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France Les Délices d’Anaïs’s Small Catering Trailer

“Small Catering Trailer, Premier Catering Experience ”

Les Délices d'Anaïs is a husband-and-wife-operated mobile food trailer business that offers fresh, made-with-love breakfasts, brunches, and snacks in France. Their small catering trailer made its debut at the Journée du Vélo - Le Cannet where it created an incredible culinary experience for all attendees, and that marked the start of their journey into more culinary adventures and unforgettable catering services. The entire ETO DEVICE team takes great pride in being part of Les Délices d'Anaïs' small food trailer project and delivering exactly what they expected.

Keep reading to learn more about this custom-built small catering trailer, including its highlights, features, layout, design, and cost, and see how we provide a 100% custom food trailer solution for our clients.

7ft Small Catering Trailer

Cute Steel Food Trailer Model of Great Durability & Strength

Les Délices d'Anaïs wanted a mobile food trailer that could handle tough road conditions and withstand outdoor elements for their frequent travels to various events, most of them outdoor, so quality and durability were their top priorities. Our full steel trailer series, each featuring a durable and rigid galvanized steel chassis, axle and frames, a cold-rolled steel trailer shells and stainless steel accessories, is the perfect option.

This trailer series offers various models and sizes, and we unanimously agreed that the FR220WD was the perfect model, considering their requirements for a food trailer weighing less than 750kg but with maximum kitchen space.

We built the FR220WD following standard procedures, painted it in the specified color, and equipped it with custom trailer accessories, EU-compliant electrical fixtures, and kitchen equipment. We used thicker steel for added durability. Every detail was designed and constructed according to Les Délices d'Anaïs's specifications.
Other Key Features of ETO FR220WD

- Wider Kitchen Space -
The FR220WD mini food trailer's width extends to over 7ft, which is 2ft wider than other roundtop models. This extra width creates a spacious food trailer interior for more kitchen space and storage.

- Lighter than 750kg -
Even though it's an all-steel trailer, the small catering trailer weighs just 700kg. This lightweight trailer makes it easy for most vehicles to tow and simplifies obtaining road and operational approvals.

- EU-compliant Electrical Fixtures -

All electrical components, including wiring, circuit breakers, sockets, switches, and lighting fixtures, meet EU standards and are compatible with all appliances, equipment, and generators available in the French market.

- Large Concession Window -

A standout feature of this roundtop model is its large gas-strut concession window that includes a fold-down stainless steel shelf that provides additional countertop space when it drops down.

- Standard Gas Pipeline -

We pre-installed a standard gas pipeline in the small catering trailer and left connections available for easy equipment installation. Cooking with gas in a food trailer now is as safe and easy as doing it at home.

- Extra Supports -
The trailer chassis features four heavy-duty trailer scissor stabilizers that provide stability and balance when the trailer is parked. Additionally, we provide four extra stabilizers as spare parts.

- Upgrade Trailer Accessories -

Upgraded accessories include a custom 50x50x50cm stainless steel generator box, a custom propane tank holder, and a trailer step.


Fully Functional & Equipped Mobile Kitchen

Small in Space, But Powerful in Features

When people think of catering trailers, they often picture long concession trailers or trucks. It's a common belief that larger vehicles offer more kitchen space. However, small food trailers can also serve as excellent mobile catering trailers, providing top-notch buffet services for events of all sizes.
Les Délices d'Anaïs had high demands for kitchen functionality due to their diverse menu, which ranges from fresh salads to classic hot dogs, most of which need to be prepared in the trailer. That's our specialty - turning a mobile food trailer into a fully equipped commercial kitchen on wheels, despite of its size. Here, we have experienced food trailer designers and kitchen layout experts, and we offer a wide variety of restaurant equipment and cooking appliances. So, nothing to it.

We had several discussions with Les Délices d'Anaïs about their kitchen equipment needs, including types, models, sizes, and energy requirements. After finalizing them all, our experts began working on how to fit everything into the 7x7ft space while ensuring enough room for both owners to work simultaneously. It wasn't easy, but we made it anyway - turning this mini food trailer into a mobile kitchen with areas for food preparation, cooking, reheating, refrigeration, cleaning, storage, and ventilation! In this small catering trailer, Les Délices d'Anaïs created dishes that are a feast for the eyes and taste buds and brought them to their guests.
What Is the Small Catering Trailer Included Inside?
  • Easy-to-clean interior walls
  • Stainless steel workbench with sliding door cabinets
  • Non-slipping Aluminum floor
  • LED lights
  • 6*220V sockets
  • Stainless steel 2 compartment water sink
  • Commercial faucet
  • 12V water pump
  • 25L food-grade plastic water tank
  • 25L food-grade plastic waste water tank
  • Floor drain
  • 300L bench fridge freezer
  • Stainless steel wall shelf
  • Cash drawer
  • 0.8m stainless steel exhaust hood
  • Gas pasta boiler
  • Gas crepe machine
  • Electric sandwich maker
  • Hot dog warmer
  • Popcorn making machine
  • 100L cake display
  • Gas griddle
* All these are brand-new and commercial-grade, and some of them are upgrade options.
Small Catering Trailer Interior Design


Model: FR220WD
Dimensions: L220xW200xH235CM
Full Dimensions: L355xW200xH235CM
Color: RAL6021
Electrical: 220V/50HZ
Net Weight: 700KG
Tyre Size: 165R13LT
Max. Load Weight: 1,140KG

Small Catering Trailer Price

One of the Affordable Food Trailer Solutions for Mobile Catering We Offer!

At ETO, we may not claim to offer the world's best food trailers, but we ensure they are the most suitable for you, especially from an economic standpoint. We offer pre-configurations that fit various budgets, with prices differing by thousands of dollars. Our most affordable options come from our small food trailer series, ranging from 7ft to 10ft in length.
The small catering trailer we customized for Les Délices d'Anaïs costs around $7,000, including customizations and upgrades. If you purchase a similar configuration, you will need to consider additional shipping costs.
If you have your own equipment and appliances and do not require any additional items, the small food trailer price can be as low as $3,000. Moreover, if you purchase multiple units at once, the price can be even lower! The basic configuration of the FR220WD is not an empty concession trailer. It still comes with essential trailer accessories, electrical fittings, and kitchen equipment. Contact our sales team to learn what is included in the basic configuration.
Standard FR220WD Interior

If this is not your option, ETO offers a wide range of impressive small food trailers for sale, each with its own special features and highlights. Go to this page to explore them all!

ETO DEVICE, Your Reliable Custom Food Trailer Builder!

We Serve, Ship & Deliver Worldwide!

Welcome to ETO DEVICE, where you can find mobile catering solutions that match your budget and business needs. We are an international food trailer builder headquartered in Henan, China.  Since our establishment, we have proudly designed, manufactured, and delivered up to 4,000 food trailer projects across more than 50 countries and regions. (Go to this page to check out some of them) Our offerings include coffee trailers, ice cream trailers, hot dog stands, and mobile kitchens.

Our true strength lies in our customization services. This service allows our clients to modify our pre-configurations or build from scratch to create the perfect custom food trailer that meets every one of their requirements. We offer a broader range of customization options than our competitors, including trailer color, construction materials, special trailer accessories, restaurant equipment, cooking equipment, and custom marketing solutions. Essentially, you name it, we offer it.

We have produced many high-quality trailers for brands and individuals from EU member states, especially France, and helped them start and expand their mobile catering businesses. Shipping, customs clearance, and delivery are not issues for us, no matter where you are.

If you haven't found a local food trailer builder that meets your design requirements in France, perhaps you could give us a chance and talk to our design team about your mobile food trailer project. We have the capability to provide you with something that exceeds your expectations!
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