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Why is it Better to Buy Custom Food Trucks and Trailers Designed for Your Business?

custom food trucks and trailers

Buyers have the inclination to buy food trucks and trailers in stock, whether they are new or used due to the fast delivery time. However, custom food trucks and trailers are better if you are serious about your business and expect growth in the long term. On the one hand, they set you free from the established specification, layout, and fixed kitchen equipment. On the other hand, your food trailer design ideas will be turned into reality. It is satisfying to have a food truck or trailer built with all the features you require, isn't it?

This blog mainly talks about the benefits of customizing food trucks and trailers in 6 aspects of quality, price, health code, layout, kitchen equipment, and design respectively.


Make Sure that Everything is Brand New & Functional

Be prudent when purchasing a food truck or trailer. You are likely to buy a used one, even though its sellers claim it is "brand new". It is refurbished outside and in to remove the tarnish and corrosion. The dirty under the sink is clean, and the leak faucets are replaced. It seems that nothing is wrong, but the used mobile trailers/trucks are of inferior quality. That is the fact you have to admit it. Problems soon come to you and put a halt to your business, bringing you a large number of economic losses. Then, how to make sure the purchase of brand-new food trucks and trailers is of high quality? Ask for customization from the custom food trailer builders.

At ETO DEVICE, the delivery time is a little longer because our custom food trucks and trailers are made to order and built from scratch. Every component of the vehicle is brand new, from the heavy-duty chassis and reinforced galvanized steel frame. Besides, the stainless steel kitchen equipment installed in the trailer is sourced from leading manufacturers so their quality is guaranteed. During the manufacturing process, our clients will receive videos and pictures of how our workers and electricians weld the galvanized steel tubes, wire their custom food trucks and trailers, and install new cooking appliances, helping them monitor the progress of their builds.

All the custom food trailer builders place a high value on their profitability, and so do we. However, the success of your business is far more important to us. For us, providing high-quality and functional food trailers and trucks is a value we have adhered to since our foundation. Quality should never be put aside in production. The action of converting used vehicles is highly profitable and time-saving, but it is prohibited at our factory. At ETO, every food truck and trailer, no matter customized or prefabricated, is brand new and has a free 365-day warranty. Product tests and assessments will be conducted by our quality inspectors before the shipment, ensuring the delivery of only quality custom food trucks and trailers to our clients.
ETO factory for customizing food trucks and trailers
production of custom food trucks and trailers


Start Your Business within Your Budget

How much start-up money do you have to run a food trailer business? As we know, a large amount of it should be set aside for buying food trucks and trailers. For most people, the food trailer price is not cheap so buyers are highly price sensitive when they browse thousands of models on 'eBay' or ' AliExpress '. According to the survey, the click rates of these food trucks and trailers with explicit prices are much higher than those has a wide price range. The food trailer price matters, particularly for those starters who lack sufficient budgets. A clear price tag helps them to detect food trucks and trailers that they can afford, which saves a lot of time and energy for them. Things become vogue when buying custom food trucks and trailers. Lots of kitchen appliances and add-ons require extras and too many implicit costs in the customization. Buyers are afraid of the final quote that is much higher than their expectations after working for a few weeks with the custom food trailer builders on their projects. But, is that true?

To be honest, custom food trucks and trailers are budget-friendly solutions for starting your business. It does not mean that they are much cheaper than prefabricated ones. Allowing you to stay on your budget is one of the advantages of customization. At ETO DEVICE, the client's budget, along with the requirement for the equipment, is the main factor we consider when our professional team customizes and designs their builds. Our aim is to provide affordable custom food trucks and trailers with all the features and specifications that our clients demand. Don't worry about the price. A quote clearly describing each item and its cost will be given to you for free. No surprising extras. Every dollar you spend is used to manufacture the custom food trucks and trailers you dream of. Just tell us what you are looking for and your price range.

Have doubt of our ability? Check out the following custom solutions that we have designed for our clients according to their budgets.
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custom food trucks and trailers for sale


Meet All the Health Codes & Regulations in Your City

Why pay a large sum of money for a food truck or trailer that can not be used in your city? It happens a lot, especially when buying it overseas. Unlike a common vehicle, food trucks and trailers must comply with health codes and regulations in terms of their specifications and features. But, these codes vary by location. For example, tail lights and tires with DOT certification, NSF-certified 3 compartment water sinks and hand sinks, and commercial hood systems are required in most states of the USA. If your mobile unit is devoid of any equipment above, it can not be used in any business, unless you pay extra for these indispensable items and install them on your own. What a hassle. So, how to buy food trucks and trailers built based on the health codes in your city? Consider working with custom food trailer builders.

Custom food trucks and trailers put you in the driver's seat. With a plenitude of available options, they can be perfectly built to meet specific regulations and codes in your city and equipped with the required equipment. ETO has exported hundreds of products to over 50 countries and is familiar with what it takes to build quality food trucks and trailers that please health inspectors. No matter where you are, Canada, the EU, or the US, we have the ability to give you custom food trucks and trailers that guarantee the fast application of permits and licenses for your business. Now, tell us where you are going to operate your food trailer business and what codes and rules it has.

fully equipped custom food trailer built in compliance with health codes


Set You Free from the Mobile Kitchen Layout

In addition to exterior design, the kitchen layout is a vital factor you should consider in the process of choosing a proper vehicle for your mobile catering business. Given the food trailer size, it is important to use every inch of the trailer properly. An efficient mobile kitchen layout not only maximizes the interior space in a small food trailer but improves your efficiency. However, there is no one-size-fits-all layout template because buyers have different demands for the equipment. The existing layouts of used or prefabricated food trucks and trailers can not be changed as easily as replacing the countertop cooking appliances, like air fryers and microwaves, and it narrows your choices of cooking appliances. So, why not customize the mobile kitchen layout according to your need from the start?

When buying custom food trucks and trailers, their interior layout is 100% customized and outfitted with the required equipment. Want to have a wall shelf to increase the storage room in your trailer? Need a gelato display at the front table to show your ice cream? Or install sinks near the cooking area? All your requirements can be met! Our professional design team works with our clients from the start on customizing and tailoring an efficient mobile kitchen layout that works best for their businesses and workflows. If you are vague about the layout of your mobile kitchen, check out our gallery which shows the popular custom food trucks and trailers whose layouts may inspire you.

kitchen layouts of the custom food trucks and trailers


Choose the Kitchen Equipment Based on Your Menu

That food truck/trailer looks great in design and quality, and its price is good, but the kitchen equipment in it is not what you need at all. Will you buy it? Would you like to spend extra on the purchase and installation of new equipment or change your business type?

According to their models, most used food trucks and trailers are equipped with kitchen equipment for making a certain kind of food. For example, mobile ice cream trailers are outfitted with refrigeration equipment, such as the fridge, freezer, and ice cream display. The gas griddle and deep fryer, common appliances in mobile catering trailers, can never be found in them. For those who want to sell ice cream paired with crepes or French Fries, it is bad news that gives just two options: either source proper cooking appliances on their own or change their menus, even though the items on them are highly profitable.

When customizing your build, you are able to choose the right commercial kitchen equipment and appliances in accordance with the food you sell. A gas griddle can be added to the mobile coffee shop to feed customers with fresh breakfast in the morning, and a pizza trailer can have a soft-serve ice cream machine to provide a cold treat. Use different commercial cooking equipment to create more tasty dishes! Of course, you should be prudent when selecting the equipment for your food trailers, given its small space. The following page is an ultimate guide that tells everything you need to know about the food trailer kitchen equipment, including its types and costs.
How to Choose the Right Kitchen Equipment for a Food Trailer?

portable kitchen equipment for food trailers


Match Your Business Type Perfectly

What are the hottest food trailers/trucks? Ice cream trailers, small hot dog trailers, BBQ competition trailers, bubble tea trucks, and so on. You can find one on the websites of all food trailer and truck builders. What about Thai food trailers, donut trailers, or Taco trailers? Unfortunately, you don't have too many choices. Trailer/truck conversion is a feasible plan. But, custom food trucks and trailers are recommended when there is not an available model for your business because they can be tailored to match your business perfectly.
  • Choose the Right Specification: All food trailer models, sizes, and specifications are available for customization. Don't focus on what options you have but on what you truly need.
  • Design a Unique Look: It is a part that our design team loves the most. A properly designed food trailer/truck is a good opportunity to market your business. You can change the color of your trailer, have a logo lighting unit, and print your brand and graphic on the vehicle. Our team can help to make your custom food trailer cohesive to your business type.
  • Have the Features Your Business Needs: How to increase sales? In addition to providing good food and excellent services, having things like retractable awnings and LED lighting units to create a relaxing and comfortable dining atmosphere is a perfect solution as well. In customization, your mobile unit can be added many functional add-ons that create a pleasant experience for you and your eaters.

Check out our custom projects for clients from all over the world.

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As one of the leading custom food trailer builders, we look forward to working with you on custom food trucks and trailers that allow you to make profits!
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