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Is NSF Certification Required for Food Trucks and Trailers?

food trucks and trailers with NSF certified water sinks

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Our mobile food truck trailer have NSF certification.
NSF-certified equipment for mobile food trucks and trailers is available.

You must see them when googling for an ideal vehicle for your mobile catering business. But, what are NSF-certified food trucks and trailers? What does it mean for the production of a mobile food truck trailer? Is NSF certification required in your country when buying a food truck or trailer? Today, this blog focuses on the NSF certification for food trucks and trailers. Read it before you pay extra for any so-called NSF-certified vehicles or add-ons.


What are "NSF-certified" Food Trucks and Trailers?

The term "NSF-certified" is nothing new for Americans, particularly those who work in restaurants. The NSF marks can be seen on plenty of kitchen equipment in a commercial restaurant, and it shows the equipment meets the highest standards for sanitation and complies with FDA requirements and ANSI standards after several tests from an independent third party in the U.S. The mark is given by a non-profitable organization, called the National Sanitation Foundation, which assesses equipment and appliances for commercial use. Any certified equipment is in compliance with health codes and regulations in all states and ensures food safety when you use it.

However, mobile food trucks and trailers themselves are not the items for NSF certification, but the kitchen equipment and appliances in them. Those NSF-certified mobiles are actually those with some certified equipment. Though it is a guarantee of the high quality of the equipment, the certification doesn't mean the trailer or truck is totally built to health codes in a specific state. Things differ a lot in different states. Some ask for certain pieces of certified kitchen equipment in your food trailer, such as water sinks, while others require all NSF-certified equipment. It is necessary to learn your local health regulations first before ordering a mobile food truck trailer.

standard mobile food truck trailers for sale in us


What Does the NSF Certification Mean for Food Trucks and Trailers?

The NSF focuses on the facilitation of public health standards for maintaining sanitation and improvement of global human health. It evaluates a commercial product for food trucks and trailers for its safety, quality, sustainability, and performance. Any NSF-certified equipment in your food trailer means:
  • Safe material: The surface of the equipment is harmless and safe to come into direct contact with food without chemical or pernicious matters.
  • Design for sanitation and hygiene: The equipment has a construction that is easy to clean, lowering the risk of bacterial growth.
  • High standards for food safety: NSF-certified items meet the highest standards in the food serving industry and sanitation requirements in the U.S.
  • Quality electrical system: NSF-certified cooking appliances are designed in accordance with NRTL requirements of OSHA in the U.S. and the electric code requirements of the SCC in Canada.

In conclusion, food trucks and trailers with NSF-certified equipment mean a clean and sanitary commercial mobile kitchen for cooking and serving food in the U.S. A high level of food safety is ensured.


Do You Need NSF-certified Food Trucks and Trailers?

NSF-certified products perform excellently regarding their design, operation, and construction. Is necessary to have one? That depends on where you are.

The NSF is an organization in the U.S. that offers certification for food equipment sold in domestic markets only. NSF-certified food trucks and trailers may fail to meet regulations and rules in other countries, regardless of their highest quality in the U.S. It is preferable to buy one built to certain regulations and laws in your country if you are not in the U.S. because the standards in the U.S does not fit for any other countries.

As for our American clients, the cost of NSF-certified food equipment for their food trucks and trailers is inevitable, according to federal regulations and health codes in most states. A mobile food truck or trailer can not pass the tests and examinations from a health inspector and get permits for the mobile catering business when it is devoid of required certain NSF-certified equipment for mobile food trucks and trailers. That is absolutely damage to your business. Therefore, an NSF certification is required when buying food trucks and trailers in the U.S. However, the required NSF-certified kitchen equipment for food trucks and trailers varies in different states, as we mentioned. You should ask officials in your local health department for a list of NSF-certified equipment. Then, work with a manufacturer on the project of a custom mobile food truck trailer. NSF-certified equipment is much more expensive than its counterparts, after all. Having them all certainly is a burden on your wallet.


What Does the NSF-certified Equipment You Need for Your Food Trucks and Trailers?

Despite different regulations and codes, there is one NSF-certified equipment required most by all states - the water sink. In the food service, the water system obeys the most strict standards and regulations for the sake of food safety. Food trucks and trailers, as mobile kitchens for serving food, should have a 3 compartment water sink that meets the NSF and ANSI standards. Take mobile food service regulation in Oklahoma as an example. It requires that the washing sink should be an NSF-certified "3-compartment sink with sink compartments large enough to immerse at least half of the largest piece of used equipment or utensil" and a separate hand sink.

You must know what the sink looks like if you have checked out our recent projects. It is a commercial water sink made of NSF-certified materials, namely high-quality commercial stainless steel. The sink has 3 compartments for washing, rinsing, and sanitation, rotating taps, water healers, splash guards, drain boards, and tables for holding utensils, totally designed in compliance with health codes and local regulations. A conspicuous NSF mark on the sink signifies its unparalleled quality on the market.

food trailer 3 compartment sink with NSF certification


Leading Food Truck Trailer Manufacturer with NSF-certified Equipment for Your Trailer

Having standard mobile food trucks and trailers is the most vital element for your mobile catering business in the U.S. In addition to the specification of your mobile food truck trailer, the local health department will inspect the equipment in your food trailer. An NSF-certified sink is a piece of equipment that a health inspector would want to see in your mobile unit.

As a leader in food truck trailer design and manufacturing, we can provide one for you. We have NSF-certified 3 compartment water sinks for many food trailer sizes and models. If your county health department requires a water sink with NSF certification, you should tell us before the production of the trailer so a proper NSF-certified sink can be mounted to your vehicle. We are here to provide custom food trucks and trailers designed to the regulations and rules in your city and facilitate you in the process of health inspections!
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