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quality food trailers

Custom quality food trailers

Reasons to choose ETO DEVICE to build your concession trailer

We have been appearing all over the world as a quality food trailer manufacturer. From design to manufacture to delivery, it is performed by a professional team. Our 8000㎡ manufacturing workshop has professional cutting, welding, painting and installation engineers, all of whom have more than 5 years of experience.

We work with Chinese brand steel, aluminum and kitchen equipment factories to build your food trailer with the best materials.

Our certifications: DOT, CE

High quality materials we use

  • 304 stainless steel interior trim or quality aluminum composite panel interior trim
  • Stainless steel worktop and storage compartments
  • Brand new commercial appliances and kitchen equipment
  • Aluminum pattern anti-skid anti-rust floor
  • Galvanized anti-rust steel frame
  • standard car tires
  • Professional Resin Car Paint

quality food trailer kitchen  quality concession food trailer kitchen

Some of the high quality food trailers we've built!

black quality food trailer  blue quality food trailer
custom quality food trailer  quality burger trailer
quality catering food trailer  quality coffee trailer
quality hot dog trailer  white quality concession trailer

If you are looking for high quality custom concession food trailer, you have come to the right place. We understand how important this mobile food business is to you, so we adhere to the best design and construction process. High-quality trailers bring you the road to success and honor us.

Start building your custom concession trailer today! Contact our engineers!
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