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Brand New Food Trailer vs Used One, Which Should Your Buy?

brand new mobile food trailers for sale

Thousands of websites jump out when googling for 'mobile food trailer for sale', and many are platforms for the trade of used trailers. In fact, almost every starter encounters a problem before buying any vehicle for their business - should I purchase a brand new food trailer or a used one? It is believed that the former is the preference for everyone. Why have a food trailer that someone used for a long time when you can have a brand new one? Unluckily, the truth is that there are lots of people who buy a used food trailer mainly because it is much cheaper. Who can say no to a 9.8ft fully equipped airstream food trailer under $7,000? So, how do you make your initial purchase? Spending more on a brand new food trailer with guaranteed quality, or having a used one to save money for daily operation?

Today, we are going to introduce brand new and used food trailers, involving their advantages, costs, target customers, and tips for first-time buyers. This guidance will help you make the best decision for your financial situation and have the ideal food trailer your dream of.


Brand New Food Trailer with Many Options for Customization

Buying a brand new food trailer gives the business owner great peace of mind, not only do you get a completely new mobile food trailer, which is free from any imperfections from being used, but you get to customize your new trailer to meet your needs. Whether you are adding specialty equipment to your food trailer's interior to make cooking process more efficient, or adding aesthetic details on the outside to make your food trailer more visually appealing to customers. A trusted dealership will work with your vision. That is because a manufacturer will ensure any modifications do not impact your food trailer warranty. Of course, customization is not the only advantage of a brand new food trailer. Here are many:
  • Choice on the Layout: You can decide on the food trailer layout when you buy a brand new food trailer. Many food trailer manufacturers have the ability to design the vehicle according to a certain requirement. Need an air conditioner in your food trailer? Want an NSF 3 compartment water sink? Have a stainless steel range hood above the fryer? Just design your own food trailer instead of getting stuck with the existing layout.
  • Less Potential Issues: Quality matters for many food trailer owners. Though a food trailer won't break down on the road like a food truck or van, leaky plumbing and defective cooking appliances can bring your business to a standstill. Buying a brand new food trailer is an approach to minimizing potential issues your vehicle has. Everything is new and well-functional. You can keep your food trailer running without paying a huge amount of money on maintenance and requirements.
  • No Worry for the Inspection from Health Department: The Health Department has codes for a food trailer design and layout. However, regulations vary greatly in different states. A used food trailer built in accordance with regulations and codes in Michigan probable can not hit the road in LA. Therefore, consider investing in a brand new food trailer that can be customized to meet the health codes in your state or city to avoid unnecessary economic loss.
  • Free warranty: With certain builders, such as ETODEVICE, you may also be offered a warranty when you buy any new food trailer. At ETO, we offer a free 365-day warranty for all the work that we do on your food trailer, including the trailer and commercial kitchen equipment.

brand new food truck for sale


Is It Costly to Have a Brand New Food Trailer?

Why buy a used food trailer? Because it is cheap. It misleads people into believing that brand new food trailers are usually expensive. In fact, you can get a fully equipped coffee trailer under $6,000. At ETO, our FR-220D, a 7.2ft round-top food trailer, starts at $2,500, and it is suitable for all kinds of mobile catering businesses, including selling ice cream, bbq, or bubble tea. If you prefer a professional coffee trailer, you can have an 11.4ft brand new food trailer equipped with all the kitchen equipment a coffee business requires, and it costs under $6,000. Of course, a 13ft deluxe mobile kitchen is a little expensive, which is about $14,000, but its features and functional commercial kitchen equipment make the investment worth it.

Here is a detailed price list of some food trailer models with a length of 7.2 ft. Contact our expert if you want the cost of any model in a large size.
Picture Model Price
220WD food trailer for sale GL-FR220WD
FR220WH food trailer for sale GL-FR220WH
GL-FS220S food trailer for sale GL-FS220S
GL-FS220 food trailer for sale GL-FS220
FS220R food trailer for sale GL-FS220R

Brand New Food Trailer: the Best Choice for Starters

Is it the first time you buy a food trailer? Do you know which type of water sink your food trailer should have? How to design the interior room to add more storage room?

If you are a starter and have no idea about the food trailer design and specification, finding a reliable food trailer builder you can work with will save you a lot of time and energy. A professional food trailer manufacturer knows exactly what fits you even if you are not so clear about what you are looking for. At ETO, our experts have provided hundreds of custom food trailer solutions based on many factors, such as budgets, health codes, and business types. They are capable of guiding you to make wise decisions when customizing your food trailer. Most importantly, you will have excellent after-sale service. A technical squad is here for you 24/7, and all your questions and problems about the food trailer will be solved quickly.


Used Food Trailer, a Low-cost Solution for Starting a Mobile Catering Business

Small business owners, store owners, and small restaurants may be tempted by used trucks in order to lessen the financial impact of an investment. That's true. Buying a used food truck, particularly with all of the necessary equipment already installed, rather than going with an entirely new one, will reduce the chances that you could lose too much money should your business go under and save you lots of time when it comes to re-designing and giving your trailer that personal touch. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, you may find used food trailers that are still in good shape. You may be able to find some for around $5,000 and under, and they are well-equipped and in good condition.

However, not everyone is lucky. Most of the time used food trailers have some small problems, so you need to do some repairs to them. In fact, that is not the hardest part when buying a used food trailer. Considering different factors like the price, the cost of maintaining it, how valuable the truck is, and how reliable it is over time, finding that perfect match is the biggest challenge. It can narrow your choices and pass many used food trailers. You have to make compromises to have one, even if it is not the one you want at first. So, how to buy a quality used food trailer? Here are some useful tips:
  • Buy used food trailers from their owners: A dealer may have tons of used food trailers but doesn't have the details of these vehicles. Buying a used food trailer from its owners helps you get more accurate information about the trailer, such as its receipts, service records, and detailed specification.
  • Inspect everything thoroughly on your own: Don't be so credulous. The pictures and description prove nothing. You need to go and inspect the used food trailer yourself. Check the plumbing and tires. See if there are any signs of corrosion. If you don't know how to do it, ask for an expert to do it for you.
  • Pay attention to substantial dents on the trailer: They are a sign of accidents. Any accident will affect the condition of the trailer. Though a used food trailer looks good, its service life will be severely affected if it has many accident records.
  • Ask for its manufacturer: Some manufacturers offer service of food trailer conversion. You can send the used food trailer to its manufacturer and ask for professional conversion or repair work. If you need, used kitchen equipment and appliances in the trailer can be replaced with new ones. You can have a quality vehicle functioning as a brand new food trailer without spending a lot.


Having a High Quality Food Trailer at ETO

No matter a brand new food trailer or a used one, it is not an easy process to find one that perfectly fits you. There are many factors you would have to take into consideration in order to achieve the ideal match you would want. It is advisable to consult a professional first before making any decision. At ETO, you have brand new food trailers with lots of functional add-ons, and they are made of high-quality stainless steel and galvanized steel. With a reinforced steel structure, these brand new food trailers have a long service life exceeding 10 years.

Check out our gallery and recent projects to learn more about our excellent service! A 100% custom solution can be given to you.
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