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Pizza Catering Trailer for Sale in London, UK

How to expand a mobile catering business with low investment in the UK? That is a question from an owner who runs a company for catering events and management in London. His orders were from customers in the vicinity. He drove his car to one event from another, with his cooking machines and cooking skills. As his business thrived, he was looking for a good time to expand his pizza business and explore more opportunities in other places with traffic foot. Then, he sent us an inquiry, asking about the details of our pizza catering trailer for sale in the UK. But why did the client in the market for a mobile pizza catering trailer? Why not set up a pizza shop?

pizza catering trailer for sale in the uk


Mobile Pizza Trailer: Start Your Catering Business With Less Money

How much does it cost to have a pizza shop? It is about $100,000, even if in a place with a low population. The high price is a hinder for most entrepreneurs, particularly those who run start-up companies. In the inquiry, our client mentioned his budget for his project, which was about $7,000-$8,000. You know, the monthly operating costs of a pizza shop franchise are more than that. Is it possible for our client to expand his pizza catering business within his budget?Of course, if he start a mobile pizza trailer business in the UK!

1. Low Startup Costs

A mobile pizza trailers is a high-profit business in the catering industry. Low investment, it requires, is one of the main reasons. The expensive food concession trailer for sale, airstream food trailer, in the UK is priced at $15,000. It is affordable than a restaurant franchise for most people. All in all, running a mobile pizza trailer catering business in the UK will save a lot of money that you can pay for daily operating costs, such as parking, fuel, and trailer maintenance.

2. Low Operation Costs

What does it require to operate a mobile pizza trailer business smoothly? A team including cooks, servers, and managers? A perfect location with a high rent?Fancy decoration and design? All these are indispensable for a restaurant, but not for a mobile pizza trailer. In order to run a pizza trailer business, the following things are what you need:
  • Excellent working skills as a cook, cashier, server, and cleaner - Free if you have working experience in a pizza shop
  • Functional cooking equipment for making food, no matter is new or used one - We can provide you with all the kitchen machines you need at the best price.
  • Pizza boxes for take-out delivery - Buy them at a wholesale price from us
  • Special recipes - Free
  • A location with many potential eaters as possible -Free


Pizza Catering Trailer for Sale in the UK

Since the foundation of our company, as a food truck trailer builder, we have consummated dozens of deals with clients from the UK. Now, the United Kingdom is the second largest market for us. We offer various kinds of pizza catering trailers for sale in the UK market. Which is the ideal one for our client? Check out the following mobile pizza catering trailers we built within the client’s budget.
pizza catering trailer for sale
the dimension of the pizza catering trailer for sale uk.jpg

Mobile Pizza Trailer For Client’s Catering Business in London, UK


Model: YT-FS220
Dimension: 2.2x2x2.3m
Gross Weight: 550kg
Voltage: 220V, 50hz
Color: Black


  • Front/Rear Stainless Steel Work Benches
  • 2 Compartment Water Sinks with Faucets for Cold/Hot Water, 2 25L Water Tanks, and a Floor Drain
  • 220V Horizontal Refrigerator under the Front Workbench
  • Stainless Steel Shelf
  • A Concession Window and a Small Window

the design of pizza catering trailer for sale uk

the layout of the pizza catering trailer for sale uk



  • Power sockets (Type G)
  • External Inlet/Outlet Sockets for the Generator with a Cover
  • Tail Lights
  • 4 Supports for Stabilizing the Mobile Pizza Trailer
  • A Tongue Jack

the layout of the pizza catering trailer


What Machines Do You Need To Run a Mobile Pizza Trailer Catering Business in the UK?

A mobile pizza trailer can not make pizza if it is not equipped with basic cooking equipment. It is cheap to buy an empty food trailer, but the cost you spend on purchasing kitchen machines for it will empty your wallet. So, why not let us handle everything? Here is a list of systems and machines that the mobile pizza trailer is equipped with:

1. Electrical System, Water System, and Propane Tubing

These 2 are indispensable elements for running a mobile pizza trailer catering business. Every type of mobile pizza trailer for sale we offer in the UK has been outfitted with electrical systems and water systems so that our clients can start their business immediately. The tubing for water or propane is under the work tables because of the client’s requirement for a neat environment. In addition, electrical sockets are rearranged so it is more convenient for our client to power his cooking machines.

2. 1.2m Pizza Fridge (200L)

Where to store pizza dough and toppings? In a commercial pizza fridge! It has 7 stainless steel units for refrigerating ingredients, a huge countertop for making pizza, and a 200L fridge to keep pizza dough at the ideal temperature, from 0 to 10℃. It makes everything within your reach!

3. 1.5m Concession Trailer Hood

How to keep the mobile pizza trailer clean and fresh? An exhaust hood to remove the grease and smoke from your trailer. Its material is 430 stainless steel, highly durable and heat-tolerant. The concession trailer hood, coupled with a vent on the back side of the mobile pizza trailer, pulls fumes and heat out of the pizza oven. The size of the exhaust hood is customized according to the dimensions of the trailer or the cooking area.

4. A Cash Drawer

The era of digital payment has come for a long time. However,  cash is one of the common payment methods in many countries. According to analysis, customers prefer cash when they pay for something cheap, particularly food. You may miss a potential customer if you don’t have a cash drawer for some change.

5. More Cooking Machines That a Mobile Pizza Trailer Business Requires

There is some cooking equipment to improve your experience when operating a mobile pizza trailer catering business in the UK.
  • Pizza Ovens: A piece of fresh hand-made pizza is more palatable than a heated one. A portable pizza oven allows you to make hot pizza in your trailer!
  • Gas Fryers: Fried meat has a special flavor, such as bacon, and it is a hot topping for pizza. With a gas fryer, the preparation of ingredients will be much easier.
  • Pizza Warmers: Everyone like fresh pizza, which is hot from the oven! How to store your pizza at ideal temperatures? You need a food warmer with tiers! It keeps the flavor, taste, and texture of pizza for a long time, and displays your food to clients.

equipment for the mobile pizza trailer


Pizza Catering Trailer for Sale in the UK: How Much Does It Cost?

As we mentioned, operating a mobile pizza trailer business needs less investment than a brick-and-mortar restaurant. So, what is the price of the pizza catering trailer for sale in the UK? Here is the quota we sent to the client.

Empty Pizza Catering Trailer (220x200x230cm) - $2,700
Pizza Fridge (120*60*80cm) - $890
Doors for the Cabinet under the Woke Tables - $60
1.5m Exhaust Hood - $320
Insurance Cost - $30
Total Cost (except shipping freight) - $4,000

You can get a standard pizza trailer for the catering business with $4,000 in the UK. Of course, there are some potential costs, such as permits and license a pizza trailer requires in the UK, ingredients for making pizza, and the fuel for the pizza trailer. However, the start-up costs are much lower than 8,000$, even if all these items are considered. That is perfectly within the price range of the client.



Is Mobile Pizza Trailer Business Profitable in the UK?

Gaining profits is the aim of every entrepreneur. Is it a good choice to operate a mobile pizza trailer business in the UK? You need to do some analysis of the UK market for pizza.  

A Promising Market for Pizza Takeaway

Mobile pizza trailer is a kind of takeaway business. A statistic released weeks before noted, the UK market size of pizza takeaway rises at a stable pace of 3.4% annually, which is faster than the growth of other industries. Now, the market size reaches $3.5bn and is expected to expand further. The mobile pizza trailer is the one that leads to the promising situation. There are hundreds of food trailers on British streets, and they make it easier for people to get a hunk of cheesy pizza at any time. People will wait in line in front of your mobile pizza trailer when you park the trailer near a place with a high population. Who can resist the smell of a good pizza?

the delivery of pizza catering trailer to the uk

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