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Custom Mobile Food Trailer for Mexican Street Corn

custom mobile food trailer for sale

When it comes to the mobile Mexican food business, a taco trailer for sale is the unit that most food vendors are looking for. But, it is not the topic today. This turnkey solution talks about a custom mobile food trailer for Mexican street corn.
“Do you have a custom mobile food trailer for sale? ” This is a question from Osamah, a client in Illinois. “...I want a food trailer to sell my street corn in America. But I didn’t find one on your website...”, he added. That’s sure. We don’t have a Mexican street corn trailer. The Ice Cream Tacos is the only Mexican food trailer for sale we offer. It seems that we have lost the opportunity to work with the client, right? But, in fact, it is just the opposite. After weeks of discussing and working, a custom mobile food trailer for Osamah’s street corn business was built with the endeavor of our designers and engineers. Customization is one of the services most customers ask about. If you are not sure of our mobile units on our website, keep reading this solution for building a custom mobile food trailer for the Mexican street corn business.

mexican food trailer for sale


How to Choose the Right Custom Mobile Food Trailer?

The first step in designing and building a custom mobile food trailer is to determine the size of a food trailer. It is not an easy task. Since our foundation, innovation has been our principle and pursuit. There are over 50 food trailers for sale, with distinctive features and sizes. It is not easy for a starter to choose an ideal one, just like Osamah, wavering his choice between a 13ft airstream food trailer and a 9ft rounded food trailer. Before we provide any suggestions on any size or model, the following questions must be answered.

What Do You Sell on Your Custom Mobile Food Trailer?

If you only have one option for your eaters, the investment of a food trailer is not necessary, A small and cheap food cart for sale is a better choice. People tend to offer more choices to their customers for more profits. So, a mobile bar is capable of selling cold drinks, snacks, and fried food, as some of our buyers expect. If items on your menu are over 10 and more appliances and utensils are required during the cooking process, a 10ft-26ft food trailer provides you with sufficient room for working and storing.
Osamah’s business focuses on selling corn with tasteful toppings and refreshing sodas. Most ingredients are processed at home or commissary. Osamah needs a vehicle to sell his Mexican street corn legally. Since he doesn’t need too much cooking area, a 10ft or 7ft custom food trailer is a good option for his business.

What’s Your Budget?

A small food trailer is priced from $2,000-$5,000. The final price depends on the model and other customization options. Airstream food trailer was crossed off on Osamah’s purchase list because of its high price. Osamah told us he only had $10,000 for his street vending business, and he was reluctant to spend most of it on a trailer. Therefore, we introduced the GL-280WD, a 9x6.5ft food trailer we designed this year. It is a classic round shape food trailer for sale, with a large service window. In comparison to its counterparts, it has an affordable price. You can buy a whole new one for $4,000 or lower.

FR280WD food trailers for sale


Osamah’s Custom Mobile Food Trailer for Mexican Street Corn

Model: YT-FR280WD
Size 2800*2000*2350mm
Color RAL3013
Weight 650kg
Power 110V/60HZ
Axle One
Power Outlets Type G (American Standard)
Equipment Kits Electric system, including power outlets, an adaptor, and wires; Water system, including standard sinks, faucets, 25L water tanks, and floor drain; Lighting units; Trailer brake; DOT tail lights; Trailer jack with wheel
custom mobile food trailer for mexican street corn
custom mobile trailer for sale

Options for Your Custom Mobile Food Trailer

There is much work to be done after choosing the model and size of a mobile food trailer. There are options we provide to build a custom mobile food trailer for your business.

1. Food Trailer Color

Most Mexican food trailers for sale are in a bright color, creating a feeling of vibrancy and buoyancy. When Osamah asked for our advice, we shared a blog - The Secret of Food Trailer Colors - with him. It mainly talks about how the food trailer color influences your mobile vending business. Osamah finally chose red, a conspicuous color for the fast food business. A proper food trailer color draws more attention. We can paint your food trailer in a customized color using the global RAL standards if you prefer other colors.

2. Kitchen Appliance

This is a big part of the customization. A fully equipped mobile food trailer saves you a lot of energy and money. You don’t need to hire electricians to wire your food trailer. We sent a catalog of food trailer kitchen equipment to Osamah. Here is what his Mexican street corn trailer is equipped with:
  • Stainless Steel Worktable with Cabinets
  • 4 Pan Gas Warmer
  • 5 Pan on the front Worktable
  • 118L Vertical Fridge
  • A Cash Drawer
  • A Juice Machine with 4 Tanks
  • NSF 2-Compartment Sinks with Faucet
  • Exhaust Hood With a Fan
custom mobile food trailer design

3. Custom Mobile Food Trailer Design Options

Do you want a unique mobile food trailer for your business? We have a design team with the aim to realize each client’s idea and concept of an impressive and striking food trailer. You have many choices to decorate your vehicle, from the logo sticker conveying your services and business to eaters to food trailer LED lighting units creating a special effect at night. The following are 8 hot design options for a custom mobile food trailer:
  • Colorful Food Trailer LED Lights on the Service Window
  • LED Strips
  • Logo Sticker on the trailer
  • Advertisement Lighting Unit
  • 3D Logo Lighting
  • Music System
  • LED Bar for Menu
  • Retractable Awning


How Long Does It Take to Produce a Custom Mobile Food Trailer?

When shopping online, buyers strongly prefer products that are in stock and delivered on time. As a quality provider selling customized products, we know clearly that a long production time lowers customer satisfaction. No one is willing to wait months just for a food trailer, particularly those who run a seasonal business, such as an ice cream trailer business.

We have a group of skillful workers who have more than 10 years of experience in our factory. They know all the processes and steps of producing a custom mobile food trailer. Once our design team reaches a consensus with you on the 2D model of your custom mobile food trailer, the confirmed design will be sent to our manufacturing department. Generally, a mobile food trailer can be built within 20 workdays after you pay the deposit. Sometimes, the production time is longer because of any special circumstances, such as a lack of the kitchen appliances you require. Buy, there is one thing that is 100% guaranteed - your custom mobile food trailer will be delivered to your home as soon as possible when you pay. Our staff will keep in touch with the manufacturing department to check the process of producing your vehicle for you.

production of custom mobile food trailer
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