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Sonia's Mobile Street Food Kiosk

The Sonia's mobile street food kiosk was built by ETO DEVICE for South American client Sonia. This enthusiastic and beautiful woman has her own unique ideas. We designed and manufactured a simple custom food stall according to her requirements.

Kiosk food stall

outdoor street kiosk food stall

The design style of Sonia's kiosk food stall is very simple. Its appearance is pure white, because customers will design their own trailer appearance stickers in different colors and styles. Its interior is also very simple, with a large workbench, Sonia will place different cooking equipment according to the type of food sold.


Outdoor design. All windows are designed to be rainproof. All frames have rubber sealing strips to effectively prevent rainwater from entering.
wheel. Nylon wheels, wear-resistant and durable. The wheels are equipped with brakes.
Material. The body of cold plate material and the galvanized steel pipe chassis ensure the quality of kiosk.

Kiosk food stall

Design drawings

According to Sonia's request, we provided her with a 2D design drawing.
Street food kiosk design drawing

What food does Sonia sell?

Sonia wants her food kiosk to appear on the street to provide everyone with food and drinks. Through her unremitting efforts, you can now see a lot of ice cream kiosk, coffee kiosk and dessert kiosk in Chile's subway entrances, shopping malls, streets and other places. In addition, in 2017, Sonia and her daughter started a food street project to provide nearby community residents with different tastes of food from all over the world. Sonia's mobile food stall business has achieved great success and she plans to expand her business in the future.

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