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The First Mobile Dog Bakery in Houston, Texas

At ETO, we are thrilled to collaborate with Monica, the owner of Layla's Barkery, on the project of creating a one-of-a-kind mobile bakery to extend her business beyond the concession stand. This custom-built bakery on wheels will be a mobile storefront for Monica's brand, delivering all-natural, hand-made treats and cakes for dogs in Huston (That's right. It is not the typical food truck selling delicious chocolate cupcakes or cheesecakes. It is a dog food truck!)

On this page, we will present the unique food truck design of Monica's mobile dog bakery on the basis of Monica's vision at the core, and discuss other details that you may want to know, such as the specifications and costs. So, if you are interested in investing in this new food truck concept, keep reading!


The Story Behind the Unique Mobile Dog Bakery Idea

In a country where food trucks have become a cornerstone of the food industry, mobile bakeries have always been a hot concept as a fully-functional kitchen equipped with bakery facilities, ready to serve up hot bread, sandwiches, and donuts on the go for passersby. A bakery designed for catering to our beloved furry friends? That's quite new.

Several years ago, Monica embarked on a passion project, founding Layla's Barkery, to create healthy and all-nature treats and custom cakes for dogs. Her dedication and love for crafting wholesome goodies for furry friends earned her a loyal customer base. Yet, her business was confined to a concession stand, hindering her from expanding her reach beyond Houston.

That's when the light bulb moment struck – a grand plan was hatched to take her dog food business on a new journey. Monica envisioned a unique and delightful way to offer her treats to dogs all over the city and beyond. The idea? A dog bakery on wheels, bringing her creations directly to her little furry customers across different neighborhoods!

By combining her baking talents with the mobility of a food truck, Monica would transcend the boundaries of a conventional brick-and-mortar bakery. Her unique mobile dog bakery concept would offer convenience to pet parents on the move while also giving the dogs an experience like no other – treats served straight from a charming food truck, infused with love and care.

dog food


Partnering with ETO - A Professional Custom Trailer Manufacturer

As a leading and experienced custom food truck manufacturer, we have exported hundreds of vehicles to various regions across the United States and helped entrepreneurs establish their presence in the mobile food industry. What sets us apart from local dealers or traders is our ability to provide our clients with made-to-order mobile food trucks and trailers by offering a wide array of customization options. From retro horse trailer coffee bars and taco trucks to boutique trailers and mobile flower trucks, we have successfully designed and manufactured numerous customized vehicles based on our client's design ideas and business concepts. (Explore some of our impressive custom projects on this page.)

When we first heard of Monica's unique idea for a mobile dog food truck, we must admit that we were taken aback. We had never produced anything quite like it before, and the pet food industry was relatively unfamiliar territory for us. However, this challenge sparked a burst of inspiration within our design team.

We engaged in extensive discussions with Monica, focusing on every detail of her dog food truck:
  • Food Truck Size: We provided Monica with a comprehensive catalog featuring all our mobile food truck models and detailed specifications. After learning that Monica primarily sells pre-packaged dog food, our team suggested the FR250WD, a small roundtop food truck with a cute appearance. Compared to other small food truck models, this model has a lower price, starting at $2,950. At ETO, we offer only the best within each client's price range.
  • Exterior Design: Our food truck designers shared numerous impressive food truck designs we had created in the past and offered tips on how to design a one-of-a-kind truck to elevate her business and cultivate her brand.
  • Interiors: We made additional enhancements based on the basic layout of the small food truck by installing the food truck refrigeration equipment Monica requested.
  • Functionality: An air conditioner and a stainless steel generator box were installed in the mobile bakery.

Throughout the collaborative process, we made sure to pay careful attention to Monica's preferences and requirements, providing her with our expertise and guidance to create a mobile dog food truck that meets her design ideas.


Perfect Dog Food Truck Design

After over a month of a collaborative effort between our team and Monica, we are thrilled to announce the completion of Houston's first-ever Mobile Dog Bakery!

custom built mobile bakery

Let's take a closer look at the impeccable design of this unique rolling bakery that will delight both pups and their owners.
  • The mobile bakery measures 2.5 meters in length and stands 2 meters tall. The interior width is expanded to 2 meters, providing ample space for Monica to carry a substantial inventory.
  • The truck features a charmingly curved ceiling, the distinctive feature of roundtop food truck models, that adds a touch of cuteness to the overall design.
  • The exterior is painted in Pastel Turquoise, complemented by white side frames. This clever combination creates an inviting and cheerful ambiance, perfect for any occasion or event.
  • Prominently displayed on the front of the truck is the logo of Layla's Barkery - the lovable cartoon character of Layla and the brand name. Beneath the logo, a concise slogan, "Spoiling Your Pups With Simple Ingredients," reflects Monica's core business value of providing delicious and healthy treats for all dogs.
  • The addition of an LED light box on the side further enhances the visibility of Monica's business, ensuring that it stands out in any setting.
  • One side of the bakery truck has an enlarged concession window, facilitating easy interaction between Monica and her customers, and their dogs. The window is equipped with a drop-down stainless steel table that serves as an extra countertop.

small mobile bakery design



Model: GL-FR250WD
Length: 250cm (8.2ft)
Full Length: 380cm (12.5ft)
Width: 200cm (6.5ft)
Height: 230cm (7.5ft)
Weight: 650kg
Color: RAL6034
Electrical: 110V/60HZ
8ft small bakery food truck for sale

Unique Dog Food Truck Lighting Design

Feeling like it lacks a bit of pizzazz? How about we light it up when the sun goes down?

mobile bakery truck design

As one of the unique features of the small dog food truck, the lighting design casts a magical glow that draws dogs to approach and leads their owners to come forward to the truck, no matter daytime or nighttime.
  • The body of the truck is adorned with LED lighting strips that emit a warm, golden glow at night.
  • The area beneath the concession window is adorned with several small LED units. These units are programmed to change colors at a set pace.
  • Near the window, there is an additional controller that grants Monica the ability to control these lighting elements and set the perfect mood for different events.

Not only do these lights illuminate the food truck, making it more visible and aesthetically pleasing at night, but they also shine a spotlight on Monica's business. After all, who can resist the allure of sparkling lights, especially curious dogs eager to explore?

If utility is your primary concern, read this blog for a detailed breakdown of all the lighting equipment options we offer: The Expert Guide to Food Trailer Lighting Designs and Options


How Much Does it Cost to Customize a Mobile Bakery?

When it comes to customizing a mobile bakery, one question is on everyone's mind: the cost. As a manufacturer based in China, we take pride in offering more competitive prices than our local counterparts in the United States.

The total price for customizing this 8ft mobile bakery comes to $5,970, including both the base truck price and the additional costs associated with customization options.


$ Small Food Truck Price:

This roundtop food truck is one of our best-selling models in the United States and Europe, with a base price starting at $2,950. The price includes the following items:
Brand New Food Truck
  • Road-legal Chassis
  • Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Cold-rolled Steel Body
  • Insulation
  • Concession Window
  • Side Window
  • Tires
Electrical System
  • Electrical Panel Board
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Sockets
  • Generator Receptacle with Cover
  • 7 pin Trailer Connector
  • Interior Lighting Units
Water Cycle System
  • 2 Compartment Water Sink
  • Hot & Cold Water Faucet
  • 12V Auto Water Pumps
  • Floor Drain
  • 25L Food Grade Plastic Clean & Waste Water Tanks
  • 88cm Safety Chain
  • Trailer Hitch Ball
  • Trailer Coupler
  • heavy-duty Support Legs
  • heavy-duty Trailer Jack with Wheel
  • Easy to Clean Interior Walls & Ceiling
  • Non-slip Aluminium Checkered Floor
  • 201 Stainless Steel Workbench with Cabinets
  • Stainless Steel Wall Shelf

$ Pricing for Customizations

It's important to highlight that our customization services come at no additional cost for design and installation. We only charge for the extra equipment and materials required. Below are the extra add-ons for Monica's small dog food truck and their respective costs:
Items Costs
Sliding Doors on the Cabinets $270
250L Under-counter Freezer $700
20m LED Light Strips $250
Custom LOGO Sticker $300
LED on Concession Window $350
Air Conditioner $550
40L Pull-out Trash Cans $150
Stainless Steel Generator Box $250
Spare Tires $200

$ Shipping & Freight Fees

When collaborating with overseas manufacturers, shipping costs are an integral part of the process that cannot be overlooked. For Monica's custom mobile bakery food truck, the shipping cost from a Chinese port to her specified port in Houston, Texas, amounts to $4,350.

However, this price is an estimate as shipping costs can vary significantly based on factors such as weight, dimensions, shipping route, destination, and delivery method. We recommend contacting our team to discuss the design and specifications of your custom-built food truck first. Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, our team will assist you in selecting the optimal shipping solution and provide a detailed quotation tailored to your needs.

As Monica is our new customer, we are pleased to offer her a discount of 1% on the total cost.


LAYLA'S BARKERY - The First Mobile Dog Bakery in Houston

Just a week ago, Monica joyfully watched as her dream became a reality. She had her mobile bakery delivered to her doorstep and began the exciting task of assembling its parts. Monica couldn't contain her excitement, and she took to Instagram to share her journey, announcing that Layla’s Barkery is now officially the one and only mobile dog bakery in the Houston area. We eagerly anticipate the upcoming opening event for Monica's mobile bakery, which marks the beginning of a new chapter for her bakery business.

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