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Custom Food Trailer for Sale in Wisconsin

ETO Device, a leading custom catering trailer builder, provides the service of customizing and building food trailers in Wisconsin. This 2.5*1.6*2.3 black food trailer is one of the custom concession trailers for a new client called Leonel in Wisconsin. In January, Leonel sent us an inquiry, asking about our custom-built food trailer for sale in Wisconsin. He had a concept for his mobile food trailer. What was missing was a capable manufacturer to build a mobile trailer according to his concept. Then, what did we do to build a custom food trailer that meets the national and federal codes in America and the requirements of Leonel? Let’s find out!

Food trailer for sale in wisconsin


How to Customize a Standardized Mobile Catering Trailer?

Building a mobile catering trailer is not as simple as you thought. There are lots of things requiring expertise and knowledge in the local codes and regulations. If there is any omission in the design, configuration, or manufacturing, your catering trailer will be banned from running on the road because of potential risks. So, how can we build a mobile catering trailer for our client in Wisconsin? Here are 3 important things we should know before we manufacture custom-built food trailers for sale.


1. What is the Size of Your Food Trailer?

The first step in customizing is to make sure the dimensions of the catering trailer. But, how? It is a wise move to make your own decision on the basis of the budget. In general, the dimension has something to do with the price.

For instance, a 2.2*1.6*2.35 coffee trailer is priced at $2,500, while a larger one ( 3.5*1.6*2.35) costs over $3.800, even though they are the same type. Considering the budget of our clients, a small food trailer is recommended because of its affordable price, about 2.700$.

Custom food trailer for sale
The electrical system of custom food trailer

2. What Kinds of Mobile Food Trailers Do You Want?

The design and configuration are contingent upon the type. An American burger trailer is outfitted with a full electrical system and a gas system. If you have an interest in our beverage trailer, we will upgrade the water system so that hot and cold water is available for you.
Because of our client’s emphasis on a catering trailer, electricity and propane are necessities for his custom-built food trailer. Here is a list of parts of these systems.
(1) Electrical System:
  • Electrical Sockets(110V/60HZ): They are designed based on American standards so that the possibility of accidents caused by electricity is minimized.
  • Generator Power Inlet Socket: It has a cover to protect the socket. It is perfectly safe and waterproof.

(2) Gas System:
  • Propane lines: The proper design of lines makes your trailer neat and beautiful. Our professional staff makes sure that lines and tubes are installed orderly.
  • A Propane Cage: It is quite dangerous to install the propane tank in the food trailer where flames or sparks may put everything to an end. Therefore, there is a cage outside the catering trailer to protect your propane tanks.


What is the Design of a Custom Food Trailer? 

As a custom catering trailer builder, we provide fully equipped custom built trailers for sale. Therefore, we need to ensure that the design and layout of the food trailer meets the client’s requirements. After several phone calls to talk about the design, we drew a model of the final food trailer that the clients wanted. Here is an overview of the food trailer design.
  • The concession window is on the right side of the entry.
  • A horizontal refrigerator is installed under the front work table.
  • There is a stainless steel shelf for storing ingredients.
  • On the rear workbench, 2 deep dryers are at the corner, with an exhaust hood (1 meter), and a work table.
  • The remaining room is for double sinks.

The layout of the custom build food trailers

With the help of our designer, the client’s food trailer is compact and organized. If you have no idea how to design your trailer, we will find an ideal solution for you. Just send us an inquiry.


How Much Does a Custom-Built Food Trailer Cost in Wisconsin?

It must be expensive to buy a custom food trailer, right? Not at all! Realizing your mobile catering business dream is one of the purposes why our company was founded. Hence, we offer the food trailer within your price range first! Then, how much did the client cost to bring his custom built food trailer home? Here is the detailed quote.
Item Price
2.5*1.6*2.3m Black Custom Food Trailer 2,700
58*47*44cm Double Gas Fryer 210
1m Exhaust Hood 230
The Service of Customization Free

Yes, the customization takes no extra fee. A free 3D model of the food trailer will be sent to your email after you send an inquiry to tell us your concept and idea. If it does not meet your standard, our designer will tweak it according to your requirements.

The design of custom build food trailers


Where to Buy a Custom Food Trailer in Wisconsin?

We are not the only company that offers custom-built food trailers for sale in Wisconsin. So, why did the client find us and buy our food trailer? There are the reasons!
  • Experience: With over decades of experience in designing and manufacturing mobile food trailers, we are one of the best custom catering trailer builders whose clients are from all over the world. We are familiar with national and local codes and standards in different countries and cities. Accordingly, the food trailer you buy from us will be approved to hit the road.
  • Durability: We aim to provide every customer with a durable mobile trailer whose service life exceeds decades. So, only fine materials can be used when manufacturing a food trailer. All of our trailers are made with stainless steel, galvanized steel and tempered glass. The kitchen equipment they are equipped with is sourced from our partners, leading kitchen equipment manufacturers.
  • Payment: T/T is a rather safe payment term for buyers. You need to pay 50% of the deposit first. The rest should be paid before the shipment.
  • After-sale Service: Where is my food trailer? After the shipment, our staff will check logistics and tell you the position of your good. Once it is delivered, they will tell you the official formalities in terms of customs clearance. Also, we will send you pictures and videos to teach you how to install and use the auxiliary equipment and accessories, such as heavy duty jacks, electrical brakes and towing traction frames.

The package of custome food trailer

Send an inquiry to get custom-built food trailers for sale now!
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