

Burgers: A trending Choice for Breakfast

It has been a long time since burgers were seen as a high-fat meal. Does it mean a health risk if you eat a burger as breakfast? Out of surprise, the answer is NO. Recently, research released from Texas A&M University indicated that a burger can provide a lot of energy and nutrition we require in a day. Just have a look at the ingredients of a burger. It has beef, fresh vegetables, and eggs! What a balanced breakfast! Of course, the cheese and ketchup in most burgers contain an unhealthy amount of calories. So Michael was planning to remove them from his menu.

The trend is a healthy and balanced diet. Catering to customers is one of the secrets to the success of the mobile food trailer business.

Now, have one of the catering trailers for sale in San Diego, and start your business today!

the delivery of burger food trailer in san diego
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