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Mini Mobile Bakery Trailer: the Start of Aneta’s Mobile Bakery Business in Czech

Can your bakery move around and deliver your sweet treats to people? This mini mobile bakery trailer can! We worked with Aneta, a true master in baking, on building a bakery in a trailer for her bakery business in the Czech. The bakery trailer comes with sufficient room for refrigerating food and a large serving table, so all kinds of bakery food, cakes, or fresh-made bread, can be stored and displayed properly. There are many extra functional features that make the mobile bakery trailer a quality concession stall for selling bakery products, including a 2 compartment water sink, stainless steel worktables, and plenty of storage room. When designing the bakery food trailer, our team gave a lot of thought to its construction, layout, and specification to make sure the final product meets the standards for sanitation and electrical safety in the Czech.

To be honest, the US has been our largest market since our foundation. We barely have experience in manufacturing a concession trailer or food cart for any EU member county or knowledge about the specific regulations on vehicle construction in Czech, creating a huge challenge for us. Our team and Aneta made joint efforts to solve all the problems in food trailer design and production. The mini mobile bakery trailer presents a successful cooperation between us and Aneta, setting us up to be able to deal with orders from other European countries in the future.

Now, keep reading to know more about the small mobile bakery trailer and what we did to meet the client needs.

custom mobile bakery trailer for sale


Mini Mobile Bakery Trailer, a Unique Bakery on Wheels

This mini mobile baker trailer is a bakery on wheels that makes the bakery business reach all parts of the city. It has a cold-rolled steel trailer body painted the color Aneta demanded and a galvanized steel frame. The wide service opening is coupled with a drop-down service shelf for extending the serving area so more products can be displayed. Its tail lights have e-marks, a certification that lights pass the strict tests. Aneta wanted to use the chassis and tires produced by local manufacturers, so these two components were removed when creating her build. In order to make sure our trailer is applicable to the chassis in Czech, our team made in-depth research on the trailer chassis with Aneta and modified the concession trailer slightly.
mini mobile bakery trailer in czech
mobile bakery trailer floor plan
Creating the trailer interior is a regular part of our work. The mobile bakery trailer has an easy-to-clean wall, a non-slippery aluminium checkered floor, an LED lighting unit, stainless steel worktables, a water sink, a fridge, and a cake display. Kitchen equipment is arranged properly to create an efficient kitchen layout. Of course, Aneta's requirements were taken into consideration when we designed the food trailer layout.

The Specification of Aneta’s Mobile Bakery Trailer

Model: FR220WD
Size: L220xW200xH230CM
Full Size: L340xW200xH230CM
Color: Deep Green
Tire: 165/70R13
Net Weight: 500KG
Gross Weight: 650KG
Max Load Weight: 350KG
Electric: 220V/50HZ
Opening: Concession window with awning / small side window
Accessory: 88cm safety chain / trailer jack with wheel / heavy-duty support legs / Drop down folding concession shelf / LED lighting unit / trailer tail light with E-mark and red reflector / keys

custom mobile bakery trailer


Small Mobile Bakery Trailer Design

mobile bakery trailer design


What Food Trailer Equipment Does the Mobile Bakery Trailer Have?

Aneta asked for specific requirements on the electrical design and specification of kitchen equipment, making the work of converting our prefabricated food trailers impossible. Building a new food trailer to exacting specifications from scratch was the only choice, though it took some time. Our team spent a few days working on the food trailer design, including redesigning the electric layouts, installing specific equipment, and creating an efficient kitchen layout in the small food trailer. So, what does Aneta's small mobile bakery trailer have?


Electric System

The concession trailer model Aneta chose at first was a small roundtop trailer created for clients in the U.S. The US and Czech voltage is different. It won't explode immediately when plugging 220V into 110V, but the appliance can not operate optimally due to a lack of a sufficient power supply. In order to make sure that the mobile bakery trailer's power requirements match those of the country in which the trailer is used, our team sourced applicable wires and sockets from the leading manufacturers. The electrical work was done by our certified electricians.
The Specification of the Electric System
Electric 220V/50HZ
Includes Breaker Panel
LED Lighting Unit
EU Outlets
Generator Receptacle with Cover

Stainless Steel Worktable

The free kitchen equipment package of the small mobile bakery food trailer includes two 201 stainless steel worktables as standard. But, Aneta required a larger one because she needed more countertop space to place as much bakery food as possible on it to attract customers. The best worktables for 7ft food trailers commonly have a width of 50cm, and they give maximum counter and storage while maintaining a spacious space for people to move inside comfortably. To give what Aneta wanted, a wider worktable was fixed in the small food trailer, which inevitably narrowed the walkway a little. Luckily, Aneta had no demonstration of any discontent.
The Specification of the Worktable
Material 201 Stainless Steel
Width 55cm
Height 85cm
The Thickness of the Countertop 8cm
The Thickness of the Base 10cm
Layer two

Cake Display on the Front Table

Beautiful food is a kind of visual stimulant that entices the appetites of customers. It is an excellent marketing solution to display it in the most conspicuous places. Aneta's small mobile bakery trailer has a commercial cake display that provides a transparent refrigeration room for keeping the best texture and look of the sliced cakes, mousses, and cupcakes for a long time.
The Specification of the Cake Display
Size 700*560*750cm
Cooling Type Air Cooling
Temperature 2℃-8℃
Refrigerant R134a

Commercial Fridge

Can you use your own fridge in the food trailer? Yes, you can. But, it is not advisable if your food trailer size is below 15ft. The mobile bakery trailer has an under-bench fridge with a capacity of 170L, a perfect solution for refrigerating food in a small trailer. Given the equilibrium, the fridge is fixed under the rear worktable.
The Specification of the Commercial Fridge
Size 1200*600*800mm
Power 200W
Capacity 170L
Temperature 0-10ceclius
Cooling System Air

2 Compartment Water Sink

There are no specific regulations for the number or type of sinks in Czech. Thus, we didn't change the design of the water pipe. The 2 compartment water sink and other accessories are included in the standard specification, requiring no extras.
The Specification of the 2 Compartment Water Sink
Size L75xW40xD16cm
The Size of Left Compartment L34xW33xD16cm
The Size of Right Compartment L30xW30xD16cm
Water Tank 25L Food-grade Plastic Water Tanks
Accessory 24V/35W Water Pump / Faucet for Cold & Hot Water / Floor Drain

mobile bakery trailer with commercial kitchen equipment


How Profitable is the Mobile Bakery Trailer in Czech?

The bakery food business is regarded as one of the most highly profitable businesses in the food industry across the world, particularly in the Czech Republic. The market for baker food started to rise in 2021 and has kept growing in the following years. It seems that the bakery business has a promising future in the Czech Republic, doesn't it? Yes, it is indeed. The desire for sweetness is never subdued because of the pandemic. Cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and pies... Those are indispensable parts of people's lives and celebrations of all kinds of events.

So, how much Aneta earns with her mobile bakery trailer a month? Well, the exact amount of sales was not given, but Aneta told us that being a business owner really makes more money. Now, the benefits she gets every month are over twice as much as the salary she used to earn in a small company. The most profitable items for Aneta's mobile bakery trailer are hand-made chocolate cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and muffins. They are beautifully decorated and have a wonderful and sweet smell, tempting customers to walk by Aneta's mobile bakery trailer. Bakery products are usually sold out within a few hours, so Aneta was considering purchasing an electric oven and other cooking appliances for food trailers from us in order to make fresh bakery food in the trailer. In addition to selling baked food on the street, sometimes Aneta does custom work in her bakery trailer, such as making cakes and cookies for events like weddings and birthday parties, which helps her earn much more money. "I love making personalized cakes. Customers always give me something creative and different ideas for recipes, decorations, and flavors. It really helps me to offer new products. Of course, the profit is another reason why my bakery offers the private catering service." Aneta said.

It is fair to say that the mobile bakery trailer is a perfect business opportunity for those looking to start their own business in the Czech Republic because of its potential for high profits. It is able to run the bakery business from any location and reach more customers. Besides, the low price and operational costs of the mobile bakery trailer allow you to sell customers fresh bakery food at more competitive prices while maintaining a high margin.

Are you ready to start your own career in the mobile bakery industry? We look forward to working with you on a unique unit for your bakery business. Check out our mobile food trailer models and pick an inspiring one as the base for your build. Our design team will create a quality bakery trailer that meets and even exceeds your standards and expectations!

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