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Mexican Food Cart Trailer For Sale

Mobile Mexican food trailer catering has always been very popular. Yes, unique food from Mexico always hits people's taste buds and inspires a love for food. From Chilaquiles, Ranch Eggs, Shredded Dried Beef, Plow disc BBQ, Tacos to Burritos, all of the names on the Mexican food cart menu have us drooling. Yes, they all have in common that they are delicious.

Every year ETO DEVICE designs and builds brand new Mexican taco cart for sale, Mexican fruit cart and snack cart for sale for entrepreneurs from all over the world. Below is the food trailer we designed for Gourmet Corn Yucatan Cuisine, we are proud to serve our old customers for the third time.

13×7 Custom Mexican Food Trailer For Sale

This is the mexican food trailer newly designed by ETO DEVICE in 2022, it belongs to American customer Gourmet Corn Yucatan Cuisine. It is equipped with a fryer, griddle, gas grill and range hood and is mainly used to sell Mexican food.

The mexican food cart trailer The inner of mexican food cart trailer
The freezer of the mexican food cart trailerThe hitch of the mexican food cart trailer



  • Complete power system
  • Site gas system
  • 3+1 stainless steel sink
  • 110L+150L stainless steel water tank
  • Sliding window with screen
  • Air conditioner
  • Stainless Steel Range Hood (6ft long)
  • LPG flat griddle (36 inches)
  • 24 inches gas grill
  • 2×6L gas fryer
  • Stainless steel bellows gas pipe
  • 2 gas buckets holder
  • Stainless steel cash drawer
Mexican food cart trailer kitchen equipment
Gourmet Corn Yucatan Cuisine food trailer

About Gourmet Corn Yucatan Cuisine

Gourmet Corn Yucatan Cuisine is an American restaurant specializing in Mexican specialties. Since 21 years ago they have been surprising their customers with the best service and quality. They offer tacos, Tostadas, Molletes, Tortas, Sweet Corn, Empanadas, Tamales, Ceviche, Soups and Guacamole.

Hours of Operation: Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00am to 7:30pm.

Mexican food trailer manufacturer

ETO DEVICE is a food trailer manufacturer that insists on quality. But we are much more than that. From the beginning, we knew what we wanted to do was to help entrepreneurs succeed in mobile food businesses. We focus on how to allow customers to save costs in schedule operations, how to make cooking easy for chefs, and how to improve the experience of diners.

Our engineers focus on the layout of various kitchen appliances from the design stage. Reasonable layout is conducive to staff operation, saving time and physical strength. Employee satisfaction is just as important. Taco cart, snack cart, fruit cart trailer, the equipment and layout required for each mobile trailer are different, but don't worry, ETO DEVICE provides you with the most reasonable design.

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