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Akmaral ’s Small Food Kiosk under $3,000, in Kazakhstan

Food kiosks are a highly profitable business idea requiring a small fraction of the investment. But, most of them are designed as permanent concession stands in malls. Once set up, it is not easy to move them to other locations, which makes it harder for entrepreneurs to make their decisions on the location of their businesses. So, how about buying a portable and mobile kiosk for selling food? Akmaral's 7ft small food kiosk is one of our creative projects of customizing and building ideal mobile units based on clients' design ideas and concepts. As a derivative of the roundtop food trailer model, it serves as a portable kiosk equipped with commercial stainless steel tables, sinks, and a fridge, but is in a mobile version that allows Akmaral to set up a temporary concession stand in a mall or outdoors quickly and start offering food. If the location is not the one that keeps the business afloat, just find another site and move.

If you are looking for a small kiosk for sale in Kazakhstan or other countries, this solution for Akmaral may help you to find the ideal model you want and an amazing small food kiosk design that suits your business!

7ft small food kiosk for sale


R220K, an Ideal Small Food Kiosk Model for All Businesses

The R220K is the hottest base for building a small food kiosk. Unlike our coffee kiosks and hot dog stands with highly recognizable looks, it has a cute small food kiosk design for all food business ideas, from selling sweet soft-serve ice cream in summer to offering hot dogs with all kinds of toppings at sports events. Without any conversion or modification, you can change your business types quickly by equipping the kiosk with the cooking equipment you need. There is plenty of counter space for your appliances, but please consider those with portable and countertop designs.

The small kiosk for sale is 7.2ft in length and 6.5ft in width. Thanks to its small size, it can serve as an outdoor food kiosk or a mall food kiosk, giving you more options in choosing the location for starting your business. The weight of the small food kiosk is about 500kg, or higher if it is fully loaded. A push bar on the side of the small kiosk, along with 4 small casters, helps you move or tow the food kiosk between different sites quickly and easily.
small food kiosk for sale
7ft small food kiosk design
The small food kiosk has a round top made of galvanized steel with high strength and durability and a wide concession window that helps you deal with numerous customers efficiently. Its cute and stylish food kiosk design is definitely a highlight that draws customers of all ages, which boosts your business and helps you get your money back fast.

The Specification of Akmaral's Small Food Kiosk

Model: FR220K
Size: 220*160*220 cm
Color: Orange
Weight: 500kg
Electrical: 220V/50Hz
Concession Window: One
Accessory: Red reflectors / steel pushing bar / 4 flexible swivel casters / drop-down folding concession shelf 
Kitchen Equipment: 201 stainless steel workbenches with cabinets / 2 compartment water sink / 1.5m commercial under-bench fridge / LED lighting units 

7ft small food kiosk interior


What Does That All Include with Akmaral’s Small Food Kiosk?

Despite its small interior, Akmaral's mobile food kiosk is equipped with commercial kitchen equipment that enables her to start selling many types of food, such as ice cream, snacks, and drinks. Here is the list of equipment in the food kiosk and its detailed specifications.
1.5m Commercial Under-bench Fridge
commercial fridge in the small food kiosk Capacity 250L
Material Stainless Steel
Evaporator Exquisite copper tube
Condenser: Exquisite copper tube
Freezer Temperature 2-8 degree
Frozen Temperature -15 to -18 degree
Commercial Stainless Steel Workbench
stainless steel worktable in the small food kiosk Material 201 Stainless Steel
Width 40cm
Height 85cm
Countertop Thickness 8cm
2 Compartment Water Sink
2 compartment water sink in the small food kiosk Size 75x40x16cm
Material Stainless Steel
Compartment 2
Accessory Cold/hot Water Faucet / Auto Water Pump
Water Tank 25L*2, Food -grade Plastic
Commercial Blender
commercial blender for the food kiosk Size 120x60x80cm
Capacity 2L
Power 1,800W
Speed 19000r/m
Blade Stainless Steel

* Sourced from the leading kitchen equipment manufacturers, the items above are made to the highest restaurant quality. Other appliances and units can be installed in your portable kiosk if you have any special requirements.
* If you prepare to sell fresh juices, check out this page for the equipment your juice bar kiosk needs, or get a complete list of commercial kitchen equipment for the food kiosks and trailers first.


Small Food Kiosk Design Ideas to Spark Customer's Interest in Your Food

It is surprising but true that small food kiosk design plays a big role in the profitability of your business. How to gain more custom at the first stage of your business? Selling the best food or offering a much lower price? These are feasible plans but only work when your brand is built and acknowledged in local areas. What we talk about here is getting and converting more new customers. Pay attention to your portable kiosk design because the look of your small food kiosk is what customers notice first. A creative small food kiosk design has an aesthetic appeal that intrigues customers to go forward and has a taste of your food. So, how to design a food kiosk properly in order to make it highly visible and attractive?

There are solutions for the small food kiosk design that we provided for Akmara's unit, involving kiosk exterior design, light decoration, and marketing design. They are available for all the models of small kiosks for sale.


Small Food Kiosk Wrap:

The food kiosk wrap is a perfect small food kiosk design solution to have a customized kiosk exterior that facilitates the process of advertising your business and branding. It can be fully customized based on your specific requirements, so any element you want can be incorporated into the design, including graphics, images, logos, and text. It is not a paint job. The kiosk wrap is printed using special print equipment and applied to the kiosk body. You can remove and change the wrap at any time.
  • Full Wrap: Covering the whole portable kiosk, the full wrap gives you a complete food kiosk design that matches your business perfectly and expresses your brand better. More room for design. With a well-designed wrap, your small food kiosk is a moving advertisement with high visibility from all sides. Besides, changing the color of your mobile food kiosk is another bonus of the full wrap.
  • Partial Wrap: In comparison to the full wrap, the partial wrap is a cheaper way to have a small food kiosk design for branding. It only takes up a small area on the food kiosk body, but it is able to market your business as a full wrap if it is designed properly. For example, print your brand and specialty on the front of your food kiosk (under the concession window) so customers can know what your mobile kiosk is selling in seconds.
small food kiosk design


LED Lighting Units to Create a Special Aura

The peak time for selling food is from 6 to 9 p.m. After the sun sets, your food kiosk hides in the darkness. You can use regular Led light for illumination. However, the dazzling white light is devoid of some aesthetic appeal, isn't it? How about trying the following lighting units that make your small food kiosk visible and attractive at night?
  • LED Light Units on the Window: They are installed on the awning, creating a shiny and flashy top. They come in many colors and can shine a rhythmic cycle.
  • LED Lighting Strips: You have true creative autonomy with these lighting strips that can be cut and bent as you want. Use them to highlight the frame of your small food kiosk or hang them on the concession window to decorate your kiosk. There are limitless ideas for you to light up your mobile food kiosk with them in a unique way.

food kiosk design


Add-ons to Market Your Business

If you prefer a simple small food kiosk design without any fancy items, the following two options are the best for you:
  • 3D Brand Lighting Unit: Your brand or company name will be installed on the top of your portable kiosk, making your business recognizable from others. The logo unit is customizable, with tons of choices in typography, font, and color.
  • Advertisement Lighting Unit: This type of lighting unit is perfect for displaying your logo at the side of your food kiosk, helping customers know your business when they can not see the front of your kiosk.

mobile food kiosk designs

All aspects of the small food kiosk design are handled by our professional design team, from installing extra add-ons and warping the kiosk with your graphics and logo. We will work with you from the start to find the ideal design solution for your build. If you have any inspiring food kiosk design and concept, we are willing to lean an ear and try our best to turn it into reality. Now, contact us, and let's build a mobile kiosk with an amazing and creative design!


Small Food Kiosk VS. Mini Food Trailer, How to Make the Right Choice?

Though with great interest in the small food kiosk for sale, Akmaral asked some questions about our mobile food trailer of the same size, implicitly conveying the situation that she could not make the final decision between the two. So, which one is the best for Akmaral's business? The answer is up to the following factors:

How Many Budgets Do You Need?

Small food kiosks and mini food trailers are both low-cost solutions for starting a street food business, compared with traditional restaurant franchises. But, there is a difference in their prices. A 7.2ft mobile food kiosk starts at $1,880, while a 7.2ft mobile food trailer without any extra costs $2,470. It is obvious that the former is an economic choice for starters with small budgets because it is much cheaper and has all the features of the mobile food trailer. The choice of buying a food kiosk can lower business costs for Akmaral.


How Much Do You Value Mobility?

Food kiosks are suitable for operating the business in fixed locations, such as malls, parks, and carnivals. It is not feasible to push or tow them over long distances unless you have a large truck. Their casters mainly aim at helping you move the kiosk and orient it easily. Once set up in a place, indoors or outdoors, food kiosks function as a temporary concession stand. You don't need to go back home with it after work. Akmaral had already found a prime place with many potential customers for her business before working with us on her build. So, it is no doubt that a small food kiosk suits her the best.

If you prefer a mobile business in the food industry or want to try different locations for expanding your existing restaurant business, food trailers, with high mobility, enable you to move from place to place, no matter how far it is.

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