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Singapore Small Concession Kiosk for SINGAPAW

PetExpo 2024, Singapore's largest and most popular pet-centric extravaganza, celebrated its 10th Birthday Bash from March 15th to 17th at Expo Hall 5B and 6, drawing tens of thousands of attendees from around the world. This year's event was even larger and better, with 128 exhibitors, over 200 brands, and countless exhibition stands. Among them was our client - SINGAPAW, which showcased new products, offered exclusive deals and created a captivating interactive area with their unique and creative merchandise stand built by ETO. The stand was a custom-built concession kiosk, entirely managed by our team from concept to delivery.

Scroll down to learn more about the small concession kiosk we custom-built for SINGAPAW and discover why it's the best exhibition stand design for experiential marketing & brand cultivation.


Creative Exhibition Stand Solution for Displaying & Marketing

A 7*5ft Small Concession Kiosk
This isn't SINGAPAW's first time at PetExpo. This year, they wanted something different – something beyond shelves, tables, and tents – to create a captivating booth showcasing their products and giving stunning experiences. So, we collaborated with SINGAPAW and delivered the perfect, unique exhibition stand solution: a 7*7ft small concession kiosk. It was so distinctive that there wasn't another one like it at the expo.
For many exhibitors, this exhibition stand design might be completely different from the open-style stands they're familiar with. The stand is based on our smallest concession kiosk model - the FR220K, featuring a roundtop roof, a large gas strut concession window, and a fully equipped interior. It bears some resemblance to our roundtop food trailer but with only 4 casters at the bottom instead of a trailer chassis, axles, and towing kits.

Our concession kiosks are designed for food service. They're more like mobile kitchens, ready to cook and serve anytime, anywhere, rather than just display booths. Therefore, we created a completely new kiosk layout and configuration to maximize storage, counter, and display space. SINGAPAW has completed the final graphic wrap to give the kiosk a striking visual impact and brand display capability.


Impressive Features

Amplify Your Brand's Presence & Offer Unique Experience


Own & Self Build Your Exhibition Stand
For just a few thousand dollars, you can buy permanent ownership of a concession kiosk and have the freedom to participate in various exhibitions nationwide without the involvement of stand contractors.

Quick Assembly & Setup

All our concession kiosks are fully pre-assembled before shipping. You can assemble and use them without tools. The setup takes just a few minutes.

This kiosk model is small, lightweight, and easy to move. It can be displayed frequently at all events or serve as the perfect addition to your storefront.

Fits Small Stand Spaces
The FR220K, measuring 2.2 meters long, 2 meters wide, and 2.2 meters high, can be set up and used in small stand space.

Customized to Exact Specifications
The concession kiosks we design and build are custom units. From color and size to interior layout and equipment, everything can specified.

You can redesign your stand by changing graphic wraps and adding additional equipment to create a new experience at each exhibition.

Eye-catching & Stunning Stand Design
Among various stands composed of background walls, display cabinets, and tables, the concession kiosk is definitely the highlight.

Better Display and Promotion
The large concession window & additional counter space showcase your products at the best angles.

You can redesign your stand by changing graphic wraps and adding additional equipment to create a new experience at each exhibition.

Ample Space
We expanded the internal width to 7ft and installed two stainless steel workbenches, a wall shelf, and numerous storage cabinets.

Concession Kiosk Specifications
Sizes:  220*160*200cm
Color:  RAL9012
Electric:  220V/50HZ
Net Weight:  400KG
Gross Weight:  400KG
Tyre Size:  5 inches
Max. Load Weight:  800KG


Concession Kiosk Design


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