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Michael’ s 13ft Deluxe Mobile Kitchen in Darwin, Australia

mobile kitchen trailer for sale

What do you need to start a business of serving fast food, BBQ, smoothies, toast, and other special dishes? Setting up a restaurant is not an option you have only. A fully equipped mobile kitchen for sale, as a low-cost solution, is a hot choice for most companies. This project we share today is about Michael’s 13ft fully equipped mobile kitchen that goes across Australia, involving mobile kitchen specification, complete equipment list, and cost.


Michael’s 13ft Deluxe Mobile Kitchen in Darwin, Australia

This 13x6.5ft mobile kitchen for sale is the result of the cooperation between our design team and Michael. A brand new dual-axle enclosed trailer is built and converted into a mobile kitchen with a proper design that meets standards and requirements in Australia. With a deluxe configuration, it functions as a great mobile unit for a professional mobile catering company and allows Michael to provide many selections to his customers. This high-end mobile kitchen, along with the kitchen equipment it has, is about $14,000.
13ft deluxe mobile kitchen for sale in australia
fully equipped mobile kitchen for sale in australia


  • Standard electric and water system for the operation of the mobile kitchen.
  • Commercial stainless steel workbench with a wide countertop for installing any type of kitchen equipment.
  • Large 3 compartment sink with splash guards for washing section.
  • Gas pipeline system for the operation of gas kitchen equipment.
  • Functional mobile kitchen equipment, from gas burners and fridges to slush machines.
  • Optimized mobile kitchen design for improving working efficiency.

Standard Configuration of 13ft Deluxe Mobile Kitchen for Sale in Australia

Model The FS600
Size 600*200*230cm
Price Start at $6,550
Weight 1500kg
External Trailer tongue 1 set
Trailer guide wheel 1 set
Axle 2 pcs. (Galvanized steel tube)
Tire 4 pcs.
Heavy-duty support 4 pcs.
Flip-out Concession Window 2 pcs.
Side window 1 set
Rear door 1 set
Drop down folding concession shelf 2 pcs.
Trailer jack with wheel 1 set
Color Light yellow, or any RAL color
Walls Cold-rolled steel plates
Tail lights ADR approved
License light 1 set
Internal Workbenches 2 sets
Light LED lighting bars
Floor Non-slip  aluminium checkered floor
Electricity system Electric panel / sockets / 2*generator receptacle sockets with cower / generator cage / 7-bin connector
Water system 3 compartment water sink / faucets with in-laid heater / auto water pump / water tanks / water taps / floor drain
Flip-out Concession Window 2 pcs.
Side window 1 set
Drop down folding concession shelf 2 pcs.
Trailer jack with wheel 1 set
Walls Cold-rolled steel plates

*The items above support customization to meet certain standards or regulations, and some of them require extras.
*Please contact us for professional advice on your mobile kitchen design and configuration.

mobile kitchen accessaries


A Complete Equipment List of a 13ft Deluxe Mobile Kitchen for Sale 

Outfitting mobile kitchens with kitchen equipment is one of our services. Mobile kitchens have very limited storage space so the cooking equipment you choose should be compact and small. Just leave those commercial fridges and ovens designed for restaurants behind. They are bulky and heavy, taking up too much room. Mobile kitchens should be designed to streamline the workflow and facilitate the cooking step. But, any regular restaurant equipment only results in an improper mobile kitchen design and layout that put a damper on your efficiency. Hence, it is necessary to equip your trailer with mobile kitchen equipment to make it multifunctional and practical.

Here is an equipment package list for Michael’s deluxe mobile kitchen, involving models and prices. Any following items can be added to your mobile kitchen, but their model may be different in order to suit your trailer size.  


Gas Countertop Burner with 4 Burners - $660.00

With a countertop design, a gas burner is a space-efficient unit for cooking dishes of all types. It leaves room for adding other equipment or storing cooking utensils. If you have bakery food on your menu, an upgraded version with a large oven is a perfect choice.

Gas Countertop Fryer with Dual Tanks - $580

This 29kg dual tank gas fryer is an ideal solution for a small mobile kitchen for serving fried food. It has two 14L tanks for frying a large batch of chips, chicken, and fish, making things easy when you deal with lots of orders during rush hours.

Portable Flat Grill - $430.00

As an alternative to griddles, grills have a flat top for heating, frying, and barbecuing. They are powered by gas or propane, so no choking fumes or bright flames in your enclosed mobile kitchen.

Electric Bain Marie - $225.00

It is designed to keep your food warm so that you can prepare dishes in advance and cater for large groups of eaters. It has 5*1/3 food pans for keeping soups, rice, bread, and sauces at an ideal temperature. A transparent glass cover protects dishes from containment and ensures food safety.

Electric Oven - $415.00

It is a compact countertop oven with a large oven cavity for making pizza, roast turkey, and other dishes, allowing you to offer a wide selection of menu items to your eaters. With a portable design, it measures 468*418*387mm.

Slush Machine with Duel Dispensers - $800.00

Don’t forget cold drinks! This slush machine is great for any mobile restaurant and bar. Its space-saving design fits any place in a room-limited kitchen trailer. Just install it next to other cooking appliances and make cold slushes for your eaters! Its 2 transparent bowls show your colorful drinks and boost sales.

Ice Maker - $1,950

This ice maker can produce a large amount of cube ice used for making cold drinks or keeping fresh food cold.

Electric Donut Machine - $920

It is a multifunctional donut machine for forming, dripping, and frying donuts automatically, largely simplifying donut preparation. Its material, food-grade 304 stainless steel, has a good ability to resist corrosion and rust.

Vegetable Chopper - $595

For higher efficiency, a stainless steel vegetable chopper makes it much easier to prepare dishes for over 100 eaters. All kinds of vegetables and fruits, no matter their length, size, or hardness, can be cut into slices with a precise thickness.

2m Commercial Range Hood with Fan - $155.00

For neatness and safety, a range hood should be fixed above the cooking area to remove greasy kitchen fumes. This range hood is designed for mobile kitchen trailers whose ceiling height does not allow the installation of a regular kitchen hood. Its length can be customized.

Food Trailer A/C Unit - $1,300

A food trailer A/C unit cools your mobile kitchen efficiently in summer. It contains about 650g of R-410A refrigerant, a chlorine-free refrigerant that meets the stringent environmental standards in most countries. Don’t worry about the inspection from the local health department.

mobile kitchen with kitchen equipment for sale


Buying a Mobile Kitchen During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The shipping industry and international logistics industry are staggering under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The delivery time is prolonged, and sometimes the logistic service is suspended due to severe covid-19 affliction. High freight and the fear of infection foist people to look for local food truck trailer builders in Australia for their projects, even though the prices they offer are much higher. But, things change now.

Fast Worldwide Delivery if Promised

There are scads of questions centered around delivery asked by our clients. In addition to time and term, they care about whether their custom mobile kitchen can be shipped and delivered to Australia or other countries on time during Covid-19 time or not. The answer is YES. We work with leading shipping companies and local forwarders in Australia, and they can deliver your custom mobile kitchen to your doorstep, no matter which city or town you live in. However, there are many uncertainties. If international shipment and logistic services are not allowed because of the severe pandemic in some regions or countries, the shipping time has to be delayed before the infection is curbed and everything gets back on track. But, the best price is promised, even if the shipping cost increases then.

Measures Against COVID-19 Infection

We promote a ‘Safety First’ approach. All our workers and employees are vaccinated and have negative test results for COVID-19. They will disinfect your mobile kitchen trailer thoroughly before loading it into a shipping container. When the ship arrives at the port, several times of disinfection ensures a minimum infection risk. With our help, you can run your business immediately once the mobile kitchen is delivered to your home.

mobile kitchen trailer delivery


Worldwide Mobile Kitchen Solutions From a Reliable Food Trailer Manufacture

ETO DEVICE is a company providing a comprehensive types of mobile kitchens for sale, turnkey solutions for the mobile catering business, and mobile food kitchen equipment. Since our foundation, we have been committed to providing exceptional solutions to clients from the USA, UK, France, Italy, Australia, Malaysia, and so on. Up till now, our mobile kitchen trailers have been exported to more than 30 countries, which brought lots of benefits for their owners. Check out our recent projects!

Custom Mobile Kitchen Designed For You Only

Every project we offer is unique. As a food trailer manufacturer, we hardly sell bare mobile kitchens that require our customers to do a lot of work in conversion or transformation. Instead, a fully equipped one with all kitchen equipment and appliances clients’ business needs is what we want to offer. Our personalized customer service provides you with a turnkey solution that caters to your needs and wants. Your food trailer concept or idea can be brought to life, with the help of our team! We love challenges, specifically when we build your custom mobile kitchen trailer. Complexity is not an obstacle. With 10 years of experience in manufacturing quality mobile kitchens in food safety standards and codes, we are confident in our products, from customized mobile food trailers to commercial equipment for refrigerating, freezing, cooking, and lighting. Just tell us what you want and where you are. Then, a standard mobile kitchen will be designed as you wish and delivered to your home! Check out our gallery for inspiration!

Fast Worldwide Shipment and Delivery

We are located in China, but our business reaches out of the country. We foster strategic partnerships with leading shipment container companies that have a wide international logistic system. Your custom mobile kitchen, along with cooking equipment, can be delivered to your doorstep, no matter which country you live in. Generally speaking, it takes about 10 days to ship to Asian countries from China, but it will be longer if you are in the UK. Don’t worry. Our partners have the ability to find the shortest route for you, ensuring that you can start your business as soon as possible. Now, contact us for the freight.

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