Aya's Kitchen Custom Catering Trailer

This 9.8×6.5 custom made catering trailer was built by us for Aya's Kitchen in New Zealand. From the body pattern to the kitchen equipment, it is completely designed and built according to the customer's requirements. This high-quality food trailer is mainly used to sell Indian and Mexican specialties.

Quality custom built catering trailer

This custom built catering trailer has a double window design. A drink cabinet is placed on the workbench on one side of the sales window, and a gas stove and a sink are designed on both sides of the workbench on the other side.

custom catering trailer  custom built catering trailer
custom made catering trailer  Aya's Kitchen Custom Catering Trailer

Custom catering trailer 2D design

custom built catering trailer design

Features of custom catering food trailer

  • Complete power system (Australian standard, 220V/50Hz voltage)
  • Complete gas system
  • 2 stainless steel spacer sinks
  • Electric heating faucet
  • Double burner gas stove
  • Beverage cabinet
  • Stainless steel range hood
  • 2 gas slam dunks
  • Stainless steel worktop (with stainless steel storage compartment)
  • 2 hydraulic rods support the sales window
  • Aluminum pattern anti-skid anti-rust floor
  • Colorful led light on the top service window and the body circles

About Aya's Kitchen

Aya's Kitchen is making traditional Indo-Mexican dishes, a variety of wraps, including delicious lamb kebabs, chicken, falafel and vegetables. Open 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday, 7pm to 12:00am (midnight), Location 1, Marewa Road, next to the countdown on Greenlane West.

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